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#80 will fall tonight theaux.

But what will it be?

Will it be one of the first two albums that loses another song?
Will the self-titled not be safe for a few more rounds?
Will some of the bonus tracks from the later, more popular albums fall?
Or will it be one of your favourites that leaves in a shock elimination?

'...Flowers in the desert need a drop of rain like a woman needs her man... If a man's in love and his woman wants the moon, then he'll take it down if he can...'
- Agnetha Fältskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson in People Need Love -


Se early '70s, it hurts.

Average: 5.5543
Highest score: 1 *
9.50 - @tylerc904
Lowest score: 1 * 0.00 - @P'NutButter
My score: 7.50

The first single to be released by the group in 1972, People Need Love, leaves us at #80. It was recorded that same year and was released when they were still called Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid. The reason the group had this rather clunky name was purely for the fact that they were actually promoting Björn & Benny as a duo, not as a quartet with the girls. They just enlisted the vocal duties of their fiancées for this song and it paid off...

This song received a lot of positive reaction from critics and the press and the public loved it. It was a sizeable hit in their native Sweden, garnered them a little bit of attention in Europe and even in the United States they didn't go unnoticed.

At the time of the single's release there was no talk of ever recording an album with all four artists, but they decided to give it a shot and went for it, resulting in Ring Ring and the beginning of what would eventually become quite the legacy.

Personally I think it's fun and quite bonkers. If you ignore the general cliché hetero-ness of the lyrics, you're left with a fun little song to bop along to. The boys try their best, the girls (read: Agnetha) do a bit tew much during the verses, the chorus nests itself into your brain and refuses to leave for a couple of days and last but definitely not least, there's the fucking yodeling, but I'm not really going to go into that as y'all talked enough about it in your commentary.

Let's start with my good ol' pal Mikey1701. Take it away, sis.
"It’s so weird to think that this was the debut single of one the greatest bands in music history: the girls' vocals drowned out on the chorus by Bjorn to the point that they feel like backing singers for much of the track, Bjorn putting on a strange American affectation to his solo parts, lyrics that could be construed as sexist in today’s world (“Women always knew that it takes a man to get matrimonial harmony” and “Flowers in a desert need a drop of rain like a woman needs her man)... and is that yodeling at the end of the track after the key change!? And yet…. you can’t deny that all the foundations are there, like a diamond in the rough, right from the start.".
You're actually quite right about everything here. The boys were still very much front and centre during this song's release, but the groundwork for what they would eventually become was laid.

WhatKindOfKylie? likes it, saying it's "Their very first single, and quite different in terms of what would soon become that trademark ABBA sound. But, it is also just as catchy, and I love the group harmonies on it. The message of the song still rings true, well over 40 years on. If that's good or bad, you decide...". Although the lyrics in the verses cringe the fuck outta me, that chorus is undeniable.

Someone who doesn't like it is poor ol' Sprockrooster, asking "But do people need this?" and our zero giver P'nutbutter answers him abruptly with a "Nope.". A good discography rate needs its contrarions, n'est-ce pas?
Mina shades it with a "The Brady Bunch called. They want their song back (sans yodeling)." and kalonite questions ha taste with "I can't tell if I love or hate the yodeling, but the rest of the song's just a bit of a mess.". Sis, everything's a mess but the yodeling? Okay.

tylerc904 lives for this song, thinking "The verses are loud and amazing, shriek Agnetha!!! I unabashedly adore this, yodeling and all. I love the layered “people need loving yeahhhh, people need love”.". Do you, sis!
He wasn't the only though, as constantino calls this "This hippie ANTHEM. WHEN will John Lennon?? Also, come on yodeling!". John Lennon had his fair share of hippie songs, but he wishes he had Frida and Aggie yodeling away like crazy.
SecretsOfFatima wishes "it had been performed more frequently, if only to hear the screeching and yodeling live. Iconic genre-benders.". Represent. Did I do that correctly?

Known Ring Ring hatah VivaForever doesn't really like the song, but doesn't outright hate it, as she thinks "This isn't bad, which automatically makes it the second-best song on the album. Nonetheless the Heterosexual Bullshit is real.". This isn't the only song where you'll hear comments like this one during the rate, but I definitely see where she's coming from.

Filippa says "Nice try, this one!" and gives it cinq points. bichard gives it the same amount and admits he gave "Plus a point for the ridiculous yodelling!", which gives me quite a general idea of what he thought of the song...
Also giving it the same amount of points is CasperFan who thinks it's "Not bad, very catchy, good melody". Seeing as you're one of the posters throwing out zeroes here, there and everywhere, you would think this is a 'not bad' song, would you?

A misheard ""People need trust from a fat old man."" comes out of Hudweiser, before he admits it deserves "much more credit than it ever gets for being the first thing they did as a group, that yodelling is amazing!" and we'll end with TrueBeliever who states "This song is simply joyous. It makes me smile every time I hear it.". As I'm listening to People Need Love while doing this write-up, I definitely get your point.

It was performed on Swedish TV, where Frida serves us one of her first out there fashion lqqks and Agnetha seems as if she can't be arsed whichever way...

One Stop Candy Shop admits "I just love the yodelling at the end." before asking "Isn't there a clip of them performing this song with a stand-in for Agnetha?". Yes, there is. It wasn't a very convincing one...

Swedish country band Nashville Train also covered for their 1976 album ABBA In Our Way.
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I originally gave this song like a 3 and bumped it up to an 8 once I got...well used to it a bit, because it came out of nowhere (in a bad way) at first and my mind needed wrap itself around what exactly I was hearing.

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Ups you should take over the title "highest scorer of all time" ;-)

I've only 14 x 10 and 11 ;-) and I really, really love ABBA!
Thank god the general public agreed with me in detesting that song!

That type of happy-clappy bollocks was left in the 60's for a reason. (But then again the BB's hairdos also seem to have hung around...)
They/them, he/him
I would have thought it would have gone around the #50 mark, so it's a little surprising it's gone rather early, but I'm cut up about it. Oh, at all.