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I love Disillusion but ...

"Aggie mewling like a lost kitten"

LOL, you made my day!
Recap of my scores for the bottom 20:

7,5 = I Saw It In The Mirror
7,5 = She's My Kind of Girl
6,0 = Merry-Go-Round
9,0 = Man in the Middle
7,5 = Santa Rosa

7,0 = Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother
6,0 = King Kong Song
5,5 = Sitting in the Palmtree
4,0 = Suzy-Hang-Around
10 = What About Livingstone?

10 = I Am Just a Girl
9,5 = Rock'n Roll Band
9,0 = Watch Out
9,0 = Intermezzo No. 1

5,0 = He Is Your Brother

4,0 = Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
6,0 = Medley: Pick a Bale of Cotton / On Top of Old Smokey / Midnight Special
7,5 = Nina, Pretty Ballerina
7,0 = Put On Your White Sombrero
6,0 = Crazy World

Bold ones are big losses and I definitely hit a rough pack in the middle. "What About Livingstone?" is definitely the biggest loss so far. But all in all it isnot that bad. I handed out a lot of high tracks throughout all the albums and I saw the slander for the first albums coming from a mile away.
I handed out 23 tens and I've lost 2. Crazy World and Love Isn't Easy. I'm shook you ended up not liking them much @Sprockrooster. I chalked you down as being in my corner for them.
In time they definitely can grow on me. I have no idea how they sound right now, but this all is based on first impressions. Even "What About Livingstone?" can lose it's shine in time, though I deem it unlikely.

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My only real loss so far is Nina (10), although He Is Your Brother should've stuck around longer as well.

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My losses are "He Is Your Brother" (8) and "Suzy Hang Around" (7) ...
Next cut is coming in a minute...

I'd like to point you all to the first page where you'll find a recap of what's gone and what's left in the second post and the third post is reserved for when an album falls and I give it a little write-up.

'...But in time you will understand that the dreams we dreamed were made of sand... For a no-good bum like me to live is to be free...'
- Björn Ulvaeus in Another Town, Another Train -


Kweens of recycling covers²...

Average: 5.5652
Highest score: 2 *
8.00 - @Scoundrel_Days @WhatKindOfKylie?
Lowest score: 1 * 1.00 - @AGiantSheep
My score: 6.00

The second track on Ring Ring leaves us at #79. Written and recorded in 1972, it was released as a single in Japan to promote the aforementioned album in 1973 and was also the follow-up to People Need Love in the United States. The song was recorded in German, called Wer im Wartesaal der Liebe steht, which was the b-side to the German release of Ring Ring.

The song was also recorded in Swedish, called En annan stad, en annan vän by Swedish band Schytts for their 1974 album Hålligång 2 and by Kikki Danielsson in 1991 for her album Vägen hem till dej. Here's Schytts' version:

It's quite pleasant to these ears as it has quite a melancholy little '70s sound to it, but at the same time it kinda fails to ignite a lot of feelings inside of me, hence the 6 I threw it... You all had the same thoughts as me, I guess, as its highest score is an 8, but it didn't receive a single 0 either... So it survived the huge bulk of Ring Ring tracks that were cut before it, by coasting along and ending up your third favourite track off the debut.

We'll start off with someone who's not really fond of the Ring Ring era as a whole. It's WhatKindOfKylie?, who's the highest scorer for once, saying "Very plesantly surprised by this. Not only do I like its breezy folk pop sound, but, despite not being like the classic ABBA formula, in some respect it is, with a very easy to gel with hook, and soft perfect vocals by the ladies on the chorus. Would have felt better had A and F sung the whole thing of course, but hey!". I do agree the foundations for what they would eventually become are here, but it was still baby steps...

Of course he wasn't alone in not being a fan of Björn's vocals and thinking the girls' vocals were the song's saving grace. SecretsOfFatima loves "the vocals, sound very breezy to me (not Björn, kii)." and poor ol' Sprockrooster thinks "The male voices are very Beatles to me (#TeamStones), but the harmonisation with the girls makes it an instant easy chant. Agnetha and Frida managed to lift the song several points with only a small feature.". You do have to remember that the girls were mere guests on a lot of these songs, but I definitely see what you're getting at.
CasperFan finds it "Pleasant enough" and ends with "some nice harmonies from the girls.". Quite right.

"Sleepy beginning, but kicks in a bit with the ladies." says TrueBeliever, but I think the sleepy beginning is intentional, as he's supposed to wake up and leaving the girl early in the morning. Mumty gets it right actually, stating "Only ABBA could pre-empt the concept of Grindr hookups 40 years before their invention.". Kii.

ufint finds the "Verses are such a drag, but the hook is acceptable." and P'nutbutter's with him on this one, thanking "God for that gorgeous chorus.". It does have a beautiful kind of novelty about it.

Mikey1701 admits "I’ve approached the rate with a reverence for this group and I’ve tried to be as eloquent as I have for the songs in the rate, such is reverence for ABBA, but I really find myself struggling to say something about this track. Bjorn sounds okay and the production feels like it would have been dated even for 1973. It’s not bad, it’s just “cute”. The very definition of a 6 out of 10." and again he proves that great minds think alike as I fully agree with him.

A lot of you were hit by the melancholy sound of the song, as tylerc904 says he's always reminded "of Margaritaville. It’s a cute little bop." and One Stop Candy Shop gets memories of another Swedish icon, calling it "An old fashioned song with lovely melodies. It reminds me a bit of those old Pippi Longstocking episodes.". Oh, the childhood memories...

Meanwhile, VivaForever thinks "Oh Christ this sounds like the songs from Santa Claus Is Coming to Town or The Little Drummer Boy.". I don't really get it, but do you, sis.

bichard is quite strict, giving it a 3 and saying ""We've had a groovy time" = lose a point.". I kinda think it's cute. Bless poor Björn's little late '60s heart.

idratherjack is quite pleasantly relieved, sighing "OK, doesn't hint at the horrors to come", Filippa admits "I don’t know why but I have a soft spot for this song..." and constantino finds it's "adorable, albeit a bit twee. It reminds me of the band Quilt.". I'll let you YouTube that for yourselves.

We'll end with Mina as she mentions ha playlist again... "An ideal inclusion for the forthcoming release of InsomniABBA.". Sis...

As previously mentioned, the song was also recorded in German, called Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht.

Hudweiser admits "I used to hate this as a child on GHV1 because of it's wimpy vocals (soz Bjorn) but the Matt Pop Remix forced me to confront the layers, that cute flute work, and the melody in the chorus, which is simple and folky, but indicative of their writing skills at such an early point.". Here's that version in full for you to enjoy...

Swedish country band Nashville Train also covered it for their 1976 album ABBA In Our Way.
It's just a bit wimpy. I'm surprised it and the equally sappy Disillusion were the two most favoured tracks after Ring Ring.

although they are Tracks 2 and 3 right with People Need Love 4th? So maybe it shows how enthusiasm waned as soon as the evil that is I Saw it in the Mirror arrived.
Another Town... suffered from that cheap sounding whistle/flute/whatever giving it an awful dated folksy feel.

People Need Love however has grown on me immensely since rating and I regret not giving it a few extra points.

*Bops in Brady*