The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...


'...So I must leave, I'll have to go to Las Vegas or Monaco... And win a fortune in a game, my life will never be the same...'
- Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Money, Money Money -


I love the fact they're giving out great energy in this cover.

Average: 8.9130
Highest score: 1 * 11.00 - @dancingwithmyself
18 * 10.00 - @GhettoPrincess @SecretsOfFatima @chris4862 @WhipperSnapper @P'NutButter @AllGagaLike @WhatKindOfKylie? @VivaForever @Gotnomoretosay @ufint @Terminus @idratherjack @kalonite @ohnostalgia @Animalia @Filippa @LTG @TrueBeliever
Lowest score: 3 * 6.00 - @Mina @CasperFan @cityofdoomsday
My score: 9.00

We lose one of the band's most famous piano riffs at #17 in the form of Money, Money, Money...

The song was written and recorded in 1976 and eventually was released as the sixth song on Arrival, the band's fourth album. As Dancing Queen was released as that album's lead single and turned out to be one of their biggest successes, the band didn't take any chances and released this straight up power bop as its second single in November of 1976, a month after the album had been released.

The song became one of the band's most successful singles and the second worldwide hit from Arrival. It became a number one hit in Belgium (KWEENZ), The Netherlands, Germany, France, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia (where the band were set to peak popularity wise). It reached the top 3 of Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Ireland and the United Kingdom, became a top 50 hit in Canada and narrowly missed out on a place in the top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

Frida gives us the performance of a lifetime, acting as a woman who works hard for the money, yet can't quite keep her finances in check as she seeks other means for getting just a little bit more krona.

P'nutbutter states it's "An anthem for most of us skint folk.". 't Is, sis. 't Is.
To SecretsOfFatima it's "One of my all-time favourite ABBA tracks, it disappoints me as it often seems to get overlooked as one of their hits in favour of the other big singles from the era." and GhettoPrincess simply calls it "Amazing.", thinking "The verses are entrancing.".

Two of our lowest scorers were vocal this time too. We'll begin with Mina who thinks it's "One of ABBA's more better-known tracks, but it's nothing special in my opinion." and we'll end on CasperFan, to whom "this has always been one of my least favourite singles-not to say it isn’t a great song-from the opening Piano and great dark Frida vocals and the music building up to the chorus, I’ve just not been too keen on it. The key change makes me like it a bit more though.". We're suckers for a massive key change, aren't we... idratherjack knows what's up, calling this one "life changing." and "One of Frida's best.". Preach a bit, sis.
The less said about cityofdoomsday's scores, the better.

VivaForever calls this song and its video "both totally, genuinely iconic.", with kalonite stating it's a "Golddigging, patriarchy smashing anthem." and poor ol' Sprockrooster asks us "The song is about desiring a well-off man?", then claims "Well, I want that too!". Don't we all...

ufint remembers "singing this in my room when I was just a little kid, wishing I had money to buy all the things I wanted to buy. I decided at age 7 that I would marry rich and be a part of a rich man’s world, and go to Las Vegas or Monaco (maybe win at the casino) and live the sweet life. It didn’t turn out that way, unfortunately."... There's still time though...

To WhatKindOfKylie? this is "Frida's finest ever moment! She really has the right tone and dramatic vocal range to pull off a song so flamboyant and slightly high camp as this. A high contender for my choice of #11, and certainly in my personal ABBA all time top 5.".
Filippa simply admits she loves "this song! Frida at her best!", while One Stop Candy Shop calls her "Frida Queen of Capitalism." which apparently only warrants 7.5 points and
constantino goes "C’mon capitalism! I’ve always found this one a tad overrated and I never use it don’t @ me.". Sadly, you're not alone on this one, so we'll give you a pass........ this time.

"This redolent tour de force garners" TrueBeliever's "vote for most memorable throwback, and is extremely evocative of my childhood. I grew up in Germany, and I vividly remember dancing to this song on the barroom tables on base. I think I wore out the jukebox playing it over and over and over again. Definitely got a few laughs. Hard to imagine that I didn’t grow up a dancer for money, money, money. Runner up for my 11.", while Mikey1701 acts like the Unapologetic Bitch he can be, saying "Make no mistake, this is not a bad song, but for a track led by Queen Frida, it leaves me ambivalent. It feels like a parody of what an ABBA song should be, or almost Benny & Bjorn trying to write a song for Cabaret (which leads me to think that Liza Minnelli would have done a fabulous version of it!). I’m giving it a 7 because like I said, it’s not a bad song and also because Dame Meryl kills it in Mamma Mia.". More on that below, just for you.

bichard gave this song huit points, yet goes "Poor Money Money Money." on it and states "It will forever be the song that prevented ABBA from having seven UK number one singles in a row. It was coming off the commercial behemoth that was Dancing Queen though, so that's probably why. Unique and interesting nonetheless, and clearly a precursor for the "mini musical" that was to follow.".

tylerc904 admits to loving "those sinister verses, and Frida’s rich lower register. It’s the weakest single from this album-era but that is hardly a harsh criticism when everything else is so amazing.", while Hudweiser reminisces about the fact that "ABBA wrote songs so suitable for so many occasions, that it echoes through the ages. I heard a girl in her 20s singing this randomly when someone was talking about money the other day. The verses have never worked *that* well for me, but the chorus and Frida's "a-haaaaaa-eyyaaa-haaaa" bits are amazing, as is that hands-on-hips dance thingy they do in the video.".

Y'all betta get tah WERK.

The video was directed by Lasse Halström and was heavily inspired by the movie Cabaret. Frida gives us quite the determined and ambitious performance, which is actually in stark contrast to the dream sequences you see where the band is living the good life. Halström has later been quoted that he thought it was the best ABBA video he ever made.

An alternate video was shot for their 1976 Australian ABBA-Dabba-Doo!! tv special...

...a cartoon was made by Fremantle Media that same year, just as they did with Happy Hawaii...

...the song was featured in ABBA: The Movie as performed during their 1977 world tour...

...and the song was heavily promoted around the world.

The song was sung during their 1979 world tour too and a performance of that was eventually featured on their 1986 ABBA Live compilation...

...and again in 2014 on their Live at Wembley album.

The song was covered by The Nolans for their 1988 20 Giant Hits compilation...

...Madness covered the song for the 1999 ABBAmania tribute album...

...and Abbacadabra released their Hi-NRG version around the same time.

German group E-Rotic released a version of Money, Money, Money on their 1997 album Thank You for the Music...

...fellow German heavy metal band At Vance released theirs on their 1999 debut No Escape...

...and Finnish band Afterworld released theirs on the 2000 album Connecting Animals.

Sweden born Nils Landgren included his cover on the 2004 Funky ABBA compilation...

...fellow Swede Anne Sofie von Otter recorded a cover for her 2006 album I Let the Music Speak...

...English band Marillion released a live version of the song on their 2007 album Friends, recorded at the Marillion Weekend held earlier that year...

...and in 2008 the song was featured in Mamma Mia!: The Movie where Meryl Streep is on vocal duties, accompanied by Julie Walters and Christine Baranski.
These last few eliminations have been quite good, cutting almost all my remaining low scorers!

Now my only lingering complaints (songs scored 7 and below still sticking around) are:
- Super Trouper
- The Visitors
- When All Is Said and Done

Everything else is an 8+ from me. Well done everyone!
Now my only lingering complaints (songs scored 7 and below still sticking around) are:
- Super Trouper
- The Visitors
- When All Is Said and Done


All three of those songs were in the running for my 11!

Money Money Money should have gone about ten places ago. It just doesn't hit the spot for me.

The Name Of The Game can leave now as well.

All three of those songs were in the running for my 11!

Money Money Money should have gone about ten places ago. It just doesn't hit the spot for me.

The Name Of The Game can leave now as well.

Are we back to being mortal enemies so soon, @Mikey1701 , after we bonded over "The Day Before You Came?"