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I was about to retrieve my knife sharpener when I scrolled down and saw "When All Is Said & Done" on that single sleeve...

I have to confess that out of the lot, "Soldiers" is close to the bottom end of my ranking of "The Visitors", but how do you rank an album of 10's anyways?

When All is Said and Done
One of Us
The Visitors
Like an Angel Passing Through My Room
I Let the Music Speak
Slipping Through My Fingers
Head Over Heels
Two for the Price of One

'...What happened to the wonderful adventures? The places I had planned for us to go... Well, some of that we did, but most we didn't and why, I just don't know ...'
- Agnetha Fältskog in Slipping Through My Fingers-


I had no idea this even existed...

Average: 8.1087
Highest score: 9 *
10.00 - @haps @Terminus @Ed72 @ufint @WhatKindOfKylie? @Mikey1701 @WhipperSnapper @SecretsOfFatima @nlgbbbblth
Lowest score: 2 * 3.00 - @Epic Chocolat @dancingwithmyself
My score: 7.00

I gave this song a 7. Right now, while relistening to it for this write-up, I'm a mess. It's hitting some spots in me I didn't know the song would ever reach...

My mother has been hospitalized for the past week with a serious condition I always warned her about. She didn't want to see a doctor for reasons that are also known to the ones closest to her, yet now her life is hanging by a thread. And while I'm fucking furious (seriously, Kesha's Praying has been playing for most of the past week), Slipping Through My Fingers makes me reflect upon the deteriorating trainwreck our relationship has been these past few years, because the woman I once knew is not the one laying there in that hospital bed. This may seem a bit harsh, but I have a lot of feelings playing ping-pong with each other in my head these last few days and I'm not one to sell them to a big audience, so it's kinda good to have a rant on here with my PJ hunties.


Back to the rate.

Slipping Through My Fingers was written and recorded in March 1981 and reflects upon a parent's regret at the lack of time they spent together as their kid is quickly growing up. The song was inspired by Linda Ulvaeus, the (at the time) seven year old daughter of Björn and Agnetha. It was released as the eighth song on the album and was also issued that same year as a stand-alone single in Japan in the form of a red vinyl promo single for the Coca-Cola Company.
In 1982, a Spanish version of the song called Se Me Está Escapando was released in Spanish speaking territories, with translated lyrics by Buddy and Mary McCluskey.

WhatKindOfKylie? explains the song beautifully for the children... "Wow. This song really does hit you straight in the stomach just how short and precious life can be at times, and how you really do need to make the most of every moment. ABBA were never afraid to have their heart on their sleeve, and this song is yet another example of that and so relatable too.". 't Is, sis. 't Is...

To bichard "This is so much better now I'm a grown-up. As a youngster I used to stop the album after Two For The Price Of One. Little did I know how much this would grow on me over the years. Earnest, heartbreaking and lovely." and I have to agree... Although I used to think what poor ol' Sprockrooster says about the song ("BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING."), it has opened itself up to me over the years and now I'm fully grown up with little to no time to myself some days, it helps you think about more important things than being in the office all the damn time.

One Stop Candy Shop doesn't really "care for these type of "I love my child"-lyrics, but the melodies of the chorus and bridge are just so stunning. Best moments: Frida's backing vocals in the 2nd verse ("slipping through my fingers all the time") and the instrumental break near the end." and I can totally see where you're coming from. Those harmonies are magnificent. Hudweiser's of the same mind, saying "Kids grow up so fast blah blah blah. Gimme that guitar solo.". Courtesy of Lasse Wellander.

tylerc904 tells us "Abrupt ending aside, this is just lovely.". And 'lovely' was a word that was used a lot. idratherjack calls it a "Lovely song with beautiful vocals and quite an unusual subject matter.", with CasperFan saying it's "Another sad song, beautifully performed and a lovely melody.".
Filippa loves "the emotion on this one. Keeps me crying.", kalonite states it's "Just really melancholic and pretty, but optimistic at the same time. Emotional realness." and constantino thinking "There’s a melancholy in the synthwork and the guitars that gives me a jittery feeling inside, and I like it.".

While P'nutbutter tells us "They really tackled every subject, this is stunning. That last note kills me.", we've got TrueBeliever stating it "Begins and ends with a sweet vocal by Agnetha, while heavenly complimented by Frida. Very strong chorus, but the verses needed a bit more oomph, which are a bit plodding.". ufint's going to disagree though... "This is overly sentimental and a little bit cheesy, but OH MY GOD it's perfect for a good cry. "Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture and save it from the funny tricks of time" is one of my favorite ABBA-lyrics ever.". If it weren't for the impact of the lyrics I myself posted above, these would have easily made the cut.
Mina does "genuinely enjoy this song, though maybe I can't fully relate since I've never parented a human being.". There's still time. Kii.

We'll end on Mikey1701 calling it "One of the more straightforward ABBA songs on The Visitors in that it isn’t swathed in dark synthpop, this feels like a throwback to an early time in their discography, while also returning to the themes of loneliness that dominate much of the parent album. You can feel the sadness and the march of time as the group, especially Agnetha, grapple with the realisation that their children are growing up. This is one of the few of their songs that has made me cry, although that was the Dame Meryl Streep version from Mamma Mia!.".

The song was performed live for their 1981 tv special Dick Cavett Meets ABBA.

Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried performed the song for the 1998 movie adaptation of the Mamma Mia! musical.

VivaForever actually prefers this version and guesses "Y'all are going to hate me for this, but Meryl Streep's version will always be the definitive version for me. Agnetha's vocals are kind of grating, being at full Agnetha for the entire goddamn song." and while thinking the original is "Heartbreaking.", SecretsOfFatima's "Glad that it got some well-deserved attention due to Mamma Mia! The Movie.".

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It probably should have gone a while ago, but I do like Slipping Through My Fingers.
It always annoyed me that it went straight into the ticking clock for Like an Angel, but retained said ticking when used on other compilations as if it's the end of Slipping Through My Fingers rather than the property of the next song. Land grabber.

Anyway, hugs to you @Remorque - hope you're ok xxx
@Remorque making me well up, as much as this song does. Sending you love.

Now about Slipping... what a gutwrencher and a half, if there is a song that makes me yearn for the kids I don't want to have, it's this. And yes, Meryl does it amazingly in Mama Mia, and I'm thankful it brought the song out to higher attention.

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