The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

Mess. Two 7,5's lost, but I am having a kii about me not finishing the commentary for what most of you called a boring song. One thing is for sure. I got distracted while listening.

'Looking for someone who would want to stay... I might find her with a bit of luck one day...'

- Bjorn Ulvaeus in Merry-Go-Round -


Benny looking as cuddly as ever.

Average: 3.8696
Highest score: 1 * 9.00 - @DJHazey (kii)
Lowest score: 3 * 0.00 - @WhatKindOfKylie? @CasperFan @P'NutButter
My score: 5.50

Next up is another single released in 1972 as Björn & Benny, but this time the girls are actually audible as they provide backing vocals on this one, but weren't credited for them. It was unsuccessfully released in Sweden, sung in their native tongue and it was also released in Japan, sung in English. I can see you all wondering "Why in the world didn't the rest of the world get to hear this???", but let's all agree we weren't really missing much...

It was re-released that same year as the b-side to People Need Love with all four members being credited as Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid. The reason their names were put this way was to put the focus on Benny and Björn, with the girls only serving as guest vocalists. Both of them were established singers in Scandinavia too and had their own commitments. There was still no sign of ABBA, the group...

It was covered by Anita Lindblom and Birgitta Wollgård & Salut in the '70s, but the less said about those versions, the better...

What did you all have to say about this one... Well, let's start with one of our zero givers... You're up, WhatKindOfKylie?! "Oh dear. I have tried to like alot of these lead Björn cuts, but just sadly can't. Not when they are as bad as this." Well, I wouldn't call this outright bad, but it's nowhere near something the group should still be associated with.

For once in my life I'm agreeing with something ol' Sprockrooster says! "This one feels like the chorus is one big loop and despite that, it is not that annoying. I would have wished for a bit more variety (longer verses). But I guess that ruins the plot of the song 'merry-go-round' round and round (on and on and on)." It does feel like one big chorus, but that's not its biggest problem, really... Meanwhile, bichard actually has something positive to say about an early track: "Interchangeable with many of the Bjorn tracks that made the album, but possibly marginally better than some of them thanks to a mild groove it has to it, plus the Beach Boys-esque backing vocals that appear occasionally." You mean The Mamas And The Papas, sis? Because then I'd totally get it.

constantino didn't think this got going quick enough, but continues ha Ring Ring stanning, saying "It takes a while to get there but this is lovely."... Sis, it's one big long fucking chorus. Two people that were quite disappointed when the song actually did get going were kalonite, thinking "Promising start with the weird baroque verses, then it just descends into average cheery man-pop.", TrueBeliever proclaiming "Starts off promising, but goes to shit really quickly. Dire chorus." and SecretsOfFatima saying "Recording this was a choice. Kind of like the opening instrumental thing but that’s it.".

Mikey1701 keeps the length of his commentary quite subdued this time, thinking it's just "Another track from the debut that personifies a 5 out of 10: not bad but not good and kind of just there." I agree.

Mina thinks it "Sounds like a nursery rhyme." which is good for Filippa as she tells us "Don’t really like it, rather boring...", before falling asleep after going on what Hudweiser claims to be "The least exciting carousel in the history of fairground rides."


Here are both versions for you to enjoy...

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Anyway I'm listening to Frida ensam, and it's not the lost ABBA album I was hoping for, but it's good.

Also waiT at Shine including not one, not two, but FOUR entire songs co-written by Dame Kirsty MacColl. Only a motherfucking legend.
And we've descended into the tragedy.

I think I see why I was so easily able to like this early material. I used to ride around in my Dad's car a lot as a kid and he always had the oldies stations on. So when people are comparing the song to a cheery Beach Boys/The Mamas And The Papas tune, I'm able to remember some of the songs I heard was I younger and it's comforting and recognizable to me.

This won't be the last time I have the highest score with the early cull, I'm afraid.
Also, I have no idea how anyone could listen to that song and be driven towards a 0...

How does the song inspire that much hatred? If anything it's the kind of song that you'd be indifferent towards, but not 0 worthy.