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This rate forced me to listen to their first 2 albums, which I normally could not be bothered by. I am not really missing much, but I did spot some gems:

Dance (While The Music Still Goes On), My Mama Said, and Nina, Pretty Ballerina. These 3 are the only songs from the first two albums that I gave over a 7.5 - including Waterloo.
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If you can send them in in the first hour?

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'I saw it in the mirror... My head is hanging low... And I ain't too familiar with the feelings that I show...'
- Bjorn Ulvaeus in I Saw It in the Mirror -


Look at Benny looking quite scrumptious there...

Average: 3.1196
Highest score: 1 * 7.50 - @Sprockrooster (kii)
Lowest score: 6 * 0.00 - @Hudweiser @VivaForever @ufint @idratherjack @bichard @Filippa
My score: 5.00

A lot of you were asking for its head... Well, you all get what you asked for.

I Saw It in the Mirror falls first and from early on a lot of you guessed its unfortunate fate. With good reason too. It's one of their early ballads, sung rather uninspired by Björn, harmonizing with himself, with both girls on backing vocals. They do get their time to shine during the middle 8, but by then the listener has either fallen asleep or already gone to listen to something else. It's completely unremarkable and therefore justified as being the least-liked song in their entire discography.

It's clear from the off that this song was made for another project or at least with another project in mind. Someone named Billy G-Son released his version of this song in 1970 after Benny and Björn offered it to him. Believe it or not, if you didn't like Björn's vocals, do not listen to his version...

But at least the production's a little bit fuller. I'm reaching, I know.

Let's start with our zero givers. The good sis Hudweiser has got ha priorities straight. "If I never hear this monstrosity again it will be too soon." He's in good company too as VivaForever knows exactly what she doesn't want... "I can't. I can't and I won't and I'll never be able to." I feel ya, sis. I do.
Ufint tells us "Utter trash. Break that mirror, fat." which is just wrong, because I always felt like Benny wasn't fat, just a girl large and in charge, but do you. bichard thinks this has "No redeeming qualities whatsoever. A complete dirge with Bjorn's fetid vocals all over it." and idratherjack actually has some positive things to say about the boys... "Proof if it never be needed that Benny & Bjorn should be seen and not heard. Thank the pop gods that they soon saw sense and put the girls front and centre where they belong." Talking of God, Filippa spoke about him candidly when rating this song. "Oh my god…"

Mumty has a hard time giving out 0's. "I don’t believe any ABBA song is a 0, but this is the closest they came. A painfully boring, meandering track. Put Bjorn out of his misery!" and while we're speaking of meandering, SecretsOfFatima thought it went on a bit long too. "Oh dear. Feels like the longest song of all time, yet it is one of the shortest in their entire discography. Totally drags, like something they’d play to clear out a bar at closing time. Only redeeming feature is the presence of A&A." Gurl, what bars do you frequent over there?

WhatKindOfKylie? heard a lot about the Ring Ring album, before getting acquainted with it... "Oh dear, this is where things on Ring Ring start to live up to it's repuation! Have no idea what this song is trying to be, but it's not doing anything for me at all." I think this was their first attempt at blues, sis. tylerc904 gets another kind of vibe from it: "Sorry boiz, this is just bland. It does have an early-Fleetwood Mac vibe, but it’s so plodding and forgettable." and Mikey1701 talks sense: "Given that this was first recorded in 1970, I struggle to see this as an ABBA song but more of a track that Benny & Bjorn slotted onto the debut album to pad it out a bit. It’s not particularly interesting and if anything, it’s a bit plodding. Pass."

constantino actually didn't think it was all that bad, saying "Sweet refrain, but ultimately one of the weaker tracks on the album." while TrueBeliever hates it. "Ugggh. Dire." and poor P'nutbutter even gets the lyrics wrong: "Something is small... when this boy cries" ermmm"... Of course your mind had to immediately go there. Of course.

We'll end with our high scorer. Sprockrooster has a reputation to live up to and gives this a fucking 7,5, while saying "This is such a sad song. It grabs me much more lyrically than" and then stops writing as he probably fell asleep listening to Mina's ABBA playlist... "Another perfect track for InsomniABBA."

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