The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

Aw Fernando is an incredible tune. Sad to see it go.

Is Voulez-Vous still in? That one is probably the the song I'd like to see leave next. Not likely though since it is quite the disco bop and I know y'all.
Okay but who hasn't been through this?

Half past twelve
Watchin' the late show
In my flat all alone
How I hate to spend the evening on my own.

Autumn winds blowin' outside the window
As I look around the room
And it makes me so depressed to see the gloom.

There's not a soul out there
No one to hear my prayer.

But...but...The Day Before You Came is like the same song, but creepier!

'...Chiquitita, tell me what's wrong... You're enchained by your own sorrow... In your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow...'
- Agnetha Fältskog in Chiquitita -


Agnetha serving there.

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Highest score: 19 *
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Lowest score: 1 * 2.00 - @cityofdoomsday (told y'all...)
My score: 10.00

Chiquitita was one of the last songs to be completed for Voulez-Vous in December 1978 and the boys decided to release it in January the next year as the first single to be lifted off of that new album... The group originally wanted to go with the discotastic If It Wasn't for the Nights as lead single for Voulez-Vous, yet they went with Chiquitita instead, thinking it suited the time of year a lot better.

An early version of the track actually features Frida on lead vocals and was called In the Arms of Rosalita.

Yet, after a lot of revisions and name changes, the song would eventually be sung by Agnetha, with Frida delivering on the harmony department, Björn giving us a nice little Spanish guitar-esque strumming and Benny bringing it on his piano.

Releasing it was one of the group's best bets, because Chiquitita ended up being one of their biggest hits, reaching the top spot in Belgium (KWEENZ), The Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Switserland, New Zealand and South Africa (among others) and reached the top five in Australia, Sweden, Germany and Norway. In the United Kingdom the song reached no. 2 and it became a top 30 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

I've always loved the song. The outro (and instrumental throughout) is bloody fantastic and for me it's probably one of their best harmonies with their voices weaved together seamlessly througout the song.

P'nutbutter says it's "Melancholic, nostalgic, sad, festive and joyful." and it's safe to YES! to all of those.

Hudweiser is reminded of our last loss at #19 and calls it "Fernando Mk. II with a slightly bigger chorus and an amazing outro." and to TrueBeliever it's "Another one of their very special songs, and to me, even better than Fernando. Agnetha’s vocals are heartbreaking here, and Benny’s piano work is incredible. The song only gets better at the minute mark that’s punched up with Frida’s redolent enrichment. This song can lift me up out of the darkest abyss, while opening the floodgates of emotion. Top 3 contender for my 11.". The fact this song didn't get any was quite a surprise to me actually.

bichard thinks it has "Glorious melodies and harmonies. Why this is seen as a second tier ABBA single I don't know...", but while Mikey1701 admits to loving it, he does have some beef with the song... "Let’s not beat around the bush- this has no place on an album that delves into disco and funk, let alone be its lead single. Agnetha serves those vocals and it’s a fun little number, but it feels oddly reductive when listened to with the rest of the album, as though it belongs on Arrival or The Album. The video is brilliant for the two girls unable to keep the wind machines from blowing their hair in their face and for the giant snowman upstaging everyone. But yes, I feel like I’ve moaned at length about this despite loving this. It’s great.". You've ended on a high and that's what I'm taking away from this.

"The dramatic instruments make this what it is" for SecretsOfFatima and follows it up with "(and the insane video, with Frida’s omnipotent weave and Benny’s Santa sleeves).". I've always found the fact that they're trying to hide the fact that they're fucking freezing quite the kii too.
To Mina "The vocal harmonies are the best thing about this song, though I would argue that having Frida as the soloist for the opening verse would have been stronger. I'm docking a few points because I find the background music jarring in places.", while tylerc904 admits "I always forget about this one, but I do love it." and Filippa thinks it's a "Good song but a little bit boring.". Sis...

constantino admits to "God this still touches me like very few other songs. The contrast between the light and ethereal Skandi-folk verses and the powerhouse force of the chorus is absolutely everything." and to VivaForever it's "Such a sweet song that helped me through some hard times.".
And "Despite it's longer than average length" poor ol' Sprockrooster thinks "this goes by in one rush. Brilliant instrumentation that really keeps me interested all the way through.".

I think dad humour or a French and Saunders spoof I couldn't find influenced some of your commentary...
CasperFan: "Forever known as Take Your Teeth Out in my house (thanks Dad!) Brilliant song writing and superb vocals."...
ufint: "Sing a new song, Chicken Tikka. So beautiful, but forever ruined(?) by the French and Saunders parody."...
idratherjack: ""take your teeth out tell me what's wrong". That crashing piano on the outro gives me all the life I will ever need."...

We'll end on a more serious note from WhatKindOfKylie? though...
"I have suffered a grievance during rating my scores, and this song managed to bring me so much comfort in such a terrible time. For that alone, it deserves a solid whole score of 10. Like all great pieces of music, I could find the lyrics so relatable at that space of time. So touching, compelling as well as so singalong. In total, all so wonderful.".
I'm so happy you've found some solace in this song during a time I can only imagine was heartbreaking for you. Take care, sis.

No custom video was made for the song, but the clip we did get was taped by the BBC for the tv special ABBA in Switzerland, broadcast across Europe at Easter 1979.

The song was promoted in 1979 around Europe... Germany...

He/Him Switzerland...

...the Spanish version in Spain...

...and for the BBC's Christmas Snowtime Special.


The song was performed during the 1979 UNICEF charity event, the Music for UNICEF Concert, broadcast worldwide from the United Nations General Assembly. The band eventually donated half of all royalties from the song to UNICEF and still do...

A Spanish version of the song was featured on their 1980 Spanish language album Gracias Por La Musica...