The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

Who hurt you?


'...You talked of politics, philosophy and I smiled like Mona Lisa... We had our chance... It was a fine and true romance...'
- Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Our Last Summer-


Frida grinning and bearing it there.

Average: 8.2500
Highest score: 1 * 11.00 - @ufint
12 *
10.00 - @Mina @Hudweiser @WhipperSnapper @P'NutButter @Mikey1701 @WhatKindOfKylie? @tylerc904 @Terminus @idratherjack @Weslicious @One Stop Candy Shop @haps
Lowest score: 2 * 5.00 - @cityofdoomsday @kalonite
My score: 8.00

At #27 we say goodbye to the melancholic Our Last Summer. Recording for the song began in June 1980, with the track ultimately getting released as the seventh song on Super Trouper. That same year it was released as the b-side to On and On and On in Canada and Argentina and was eventually re-issued in 1983 as the b-side to their farewell single, which was Thank You for the Music, promoting the greatest hits box set that was released at the same time.

Apparently the song was inspired by a holiday romance Björn experienced at a young age while visiting Paris. If you recall bullshit on that explanation, that's up to you, but let's find out what you really think of it, eh?

constantino gets it right. "This songs makes me want to pack a picnic hamper and go frolic in a meadow somewhere...". Same, sis.

Most of your comments were very positive, with Mina calling it "A classic. The lyrics and vocal harmonies are gorgeous." and SecretsOfFatima telling us it's "Such a pretty song. Quite simplistic yet it adds to the charm.". It makes P'nutbutter "really nostalgic and sad, but it's so beautiful.", with poor ol' Sprockrooster adding his two pence and saying it's an "Amazing song to celebrate our summer endeavors. A true summerjam, but not in the average way.". You better not be calling out the anthem Summer Jam? (Not the remix, but the fantastic original.)

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows though, as to Mumty "This is one that never got me going really. Frida isn’t convincing me here." and Filippa thinking "Well, good song, good vocals but a tiny bit of boring?". To bichard it's "Another of the MOR songs that damn Super Trouper to third place in the ABBA album cannon for me, this is at least the best of the three. Frida's lead and the gorgeous harmonies drag the score up by a couple of points." and TrueBeliever actually believes it's "A slightly better embodiment of I Have a Dream, but this is still dull and dreary, like a cold rainy day, not at all summery. Frida’s voice is in top form (and I’ve always loved the Seine being referenced in songs, ala Berlin’s The Metro). Let’s hear it for Harry, the hero! Not!".

Hudweiser claims "The way the story weaves through the tune probably makes this the best they ever achieved in terms of lyrics-into-music synchronicity. How 'croissants' can be stretched over such a big note is also impressive. The guitar solo kills.". Again... Courtesy of the magnificent Lasse Wellander.
CasperFan calls the song "Gorgeous-thankfully Mamma Mia! gave this song a new lease of life- could’ve been a single.", while One Stop Candy Shop brings up the patisserie again... "It's a gorgeous song about eating "morning croissants" with Queen Frida and future "family man" Harry. One of ABBA's best choruses ever if you ask me.".

To idratherjack it's a "Lovely bittersweet pop song about lost love and the hazy innocent carefree days of youth. Love the line about him now working in a bank and how dull it all seems, but he's still the hero of her dreams!" and Mikey1701's agreeing with him, gushing "Oh how I adore this! I might be able to identify with the location and the recollections of the 1960s, but I can certainly relate to a time when things were simpler and young love was thrilling to be caught up with. Queen Frida’s adlibs towards the end send me soaring, the guitar solo is marvellous and it feels like an old-school pre-Dancing Queen ABBA song that somehow doesn’t feel out of place on the parent album. Lush.".

The songs sits firmly in tylerc904's "Top 5 ABBA songs. Such strong imagery and mood. Fun fact: since it was not on Gold, I thought the A*Teens cover was an original they threw on as the last track of the debut as a bonus. Thank gawd I eventually heard the original in all its incredible glory. Frida goes IIIIINI_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY at the end." and WhatKindOfKylie? admits he "Became familar with this via seeing Mamma Mia! on stage, and instanly loved it. Even with ABBA looking to slowly move on fromt the sound that had made them so famous by this point, this still is such a good throwback to the past in so many ways. And that guitar solo, wow! Different for an ABBA track yes, but so brilliantly done, and a true highlight of such a fantastic song.".

We'll end on ufint who loses ha 11 just short of the top 25... Take to the stage, sis!
"I thought long and hard about which song was going to get my 11 - I could have gone with something traditional like Mamma Mia or Dancing Queen, but this one is truly special. I have so much love for this song it's almost unbelievable. The lyrics are perfection, telling a truly heartbreaking story, the melody is impeccable and the production is flawless. And, it has my favorite lyric of any ABBA song... EVER. "How dull it seems, yet you're the hero of my dreams". In the tourist jam, round the Notre Dame and making my way along the Seine eating morning croissants listening to this song, that's something I'm going to remember for a lifetime.".

The backing to Lasse Wellander's guitar solo has actually been recycled by Benny and Björn. Anthem, from the 1984 musical Chess, can be heard during said solo, with the boys ultimately admitting they had hoped that no one would notice it had been used before as an ABBA track...

Let's sound the DJHazey claxon as he's probably going to prefer this next version... Swedish pop group A*Teens covered Our Last Summer for their 1999 debut album The ABBA Generation.

The song found its way to the general public again after being used in the 2008 movie adaptation of the Mamma Mia! musical. It's mainly performed by Colin Firth and Amanda Seyfried, featuring sung parts by Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgård and Meryl Streep.
Haha, actually neither the A*Teens or ABBA versions are particular favorites. I thought it would stick around longer but I'm happy to see it go at this point.
Same cover as the album? Boring.


The tracklist on this was dull as well:

A1 My Love, My Life 3:52
A2 I Wonder (Departure) 4:38
A3 Happy New Year 4:23
A4 Slipping Through My Fingers 3:51
A5 Fernando (Spanish Version) 4:15
A6 One Man, One Woman 4:35
A7 Eagle 5:51
B1 I Have A Dream 4:44
B2 Our Last Summer 4:23
B3 The Day Before You Came 5:51
B4 Chiquitita 5:26
B5 Should I Laugh Or Cry 4:26
B6 The Way Old Friends Do 2:53
B7 Thank You For The Music 3:48