The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...


'...Go find a sweet señorita... Somebody meek, who'll never speak harsly to you...'
- Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Put On Your White Sombrero -


What in fresh hell.

Average: 5.3696
Highest score: 1 * 10.00 - @nlgbbbblth
Lowest score: 1 * 1.00 - @WhatKindOfKylie?
My score: 3.00

Super Trouper loses its first cut at #82. Well... Sort of.

It was recorded in Sweden in 1980, was eventually completed and meant to be featured on the album, but Benny and Björn actually saw sense and it didn't make the final tracklisting. The arrangement, however, was later used in Cassandra, the b-side to The Day Before You Came. But we'll talk about that one a bit later on, eh? Put On Your White Sombrero was eventually released in 1994 when it was featured on the box set
Thank ABBA for the Music.

Surprisingly it's our first song out that didn't receive a single zero, though it's the lowest score I gave out as I don't think it's an enjoyable song to listen to. I mean, Frida even sounds angry and frustrated while singing it! The only points I threw it was for the harmonies at the end of the song where they, yet again, show off how well both of their voices blend together.

CasperFan makes sense for once as he "can totally see why this was dropped from the original album and replaced by the gorgeous title track. One of the unreleased songs that I’d have happily kept unreleased. Anyone else hear Que Sera Sera in the intro. Horrible- think I’ve been generous with a 2!". Kinda rethinking my 3 myself...
bichard "can't believe this trash nearly made the album. A dreadful, derivative pastiche." and I agree with him, while WhatKindOfKylie? does too, shaking ha head and uttering "Just no, no no! I know ABBA unfairly had a reputation as a cheesy pop group back in the day, but it's things like this, that hardly did them any favours at all!".

Someone who's a bit disappointed is constantino, saying "This isn’t as fun/exciting as I wanted it to be but it’s still a decent closer. The vocals are outstanding, as usual.". Sis, I'm extremely grateful this wasn't the closer on the standard edition of the album and Frida sounds absolutely horrible on this song...

Agreeing with me is TrueBeliever, admitting "As much as I love Frida (she’s my favourite), her vocals are just too much here (kind of like Agnetha on Tiger). It doesn’t help that the song is boring as hell.". Apart from that awful opinion on one of Arrival's best, I agree with you too.
Disagreeing with me, however, is tylerc904 who declares "Another “has to be a b-side” that I simply adore. It’s a bit ridiculous lyrically, but Frida shines. I expect this to duck out early.". Well, at least the last part's correct.

Mikey1701 guesses that "Basically if Fernando and Cassandra had a child, this is what it would sound like. The arrangement is strikingly similar to Cassandra (possibly because it was reused and altered for that song!) but it doesn't mean that this is any good. It was probably for the best that this was scrapped during the Super Trouper sessions, even if Queen Frida really gives it her all in the vocals.". If it wasn't for your opinion on Frida's vocals, we'd definitely be on the same page. But face it, the woman could fart and you'd listen to it.
VivaForever meanwhile criticizes The Queen, side-eyeing "Frida's accent. LORD. Fernando it's NOT.".

After him mentioning Fernando and both of us mentioning Cassandra, you too were reminded of those...
Mina didn't like it and thought it "Sounds too similar to Fernando to be coincidental..." and SecretsOfFatima found it "A bit painful, although it gave birth to the vastly superior Cassandra. The working title Pig Party in Mallorca sounds far more interesting!". That would have been fucking genius.

Hudweiser has already expressed his dissatisfaction with Benny's presence on Super Trouper and here he is again, crying "More synths! Christ, Benny! For me, this only shifts into gear when Agentha joins in on the third verse - what a powerhouse pair they were!". Mumty's with him, acknowledging "This song is pure nonsense, the third verse is its only saving grace, which is pretty fab but the rest, delete.". Please do.

Ready for ha quinceañera is poor ol' Sprockrooster who's "Getting my marriachi on. Not entirely on place on this album. But as stand alone it works.". Sis. This doesn't even have a rightful place in their discography.

Most of you just weren't here for Latin-tinged ABBA.
Let's start with ufint who's wrong in saying "Latin-inspired works 80% of the time (I don't know, I didn't go to fucking school for math!) for ABBA", but ends on a correct note with "but this one is a miss.".
Filippa sees some sense ("Ok. I can really understand why this one is not on the album..."), P'nutbutter understands it ("I get what they were going for, but no.") and finally Baby Clyde simply side-notes "NO!".

kalonite gives it a 9 and states the obvious.
"I'm sorry, I know I'm a mess."
Gurl, you have no idea...

One Stop Candy Shop is familiar with Flemish musical history and mentions icon citation needed Dana Winner... "It's been part of Flemish singer Dana Winner's repertoire for a long time.". Yes, a very long time. Here's her version as it's one of the most succesful singles she's ever released. It was featured on her album Geef me je droom. "Enjoy..."
That was one of those "I'm afraid to low-ball something that could potentially be everyone's favorite" deals and my 5/10 was being kind because of it.

I'm also screaming at this:

Mikey1701 If it wasn't for your opinion on Frida's vocals, we'd definitely be on the same page. But face it, the woman could fart and you'd listen to it.

Don't we basically feel that way about our favs?

"My fav could sing her grocery list and I'd be captivated" tea.
I guess I knew this would flop out early on, but I legitimately love it. It was my first time hearing it for this rate and I guess I just really like the easy romance of the melody against the cutting lyrics?

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So, I have to confess - I truly believe "Just Like That" isn't finished, this song could be really sensationell. But as a fan I would take any version ...

I can't understand the problem with "Just a Notion" - I really like the song ....

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Oh my god, "Put On Your White Sombrero" is already out? For me it's too soon, somehow I also like the song ...
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