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King Kong Song is super fun.


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Everything's really good so far.

But I really don't understand all the moaning about Me and Bobby and Bobby's brother. Hey, I like the song!

Take care
Everything's really good so far.

But I really don't understand all the moaning about Me and Bobby and Bobby's brother. Hey, I like the song!

Take care

It's feels dated even for 1973 and the lyrics are banal.

I hope that you aren't outing yourself as a fan of that mess @Terminus because me and you will have words.

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Lol, Mikey1701 I really like your comments!

But still I have to say I LIKE MABABB. The lyrics are harmless but not so stupid as in other songs. My Opinion!

Thanks Terminus for the courageous support ;-)
96. - a tie

'He can choose the wine from a vintage year... He will drink champagne in his limousine while the rest of us drink a beer...'
- Bjorn Ulvaeus in Man in the Middle -


Let's just all agree that the early years were Benny's best, eh.

Average: 3.9130
Highest score: 1 * 9.00 - @Sprockrooster (sis...)
Lowest score: 2 * 0.00 - @Filippa @WhatKindOfKylie?
My score: 5.00

Our fourth song to fall is an album cut from the self-titled, that was eventually released as the b-side to SOS. I imagine myself being so fucking pressed after buying the single, listening to its glorious A-side, turning my little 45 around and getting... this.

It's sung by Björn, with both girls providing backing vocals. It was a poor attempt at making a blues record, by adding a big fat bass line and some added saxophone and trumpet (among other instruments) to make it sound like some lesser Stevie Wonder record. But as evidenced by it falling this early, who the fuck cares though? This is such a try-hard attempt at being funky and cool, while we all know ABBA were a lot of things, but funky and cool weren't two of 'em...

It was written by Benny and Björn without any input from manager Stig Anderson and we're actually beginning to see a pattern here, as these songs, written only by the duo, were made with dreams of being a successful rock and blues band one day. One word: NO.

Let's start our commentary with constantino, who just gets it from the very start, claiming "This certainly pales in comparison to the juggernaut that is SOS...poor it.". Damn right, sis. It's like they were deliberately trying to piss the girls and gays off. bichard is not happy either... "How this exists shoulder to shoulder on an album with classics like SOS and Mamma Mia (and fuck, even Boomerang) remains one of the great beguiling mysteries of ABBA. Just tragic." I wouldn't outright call this tragic, but more... misplaced. I'm reaching, I know, but at least I'm trying...

TrueBeliever finds his mind drifting somewhere else when listening to this song... "A precursor to Rick Dees’ Disco Duck? Wish this would just go away. Hard as a hammer? Hmmmm … choices." and tylerc904 thinks of porn too, saying "I love how the opening sounds like a bad 70’s porno pastiche you would hear in a Family Guy cutaway or something. Not that great boiz, thank goodness they step it up with the odd-bop Rock Me.". We'll get to that one in the future theaux.

Hudweiser's with us on this one: "To follow the might of 'SOS' with this on the album was...strange. One of about five of their records that's not on my iTunes. It's simply horrible.", while Mumty can be on to something, thinking "A leftover nightmare from the Waterloo sessions perhaps." Perhaps. But nothing on that album is as bad as this one for me personally...

On the same page about this one are Mina ("Filler.") and Mikey1701 who's suffering from short term memory loss ("Filler. The fact that I cannot remember a single thing about it thirty seconds after listening to it says it all."). VivaForever asks us "What the fuck is this?", but maybe our highest scorer Sprockrooster can answer your question... "That sax! I love it when they explore the surroundings of jazz and pop and they merge it really well together. Massive discovery here." You're shaking your heads too? Samesies.

We're ending with some soundbites again... We've got SecretsOfFatima shrugging "Ugh, it’s fine.", chris4862 screaming at him "NOPE" and Filippa mentioning Frida for the second time... "And again: oh my god!".

Last and certainly least WhatKindOfKylie? steps up as the voice of reason: "Oh just shut up please Bjorn! These ones really are so hard to get through , next please!"... Uhu.

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