The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

Your relentless hate for Me And Hobby and Lobby's Brother...

Me and Dobby and Harry Potter.

Stop this.

We'll end with TrueBeliever who has a moment of Kodak-whatever, slurring "Bjorn does Kodachrome."............ Yeah, me neither.

Sorry if it's too obscure. Santa Rosa kept reminding me of Paul Simon's Kodachrome (1973), and couldn't get the reference out of my head throughout the song.
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Merry Go Round continues to be the only misstep as I don't particular care about Santa Rosa despite tossing a decent score. It's pleasant enough.

'Though we quarrelled at times and had a few fights, we were the best of friends... We found a place in the sun to have enough fun...'
- Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother -


Yath at everything about this picture.

Average: 4.0435
Highest score: 1 * 9.00 - @DJHazey (ready to get dragged, sis?)
Lowest score: 3 * 0.00 - @idratherjack @AGiantSheep @VivaForever (you're going to have a ball, aren't you) @CasperFan
My score: 5.50

Here falls our first song sung by one of the girls in the form of Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother. It's queen Frida who takes a hit here, but I guess we can all agree this is definitely one of her weaker cuts in their entire discography. Her distinctive technically perfect voice sounds warm and velvet-y , but is put to absolutely no use here as she sounds weak and kinda drowned out in places.

It was released in 1973 on Ring Ring as one of the deeper album cuts when they were still called Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid and is about a woman who recalls her youth, playing with the boys and getting up to mischief. A lot of you probably had some dirtier interpretation, but let's leave it clean, eh?

A lot of you were stanning for the queen, which definitely influenced your scores to some degree... Let's start with SecretsOfFatima who gets a bit moist and whispers "Frida managing to make a childhood recollection sound sultry and whispery is iconic." and Filippa gets back to ha first time and says "First time to hear Frida's velvet voice – I like it!". This was the first Frida lead you heard, sis? Poor you. chris4862 keeps it short and states the obvious: "Extra points for Frida.".

Hudweiser praises Frida, but shades her fiancée at the time: "I'm pretty sure Benny wrote the lyrics, which is why they're so clunky and childhood obsessed (see also Suzy-Hang-Around). Frida's warm vocals save it from total loss and the grammatic sins of the title enrage me." As someone who's native tongue isn't English either, give 'em a break. Mina also has some problems with the title, but doesn't mind the song, stating "Worst song title in recent memory. Song is surprisingly better than I expected with such a cumbersome title."

bichard gets confused as he asks "Frida's first semi-lead (you can certainly her voice more than Agnetha's in the verses)?", then actually listens to the song, saying "Shame it's a turgid mess that probably sounded dated in 1973." Sis, Agnetha's not even audible, except during parts of the chorus. Correct about the song though.

Let's get to our zero-givers, shall we? VivaForver finally finds her place in the sun after seeing this song has been ousted, telling us "This almost makes me want to give a point to the last three tracks just to drag this one down further. ALMOST." and idratherjack keeps it quite simple with a subtle "Dire."... Riveting.

You'd think Sprockrooster actually likes to get dragged, 'cause he tells us "Not sure what this is exactly about and not sure if I want to know." and then gives it a fucking 7.

Some of you were really reaching to try and find some positive things to say. Almost highest scores and avid Ring Ring stan constantino gets a bit misty eyed... "The melancholy is very much appreciated, it has a certain sentimentality to it, doesn’t it?". It does, but it could be executed a bit better. P'nutbutter's in the same corner as he gets the same feeling from listening to it and says "The chorus gets repetitive but the verses have a sad undertone I like a lot."...
WhatKindOfKylie? didn't zero this, but kinda cringes "Just a tad too cheesy, even for soneone like me whom doesn't normally mind that type of thing! Did give it a 4 though, as to be fair that hook is quite ok. Does go on a bit too long though."... The fact it's one of the shortest songs in their back catalogue should tell you something. tylerc904 is with him though: "Though I cannot help but cringe at the verses, that chorus kicks in and I’m begrudgingly bopping.". Bop away.

Mikey1701 had a bit of a rough time listening to and scoring this song: "NO. NO. NO. I don’t feel like I can award a 0 to any track by the fabulous foursome, but I’ve been tempted to do so for this mess. It’s album filler of the worst kind but thankfully Queen Frida sounds lovely, even if she is saddled with singing lyrics that a ten year old could do better.". I actually agree with everything you said here.

Let's end with our dirty gals, shall we? TrueBeliever states "Jaunty and confusing as hell." and then asks "Is it innocent frolicking, or something a bit tawdrier?" while ufint has a little childhood memory of his own, saying "Me and Bobby McGee had a far better time than this." I sincerely hoped you did.


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The first part of the first verse before the place in the sun but starts. It sounds like both are singing, but with Frida on lead, obvs.