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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

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    I don't like Little Mix enough to do their whole discography but I'm kind of surprised Black Magic didn't win that one after listening to Move. I remember Black Magic making a lot year end lists on here too.
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    1989 VS. RATE
    by: @Jeffo / @VivaForever


    Winning Post
    RUNNER UP: Like A Prayer
    2ND RUNNER UP: Rhythm Nation

    Golly this beat Like A Prayer. I glossed over the replies and it looks like voters did not appreciate that outcome. I would've gone with Rhythm Nation but there's no shame in this light, carefree upbeat number taking the crown. I'm pleased Miss Jackson nabbed the crown all the same. Not to mention Like A Prayer competed in the last Winners Rate (we cut the repeats, remember?) so there's a touch of fate to this winning.

    11 bestower and host VivaForever can't hear the haters, "Escapade. Jesus Christ, ESCAPADE. For the longest time I did not give a shit about Janet and couldn't understand why she was so revered on here. But then for some reason I downloaded the Rhythm Nation album and loved it. Even though the songs on their own aren't incredible for the most part, something about that album is just so magical. And so, with my typical flightiness, I set out to own the 12" of each single from the album. And it was as I was converting the Escapade 12" to digital (having never thought about searching for a download from a digital source, kii) that I actually took notice of it and thought, "Whoa, that's a great song!" Somehow it had always passed me by on the album before then...

    And now it's one of my favorite songs in the world. It would have made my Ultimate Popjustice, but at that point I'd only been obsessed with it for a couple of months and wasn't comfortable including that recent a discovery in case it wore thin for me. But it hasn't. God, no, it hasn't.

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  6. Not familiar with that Janet Jackson song, but it's so pretty. It makes me feel things.
  7. I'm involved in this rate, if only for the fact that it's made me listen to Upside Down - A*Teens again. I think I'm gonna have to go on a much more nuanced scale for this rate where a 10 on any other rate will be a 5 on this rate because of the stunning quality of some of the songs.
  8. I have no clue what is going on here, and I don't know most of these songs but I feel like I have to vote just so (***) gets an extra 11.
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    by: @Can't Speak French


    Winning Post
    Runner Up: Dog Days Are Over
    2nd Runner Up: Shake It Out

    Florence has always had this regal quality to me. Never more than when she pulls out ethereal stunners like Cosmic Love. Those ooh-ooh-ooohs deserve a Grammy.

    @Can't Speak French takes us Behind the Music: "The piece of perfection that is Cosmic Love was written in ten minutes whilst Florence was hungover, lying on the floor and trying not to throw up. Stories like this make me low-key resent her talent. It’s not fair. Anyway, after that, she sang it and everyone in the recording studio started to cry. It’s quite a simple sentiment, really, about a love so grand and awe-inspiring that it blacks out the stars and the moon and leaves you completely blind, but this simplicity is what makes the song so perfect. But, it's not just that, because equally it's so private and intimate that it feels like it's meant for just you and another, putting your faith in each other because you're both completely lost, but as long as the other person is there for you you feel like it'll all be okay. It feels like the sentiment of a classical poet. It’s difficult to start putting these four minutes and fifteen seconds into words in order to explain why it’s so perfect. It’s the way she sings ‘the stars, the moon’ in just the perfect tone of voice each time, it's the beating heart in the middle-eight, it’s the fireworks that feel so triumphant and celebratory, it’s the way it builds, it's in the driving urgency of the drums, the way it can make you cry and send you spinning around the room at the same time. It's everything, and yet somehow it still feels like more than the sum of its parts. It’s so bizarre how Cosmic Love was originally a joke title because it’s so completely appropriate. This spans universes and yet it's the feeling of somebody else's heartbeat right next to yours, and it opens up so many emotions that I honestly didn't think music could. It’s absolutely glorious and I’m so glad that I can crown it the winner of this rate."

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  10. I'll be sure to do it. I'll try and not go crazy with the tens since there are so many brilliant songs in the running. Björk, Florence, Grimes, and Alanis will all be getting tens though.

    Speaking of alternative artists, I took a gander at the Alt Queens rate and made note of all the people who did To Bring You My Love (the album) dirty in case I need that information for later use.

  11. I have to do this, so many iconic songs!

    Most of the forum has an intense hard-on for the entire Salute album and everyone made it clear from the start they were sending Move straight to the top. Everything else was a mess, Black Magic missing top 2 to a song with virtually no 11's was kind of iconic.
  12. Florence better do well!
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  13. I'm sure she will, even if I wish we were rating Shake It Out instead. Iconic.
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  14. MollieSwift21

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    Finished listening to everything. My favorite of songs I hadn't known before was Closer by Oh My Girl.
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  16. I can feel @send photo judging me for not having my scores in yet.
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    Lemme do the last summary before my neck snaps off though
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    This one's for you, let's get the other voters stanning too!

    by: @Squashua


    Winning Post
    RUNNER UP: Someone Like U
    2ND RUNNER UP: B. B. B (Big Baby Baby)

    Calm down guys it's not that Closer. These girls lull you into a trance don't they? It's very atmospheric. DAL*SHABET may have lost here but they took home the crown for the 2016 K-Pop Song Of The Year as you might recall. Remind me to read through this rate to discover more hidden gems like this, nn.

    Genius host Squashua gives us this brief recollection of this winner, "Sometimes life imitates art and our rate has somehow managed, out of 135 songs, to deliver the fairytale ending almost all of us can agree on (except @vikeyeol who denied this song a 10+ avg). It’s also managed to ironically end on a Closer so justice for wordplay I guess. An anomaly in its nugu-bulging Heat and the sexy-bawp bursting finale, Closer is a song of whimsy rooted in the darkest depths of your fragile soul."

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  19. I voted! I think I only gave one song below a 5.

    Choosing my 11 was so hard. It actually went to a song that I didn't give my 11 to in its actual rate!
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