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I'm ever so happy that this thread has essentially become a shrine to Our Lady Of Criminal Fashions and Weaves.

I've always viewed Frida's ever evolving lewk as her own quiet way of standing out in the face of the 1970s and 1980s media's obsession with Agnetha. Being dismissed as "the other girl" must have stung on some level.
I'd love to have been a fly on the wall during the 1981-82 recording sessions, seeing them soldier on after the divorces.

I think their waning interest may be party responsible for the single-choices: On and On and On should've been at the very least a Double-A side with LAYLOM, and both The Visitors and When All is Said and Done should've seen the light globally. Imagine how awesome the video for The Visitors would be!
When are we getting another elimination @Remorque?
I'm finally back!

The next cut is coming tonight!

I thought I would have time to do this one tomorrow, but as I haven't been to work in week, things will be hectic enough.

Plus, y'all girls are really came through with your commentary, so it's not all as simple as just throwing a song out here. As I've said before, I want all of their songs (even the lesser ones) to have a chance to shine.
I'm finally back!

The next cut is coming tonight!

I thought I would have time to do this one tomorrow, but as I haven't been to work in week, things will be hectic enough.

Plus, y'all girls are really came through with your commentary, so it's not all as simple as just throwing a song out here. As I've said before, I want all of their songs (even the lesser ones) to have a chance to shine.
Glad to have you back, and hope you had a good time! Looking forward to the next elimination.
86. - a tie


- Benny Andersson in Intermezzo No. 1 -


B*Witched whew?

Average: 4.9239
Highest score: 1 * 9.50 - @Mumty
Lowest score: 3 * 0.00 - @idratherjack @VivaForever @CasperFan
My score: 5.50

We see a tie at #86. First up is one of only two instrumentals in their discography in the form of Intermezzo No. 1. It was written and recorded by Benny and Björn in 1974 and was subsequently released as the ninth song on the self-titled album, but was also the b-side to one of their biggest hits at the time, namely Mamma Mia in most of the world.

Benny wanted to showcase his classical music influences, so they created this orchestral rock symphony, where his piano playing is the big focus as the melody is based around it; while the other instruments make it sound more textured and layered. It was even credited as ABBA featuring Benny Andersson... Beyoncé whew? Nicole whew?

I didn't really give it a high score. I'm quite indifferent to it personally and I don't really know why. It shows off Benny's musical ambition to be somewhat more than just a writer of pop songs, but at the same time I find it was quite a bold, yet pretentious move to put this on an album that was released when the group was finally finding its feet and creating kind of a niche for themselves.

Someone who isn't here for Benny ha classical opus is bichard, telling him "Oh do fuck off Benny. I know this gave you an excuse to be centre stage at subsequent live shows, but this really is utter shite. This should have forewarned the rest of the group of his commandeering (sonically) of Super Trouper. (Which would have been sooooo much better if Benny's synthesiser hadn't taken centre stage to such a ridiculous degree).". But Benny's synthesizer was responsible for Lay All Your Love On Me, seaux...

He's actually right in that it gave him a bit of time in the spotlight alone on their tours. More notably, it was featured in ABBA: The Movie where you can see Benny giving it his all in Australia:

Hudweiser gave it a high score, but he only really rated the 1979 live version from when they played Wembley Arena, saying "My 7 is for the version on Live at Wembley Arena, where it sounds much more alive. Their best instrumental if that's of any consequence.". If you wanna hear for yourselves:

tylerc904 didn't really see this as an actual song, but more of something that was played live inbetween Agnetha and Frida's costume changes... "I have no time or recollection of this ever, but upon replaying, it works as a tour interlude.". I can actually kinda see your point though.

Mentioning those fine ladies, a lot of you were missing them here.
Let's start off with TrueBeliever who asks "How do we rate an instrumental compared to the rest of their spectacular oeuvre? I actually enjoy listening to Benny’s shining moment (all 3:49 of it), but obviously miss the girls’ vocals. This is what happens when you cross The Nutcracker with Jesus Christ Superstar."... I haven't seen either of those and I don't really plan to now either.
Someone else who misses the girls is Mikey1701, saying "As with any ABBA that doesn’t feature the girls or has them appear in a reduced capacity, this really suffers from that loss. In parts it sounds like it could have been the theme tune for a 1980s game show like Treasure Hunt or The Krypton Factor.". It actually does sound like some theme tune, but I don't really miss the girls' voices here... As I said before, I'm quite oblivious to this track and I can't seem to get my head around it.

Speaking of it sounding like a theme tune, here's constantino who has this to say:
"a tea".
I still don't get it.

Absolutely not confused is SecretsOfFatima who states it's "A real moment in the album, a testament to their talent and versatility. Who else would plonk a random instrumental before the end of the album? I feel like the instrumental manages to tell a story as it progresses.". You're right. As I said before, it was a pretty brave move to put this on a pop album.

Though it received a lot of middling to high scores, some of you really dragged it down because you weren't here for an instumental song.
Zero giver VivaForever bluntly states "I don't fuck with instrumentals and they don't fuck with me."... Uhu. Fellow zero giver idratherjack is honest and cruel to it, naming it "Pointless. Not here for instrumental ABBA." and last and least we have our third in line in the form of CasperFan, who is finally tired of giving everything a big fat nowt, zzzzzzing "Instrumentals just do nothing for me I’m afraid zzzzz".

WhatKindOfKylie? actually saw a redeeming point to this song and gave it "1 point for ABBA wanting to do something so different so early on in their careers. That aside, I don't really do these intrustmentals. They do next to nothing for me, sorry!" and OneStopCandyShop also found one in that it was a Benny solo track for once instead of a Björn one... "I'd rather have an instrumental piece like this one than another 'Björn - The Solo Rock Star' dud.". You're right about that part, sis.

Mina and chris 4862 kinda meet somewhere in the middle, respectively declaring "Sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack for a kids' cheesy adventure movie." and "Had an intense love for this as a child.". Lemme answer you both respectively too. "Does it theaux?" and "You would, would you.". Kii.

Let's end on a bit of a positive note, eh?
Filippa isn't one of the low scorers for once, naming it "Benny’s song. I think it’s interesting. And although I miss the voices it shows Benny’s genius…". That it does. Weslicious states the obvious and eventually found a compliment to say about it. "I mean, instrumental, but it's kinda good.". Contrary to what has been said above, a lot of instrumentals can be good though.

Sprockrooster almost was the highest scorer for this one, until Mumty came along and sent in his scores, being a little contrarian, saying "Always here for an instrumental break. Loving that it samples Waterloo and Ring Ring.". Sis, listened to Ring Ring one too many times, have we? Where are you hearing these samples? (Nowhere. - The World.)


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I find Intermezzo vaguely embarrassing. Watching Benny perform it live does not improve matters.

I'm not even remotely bothered it's gone, but there's worse left...