The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...


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Disicuntinglusion. It's shit (although it's not the zero I have left, but unfortunately I think that still has a bit of life in its stagnant veins).

To be fair, pretty much anything on Waterloo that's left bar Honey Honey and anything from The Album except Name, Soul and Marionette can bugger off for me as well. My Love My Life, Why Did It Have To Be Me, Arrival, Rock Me...

Still lots of chaff to scythe!
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I had a bit of catching up to do for the last few eliminations. No complaints from me, but I echo the confusion that 'Disillusion' is still alive.

Also, what is the story behind that Agnetha stand in?
I would guess and hope for Disillusion but wouldn't mind seeing I Have a Dream, Tropical Loveland, Gonna Sing You My Love Song, or I Wonder bow out. I sound like quite the Frida hater but I really am a stan!

'...Just take my hand, I'll show you everything... The secrets that my paradise can bring...'
- Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Tropical Loveland -


I fucking love this cover.

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My score: 8.00

Well, fuck me. I never thought we'd see the back of this gentle summer song so soon...

This song was recorded during the 1974-'75 sessions for the self-titled and eventually made the tracklisting as the third song on said album. It ended up being released as the b-side to Mamma Mia in 1975 in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada and was ultimately released again in 1976 as the b-side to Fernando in most other territories.

It's a lovely little reggae song that shouldn't sound like ABBA at all, but Frida just fucking shines through on this one. Though the verses and bridges are quite simple, she shows just how much a technically gifted singer can make a song sound better than it has any right to be.

But no... You had to throw it out at #78.

Frida, meanwhile remains unbothered while the rest of you stay pressed and stressed.

Let's start off with SecretsOfFatima who loves "the pre-chorus and, of course, Frida’s iconic vocals. Come on queen, take me on a flight to your loveland. I’ll admire your wigs and weaves all day long.", but then gives it a 6... You'll settle for Björn's 'do and you'll deal.

WhatKindOfKylie? admits "I am not a big fan of reggage, even with ABBA's take on it, so very much a miss from me.". What's a reggage, precious?

Meanwhile, Filippa states the obvious with an "ABBA goes Reggae…"... You don't say.

Not big on 'reggage' either is CasperFan who says he's "Never been a fan of reggae-tinged songs but this has a fairly catchy chorus and nice vocal, but is never gonna be a favourite", but Mikey1701 finds himself in the opposite corner, thinking "ABBA tackling reggae could have been a disaster, but actually it’s not all that bad. It’s not anything revolutionary, but it is a serviceable album track with some soft and luscious vocals from Queen Frida.". Sense!

Mina thinks it's "One of the most un-ABBA-sounding songs of the rate.". Really? After the dirge we already had to go through to get here?

Some of you thought it was quite forgettable...
VivaForever awards this a 4, but doesn't remember what for, because she finds "This isn't bad but it's just ended about 30 seconds ago and I have literally no idea what it sounds like. And I'm using 'literally' literally." and poor ol' Sprockrooster just thinks it's "so boring, it even is annoying as background music.". Ouch.

...while others were simply pitying poor Anni-Frid.
Mumty wonders
"Frida must have been pissed when Agnetha got SOS and she got this." and bichard simply calls ha "Poor Frida. She really got the shitty end of the wedge in terms of leads in the early years. There are certain charms here, but it's all remarkably forgettable."...

tylerc904 is complimentary to our queen and says "There are times when I am pressed FOR Frida getting all the weak songs on the early albums, but she still sounds snatched even when the song is lacking." and so is chris4862, thinking "Frida Immediately elevates almost any ABBA song for me.".

constantino is reminded of a couple of Ellie's deep album cuts, squeeking "OOP yep, this is tacky. A line was crossed.". Yes. I went there.

"Sitting in a Palmtree (Part II). The xylophone plonking doesn’t help.". TrueBeliever is shaking ha head while listening to this, but Hudweiser's actually quite impressed, saying "Like Gonna Sing You My Love Song, Frida's warming vocals sell this, even if she described it as pretty dull. It's nice they experimented with the reggae sound, they got it right years later in One of Us.". I wouldn't really compare the two, but I see what you're getting at...

Here's our queen giving us a nice little performance on a German tv show...

...and here's the performance from their 1976 special The Best of ABBA / ABBA Down Under with a nice little introduction.
There's still worse out there but Tropical Loveland leaving now doesn't bother me much despite my 7. It's really pleasant background music.