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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. I've never seen the show, but I loved it the first time I saw the video on plug.DJ. You could probably hear the the "yaaaaaaaas" from @Mikey1701 from here.
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    Just for you I'm going to leave it in. Choke.
  3. So I started doing this today. Put the songs on shuffle and the very first song that popped up is my one and definite 11. I'm so excited to laugh, cry, smile (and question why on earth some of these songs ended up as winners) . This is going to be so much fun!
    by: @First2Run

    *I reduced the size of this by 30 MB so I don't want to hear it.

    Winning Post
    Runner Up: Poker Face
    2nd Runner Up: Just Dance

    One time @send photo rated all of Gagsys songs in a PM and.. I'm afraid to share his Paparazzi score in case he gets assassinated before the rate begins. But never fear, because I'm here to champion this delightfully dark slice of electro synth pop. Back when I was a wee twenty one year old only peripherally aware of Gaga, this was The Song. In a rate full of dated dance music (plus one Katy Perry album you all did horrifically wrong minus those two songs of which we do not speak - THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION TO SPEAK ON THEM KEEP IT TO YOURSELF), Paparazzi stands tall as a time tested, @ohnostalgia approved gem.

    Poor @First2Run... after the absolute mess we put him through, we also ruined his finale: "Not gonna lie, when I started this rate I had no idea how much support this song had, considering it has really never been a big highlight for me compared to the other songs here and not nearly as iconic (if we are just considering the song itself) - clearly I'm not in the majority. It's a sweet, "cool" pop song that did show a different side of Gaga to the public. I think the biggest advantage this song had is the fact that there's really nothing you could find to hate about it (unlike most other songs in the rate).

    Of course what IS truly undeniably iconic about the song would be what surrounded it - that cinematic masterpiece of a music video in which the Gaga we know and love really starts to come through, or that VMA performance that left everyone shook. I would say she was ahead of her time but in reality she's part of the reason these unconventional moments are more popular these days - a fair enough reason to want to toss this a 10 or 11."

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  5. My favourite Gaga song & video. Peak Gaga
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    It was a considerably generous 3
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    by: @Deja-Boo


    Winning Post
    RUNNER UP: Dancing Queen
    2ND RUNNER UP: Bar Bar Bar

    Whew. This song gives me shivers. It's quickly grown into my most played and favourite Crayon Pop song. I was a lowest scorer for this (9 tho) but that's what I get for discovering the rate a day before it closes. The video is bonkers, it's basically a Power Rangers homage. This is the other group I mentioned in the Love Is A Sudden summary that Deja-Boo almost ended, only to fight on sans Soyul, hopefully his rate curse is broken.

    Deja-Boo poured his heart out for the summary. It's a lot to include here so I'll just put what he had to say about that 10.07 average, "How iconic can my rates be? Just look at that average. I did that The Pope did that." Please go and read his summary, I'll even link again for your convenience.

    And that's all for the K-pop summaries! Don't you dare do them wrong.​
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  8. I was going to say I'm not a fan of Crayon Pop or that song, but then I watched that video and now I'm a bit obsessed. I hope other voters treat the k-pop songs well.
  9. Don't do my girls wrong, y'all!

    And if you like FM, you'll also love Dancing Queen (my 11 for that rate) #promo
  10. I had a rundown of all the songs yesterday and the k-pop ones are the only ones I didnot know. It is kind of a mixed bag for me. I am going from 'I love this' to 'this is a out there and nothing really crazy'. Going to play them more so I can get to know them better. I will watch the videos too, like @Reboot mentioned it could result into a big push.
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  11. K-pop videos usually manage to elevate a song, so I'd definitely recommend watching them all if you can.
  12. I'm going to be a huge rate villain when it comes to the k-pop songs, but I'll try to have an open mind.
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    by: @Beginner


    Winning Post
    RUNNER UP: Apologize
    2ND RUNNER UP: Already Gone

    It's safe to say my co-host stalgy is not a Ryan Tedder fan because when we were divvying up these summaries she swiftly plopped this one into my lane. I was a little shocked to see Beginner was the host considering Ryan fucked his fave Kelly over with Already Gone. But we're here for Bleeding Love, aren't we? Leona sure debuted with a bang. Now she's shelling her albums on Grindr, the decline is real.

    Beginner is bleeding praise, "This reminds me of what one of my faves, Brandon Flowers said about playing one my fave songs, Read My Mind, live. He said that at any point in the concert, no matter how crazy and wild it is, as soon as he plays the opening chords everyone quiets down and the moment instantly feels almost sacred. That's what I feel every time I hear the opening organ in this song. Those chords resonate somewhere deep inside me and I get so mysteriously emotional.

    This is one of those songs where it's difficult to appreciate how good it is. There are so many perfect parts and they're all going on at once. The "I don't care they say, I'm in love with you" lines have such a gorgeous melody and Leona sells them like literally no other singer on earth could. This song is a classic and we're lucky to have it in our lives.

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  14. Beat wise there were quite a few of them that actually pleasantly surprised me! I ended up giving them higher scores than I thought I was going to going in.
  15. I love Leona's voice! I really wish things had turned out differently for her. Her first album had enough US hits to make me think she was a Whitney in training.
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  16. Glassheart was robbed.
  17. I used to hate Bleeding Love so much when it was released.
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  18. Same and now it's alright.
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    Finally managed to give this thread the time it deserves, and wow I'm stanning. And I'm responsible for 3 winners here, so I'm feeling it's my duty to vote xxx

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