The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

'Santa Rosa'
'What About Livingstone?'
'Practically everything on the first two albums'
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96. - a tie

'And all my friends, will they be there when I come home?... How I regret the day when I set out to roam...'
- Bjorn Ulvaeus in Santa Rosa -


Frida's cringing so much.

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Highest score: 1 * 8.50 - @2014
Lowest score: 3 * 0.00 - @WhatKindOfKylie? (this is going swimmingsly so far, eh, sis?) @CasperFan (likewise) @P'NutButter
My score: 6.00

Here falls our last of the tracks originally recorded by Björn and Benny when they were still just Björn & Benny. This was intended to be released in Japan, after they found themselves having a bit of success there with She's My Kind of Girl. Ultimately it didn't get a release and was held on the backburner for a while until it eventually surfaced as the b-side to He Is Your Brother, which was the second single by Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid as the group was called at the time. It doesn't feature any sort of involvement from the girls though as the only one audible here is Björn.

Apparently both Benny and Björn hate this song as much as you all do. I personally don't really hate it as it's the best of their Beach Boys-esque tracks, but (again) it has absolutely nothing to do with ABBA and the sound they would craft to perfection a couple of years down the line.

Let's see what you lot had to say about this one.

Some of you had had enough about this era already. kalonite shades the entirety of Ring Ring, stating "A fairly appropriate end to the album: A bit rubbish.", Mina begs us "I'd give anything for this song to be over already." and SecretsOfFatima actually feels quite relieved, sighing "Only redeeming factor is that it marks the end of this stream of songs sung by Benny and Björn.". Poor it.

Others didn't really have any strong feelings towards it and I can see why... Mikey1701 finds it "Meh. Pretty much the same as Merry-Go-Round: another track from them that isn't bad, but isn't good either.... and is kind of just there." and we all know bichard hates his golden years a.k.a. the '60s, stating "This has a bit more oomph than some of the album tracks, but it's still very derivative of that 60s sound.". Meanwhile, Filippa is reaching to find something positive to say... "Better but still not my cup…" Yeah.

constantino continues ha Ring Ring stanning, claiming "‘Ba Ba Ba’ is such an underrated hook in 21st century songwriting.", with Hudweiser backing him up with "B&B apparently hate this, but it's got a nice thing going on, even if the lyrics feel overtly random. The intro strings and the 'ba ba ba' parts are especially ace." I agree wholeheartedly, as it's a fun track actually.

Two of you are on a different page when it comes to Santa Rosa... We've got almost highest scorer Sprockrooster shading He Is Your Brother, saying "The B-side being better than it's A-side. Especially the last part of this song is great. " and in the other corner lays zero-giver WhatKindOfKylie? shaking her head... "After listening to Ring Ring, it really is a mixed bag. Some charming gems, an absolute bop of a title track, and a selection of dud moments. This one really does fall in the latter caterogy, and a not needed bonus track on the album re-issue. ".
Well, both of you are correct to some degree as the outro really is quite glorious, but listening to it made me wonder if this really needed to be tacked on at the end of Ring Ring.

We'll end with TrueBeliever who has a moment of Kodak-whatever, slurring "Bjorn does Kodachrome."............ Yeah, me neither.

I know some of you are dying to listen to this again, so here is a nice little link to it and as a bonus you can listen to a rare live cut from 1972 when the boys were playing festivals in Japan with their new band featuring Björn's wife and Benny's fiancée, Agnetha and Anni-Frid.

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I don't mind Santa Rosa at all, but it's a redundant ABBA record. Pretty sure B&B said they just shoehorned in the title as it fit the music and it couldn't literally been anywhere.

"I'd give anything to be back home in Northern Grimsby..."