The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

To give "Dancing Queen" anything less than a 10 is tactical. It bloody well deserves 10s across the board, no matter how overplayed it might be. The vote will come down to the 11s.
I do this. Are we strange?

Not at all. I thought a lot of people score songs like that, or at least I thought I did. I used to not score songs that way myself, but have since seen the light. That doesn't mean I still can't have many 10s, because in my mind many songs can all be at a certain level where I'd consider them perfect.
I score compared only to the artist's other material as well. Pretty much any ABBA song would get a 10 from me in another rate, so obviously I couldn't give everything a 10 here. Plus I want my favorites to do well. I gave Dancing Queen a 10 though. I've only been an ABBA fan for a few years, so the singles don't feel overplayed to me the way that they do to a lot of people who have been fans all their life, I've noticed.
I always grade on a curve in any given rate. Glad you've seen the light, @DJHazey!
If we rated based on a zero being the worst song ever (Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran) and an 11 being the best (for the sake of argument, we'll say it's The Winner Takes It All) then the average for just about every rate would be between 8 and 9. We can't have that.

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I do this. Are we strange?

Nope. That's how I do it too! My absolute favourite song in a rate gets an 11, then my other favourites a 10. My absolute least favourite(s) gets a 0, with everything else somewhere in between. I gave Dancing Queen a 6/10 (about average in their canon) and that was me being generous due to taking into account its overplayed status possibly affecting my score.

Anyway, The Visitors leaving straight after the wonderful One Of Us is a nasty one-two punch I could've done without. Especially when there's still a couple of pieces of trash still to be thrown out!
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12. - a tie

'...In our lives, we have walked some strange and lonely treks... Slightly worn, but dignified, and not too old for sex...'
- Anni-Frid Lyngstad in When All Is Said and Done-


It's called "milking a tragic photoshoot"...

Average: 9.0217
Highest score: 1 * 11.00 - @LTG
22 * 10.00 - @Angeleyes @Hudweiser @GhettoPrincess @SecretsOfFatima @chris4862 @WhipperSnapper @CasperFan @Mikey1701 @cityofdoomsday @WhatKindOfKylie? @tylerc904 @VivaForever @Mumty @AGiantSheep @Ed72 @Terminus @idratherjack @bichard @Animalia @Weslicious @One Stop Candy Shop @Remorque
Lowest score: 1 *
5.00 - @Mina
My score: 10.00

Yes... I checked the spreadsheet...

...And no. I didn't make any mistakes...

Y'all threw this under the bus at #12.

The Visitors, ABBA's eighth and final album, loses its second-to-last track in the form of the divorce-tastic When All Is Said and Done and is now left clinging on for dear life with only one track left in our countdown.

While The Winner Takes It All was ABBA's first epic divorce song, detailing the failed marriage, and the feelings surrounding it, of Agnetha and Björn and One of Us talks about the life after said divorce, When All Is Said and Done deals with the separation of Frida and Benny, who had recently ended their marriage of two years. Björn began working on the track in early 1981 and had even gone to Benny and Frida themselves to seek approval from them before recording the song. Both parties couldn't admit that it was to be a strong song, gave their approval and recording eventually began in March 1981, only a month after the couple's divorce had been finalized. After Frida had recorded her vocals, Benny and Björn decided to up the production values after realizing it was one of her strongest vocal performances ever. The queen herself said in later interviews that she had poured all of her sadness into that performance and it shows...

The song was released as the lead single for the album in the United States on 31 December 1981, after opting not to release One of Us as the first single over there. It paid off and it reached no. 27 on the Billboard Hot 100, no. 10 on its Adult Contemporary Chart and no. 7 on its Club Play/Disco Chart.
It was a big hit in Canada too, peaking at no. 4 on their Adult Contemporary Chart and was eventually released in Australia too when it was paired with Soldiers, but ultimately failed to set the charts alight, stalling at a lowly no. 81...

It's one of my favourite songs ever (yes, not just from the band themselves) and it was second in place to be my 11. I can't see how you can not be totally captivated by that performance, with Frida giving us a dedicated and strong vocal, yet sounding utterly heartbroken and sad at the same time. Pair that with a hopeful and uplifting instrumental and it's the equivalent of a "tears on the dancefloor" moment. I personally cannot believe that this is thrown out before the top 10... Some of y'all certainly did that.

Let's get the flop opinions out of the way, shall we?

I knew Mina had some choices as favourites, but giving out a low 5 to this one, sis? Not to mention calling it a "Forgettable single."... No ma'am! kalonite even has the bloody cheek to say it's "A bit bland. Gets an extra half point for rhyming 'sex' with 'treks'.", giving it a 6,50... I literally can't.
Even my sweet little constantino says "there is very little to grab hold of here…" after admitting he was "loving the positivity and the energy of the track.", showing us the children really don't even know...

It took every little fibre of my being for not raging like a psychotic lunatic at the above.

It's "The highlight of the album for" VivaForever, she admits after screaming "BOPS FOR DAYS." and I can't really negotiate as she's 100% SPOT. ON.... idratherjack even goes a little bit further, calling this a "Masterpiece. My favourite Frida vocal. This should have been #1 for 6 weeks.". A big fat fucking AMEN to that.

CasperFan agrees, saying it "Should’ve been a UK single, another song given more prominence now thanks to the Mamma Mia film. Love it!". Yes, but that rendition is fucking shit, thanks to Pierce. "Even accidentally hearing Pierce Brosnan caterwauling his way through this song can not dim my love for it. It was one of" bichard's
"final three in the running for the 11. I know people say this is Frida's Winner, but I reckon this even surpasses that. 100% top-tier ABBA, and such a shame it never got its rightful time to shine in the UK singles chart.".

It also was a "true contender for" Hudweiser's "11, beaten out only by the one song that nothing holds a candle to; its sibling in many ways. Frida sounds brave here, like she could just stop and cry at any second, but resolutely looks to a brighter future in spite of the sadness. The only downside is that it's aged a bit and the jiggy-bassline is a little overpowering in parts. This could - and should - have been their final major worldwide hit.".

My sweet poor lil' Sprockrooster gets all the feels from this song, confessing "Frida's vocals go right through me. A chill down my spine and the watering of my eyes. Beautiful.". 't Is, sis. It really is.
tylerc904 agrees it's "Really, really gorgeous. The fact that they could deliver something so deeply personal, in such a unique way. We hear about the pain and the sadness, or even the joy, after a split but here we get an entirely different perspective. Relationships end and sometimes no one is to blame. Sometimes you can look back fondly and appreciate something, despite it not working out.". That's the magic of the song for me. A heartbreakingly tragic break-up can still hold a lot of fun and beautiful memories and it takes a goddamn strong person to learn to admit that...

Of course their other big divorce song got a few shout-outs...
Mikey1701 starts his commentary with some wise advice... "Let’s forget about that awful version that Pierce Brosnan managed to mangle in Mamma Mia and concentrate on Queen Frida’s finest ABBA moment shall we? Her Winner Takes It All and she doesn't belt it out in the same style as Agnetha, it's still an emotionally devastating track. In fact, I prefer this. The production, the cathartic vocal delivery, the loneliness of the track… everything is perfect. My favourite ABBA track changes hourly but this has always been dear to my heart. Perfection, heart wrenching, beautiful. Amazing. Iconic.
Sidenote: the Spanish version has slightly different production, which I prefer to the main english version."
There you go again, making my write-up seem like a small chore, putting everything I wanted to say in a couple of sentences. Love it, sis.

Meanwhile, WhatKindOfKylie? is of mind that "Whilst The Winner Takes It All is seen as the definitive break up ABBA song (and it's not hard too see why to be fair), When All Is Said And Done, is just as strong and touching in its own right. Frida gives the perfect vocal performance of moving on from a disastrous break up gracefully, and it's one of their most honest and touching songs I think.". Honest and touching are both keywords here.
For chris4862 the comparison is simple and states it's "Better than Winner."...

The music video, directed by long-time collaborator Lasse Halström, saw Frida walking the Stockholm archipelago and shots of all members walking Stockholm.

SecretsOfFatima had some opinions about this video... First off, there was something about Frida in "Queen of divorce delivering some tea.", but then her ex-husband gets "Benny’s outfit in the video always reminds me of the cloak you wear at the hairdresser’s, so that’s nice.". RIP HER TO SHREDS, GIRL.

A Spanish version, called No Hay A Quien Culpar, was also recorded and released in Mexico (reaching the top 30 over there) and in large parts of South America too. A music video was also released, which was identical to the English version, but contained one difference... Frida had re-recorded her studio footage with her new haircut, which made her feature with two different sets of hair in one video. Only Frida, people. Only Frida.

You'll no doubt have noticed the slightly different production flourishes in this version too, as it was slightly remixed, leaving out the double-tracked snare drum, while adding new synth overdubs and giving Frida's vocal a different production too.

The song was not really promoted anywhere, so I didn't find any performances of the song.

British singer Hazell Dean recorded a version of When All Is Said and Done for her 1996 album The Winner Takes It All: Hazell Dean Sings Abba. Here's the rather brilliant Matt Pop mix of said song...

Swedish musician Nils Landgren recorded a version for the 2004 ABBA tribute album Funky ABBA, which features Benny himself on the piano and Swedish singer Viktoria Tolstoy on vocals.

DJ Ensamble recorded a eurodance version for the 2006 tribute album Trancing Queen...

...and Australian a cappella vocal ensemble The Idea Of North performed a version on their Live at the Powerhouse CD and DVD, which was released in 2007.

In 2008 the song was featured in Mamma Mia!: The Movie performed by Pierce Brosnan and was released on its soundtrack, in a rendition that was very different to the original. It was reworked as a ballad, but there was a completely different second verse, especially written for the movie by Björn.

ufint actually admitted he "hadn't heard ABBA's version before, and assumed that it was going to be like the dreadful "Mamma Mia"-version. Luckily it's nothing of the sort. Living for that exquisite production!".

Australian pop star Kylie Minogue performed that new version of the song at the BBC Radio 2 ABBA tribute concert at Hyde Park in 2009, with Benny accompanying her on the piano...

P'nutbutter thought "Kylie did an amazing version of this for that Abba thing." after admitting he was *weeping* at "and not too old for sex""...

...and the girls from Swedish pop group Alcazar performed the song on the program Så Ska Det Låta in 2010.


I cannot believe that this is out. This is Top 5 ABBA. A phenomenal tour de force from YOUR QUEEN. Frida did not go through her divorce and invent the spiky red weave for this DISGRACE! In the words of Dame Kim Woodburn, y’all are TRASH AND SCUM! (Jk, miss thing).
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