The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...


'And in the evening when the sun goes down I'll be the bluest of men in this town... 'Cause I love you... Jeannie Jeannie on my mind...'
- Bjorn Ulvaeus in Sitting in the Palmtree -


Look at the girls looking ripped there...

Average: 4.3696
Highest score: 1 * 8.00 - @Epic Chocolat
Lowest score: 3 * 0.00 - @Filippa @idratherjack @CasperFan
My score: 7.00

The first of ABBA's reggae-inspired songs is ousted as Sitting in the Palmtree takes a fall. It was released in 1974 on Waterloo, as the second song on the tracklisting and was never featured as a b-side to any of the singles from its parent album.

According to Björn it's about a man who went on holiday to somewhere tropical with his girlfriend. On that holiday his girlfriend fell in love with one of the local beach boys and apparently he got so mad that he climbed to the top of a palmtree and wouldn't leave...


That's about it, really. You'd expect the second song on an album that's supposed to be your break-through after winning Eurovision to be somewhat more of an event. This is actually completely unremarkable in every sense of the word. It suffers from having an uninspired vocal from Björn (now there's a suprise...), no discernable hook and chorus to speak of and even the girls' middle 8 is weak as fuck.

Having said that, it's still not outright bad to these ears, hence the 7 I threw at it. Just a bit nothing-y. Looking back, I kinda overscored but hey-ho...

The loss of King Kong Song is still way too recent, as SecretsOfFatima declairs "Odd. Very, very, very odd. Not really sure why B&B had a penchant for monkey imagery in this album but whatever.", recalling the horror of losing our (read: my) first 10 in this rate...

Y'all really had had enough of the Björn leads by now and you were only at track two of the second album... WhatKindOfKylie? isn't one of our zero givers for once, but still ain't all that happy, stating "Album #2, and still so many lead Bjorn vocals alas I see. Oh well, at least this one with it's slight reggage feel, has a beat to it I suppose. Sounds like a shampoo advert jingle though."... It actually does sound like a little jingle, does it... But what the hell is 'reggage', eh?
TrueBeliever kinda gets it right, saying "Boring as all fuck. Vocals are very flat. Song has no redeeming value, other than the name ABBA attached to it. This should definitely be one of the first ones to go." and CasperFan is with him on this one, following with "Too male vocal heavy-dull production ,weak vocals and not very ABBA". But did this really warrant a 0 theaux?

Some of you were on the same page as me as you didn't really have any strong feelings towards it, but didn't find it utter trash. Mikey1701 kinda shrugs "It’s cute for a taste but as with a lot of the tracks from the first couple of albums, this just isn’t a strong song.", tylerc904 has some trouble recalling the song, saying "This one just kind of passes me by, but there is still a charm I can’t deny." and Sprockrooster bops "A summerbop and a half.". You would bop to this, wouldn't you, sis?

I had a bit of a problem with this being track two on the album and so did some of you, it seems. Mumty tells us "You’d think they’d put a track this poor down near the end where nobody would notice, but no it’s put straight after one of their best ever songs. And then also play it live in 1977.", so I decided to include that performance below for you to enjoy again. You're welcome.
Hudweiser gets it right for once though: "With more basic production, this would be at home on Ring Ring. Why is it track 2??? Way to put new listeners off.". I can imagine the utter disappointment people must have experienced playing this after the title track... Puzzling.
Still reeling from listening to Ring Ring is VivaForever: "This isn't really very good, but coming off that first album it sounds fucking amazing by comparison. But it still doesn't sound like ABBA."... God, you really hate that first record, don't you?

Not on the same page are our next commentators. On one side we have ufint, who gets kinda graphic ("I don’t wanna sit anywhere near this rotten palmtree. It’s coconuts are probably spoiled anyway. Gimme one of those ugly Playa Del Ingles palm trees instead.") and on the other we have early ABBA-stan constatino who actually likes the song and was our second highest scorer after Epic Chocolat ("Very chill, almost psychedelic in fact, it marks a nice contrast to the urgency and punchiness of Waterloo.").
You two really aren't going to get along during this, ain't ya?

I agree it's a weird song in their discography and a couple of you weren't fans because of it. Mina's grateful ("So glad they didn't stick with this sound."), GhettoPrincess is confused ("This is very odd.") and bichard is confused and unimpressed ("I don't even know what to say about this. It's so weird and...bad.").
All three of you need to listen to this with a cocktail in hand after you've already had a couple. Epiphany! I promise.

Let's end with Filippa again.
"Oh my god…"
You don't say.

Here's said live performance from 1977 in Perth:
I bought used vinyls of Voulez-Vous and The Visitors, which were two of my favourites from the rate.
Ahhh, jealous. I can't seem to find The Visitors (or Super Trouper or The Singles).
God, you really hate that first record, don't you?

I think Remorque has you pegged as the rate villain. I'm just glad it's not me for once.
I was going to like this until...
Now seems like an excellent time to see I Have Diahorrea to exit the rate.
I know it's coming soon and I'm just bracing myself. I'm shocked and pleased it's not out already. I've jinxed it now, haven't I?