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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

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  3. The only thing close to a nude I've been sent recently is a photo of Lee from Steps with no top on by @2014 as a threat to get my charts in for the PJ Charts.


    The threat worked.
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    I disagree, you really charmed @Vasilios on Instagram.
  7. Maybe I should post it in here and see what y'all think?
  8. Try and one up me again, bitch.

  9. Still waiting, boo
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  12. I was expecting something different.
  13. 38


    by: @AcerBenII

    Average: 7.50

    High Score: 11 x 1, @ufint 10 x 6, @GimmeWork @Terminus @dancingwithmyself @iheartpoptarts @Sanctuary @LPMA

    Low Score:
    4 x 2, @digitalkaiser @Sprockrooster

    send photo: 5

    Ah,yes... the shady Pitch Perfect song. What a beautiful synergistic soundtrack choice. I love a good moment of unintentional foreshadowing. Much like their good sistren Ace of Base, the once kinda interesting Bella Bardons seem determined to stay in our collective consciousness way past their sell by dates. Once you've heard The Sign a few times, you're pretty much set for life. So of course radio decided to hammer it incessantly for the next twenty years. If they only hammered the first twenty seconds I'd be okay with that because the intro is pretty lit. But the rest of it? I'll let my co-host @send photo (5) explain: "It's amazing how this is both timeless and the most dated song in existence." #talent

    We open with treachery. @Sprockrooster (4): "I completely miss the appeal from Ace of Base and feel like betraying the eurodance clique. There is something grating about her voice I cannot put aside or grow warm too. Basically she ruins all the songs." But plot twist! Upcoming Eurodance host @Mina can only bother with a 6: "I always thought the lyrics were "I saw the sun" for some reason." Well, they are from Sweden so it does seem plausible. Switching gears to some PositiviTEA, @GimmeWork (10) continues their dad joke commentary brand: "“No signs needed to know this is a 10!”" And @Reboot (7) provides a literal I don't know her moment, but in a nice way cause she's Reboot: "Wait. This is their song? I never knew that. Cute, though.”"

    @digitalkaiser (4) was able to send me a message from Witness Protection: "“I always found the vocals in this to be a bit of a choice, but I’ll be damned if it's not one of those nostalgic bops. It's got a great beat.”" Don't worry, I'm sure @LE0Night will forgive you... sometime. Lost for words, @constantino (6) steals Mina's gig: "Um...this is cute I guess? The track tends to fly right by me, but in a pleasant way, at least." But did he steal the range? I was very scared @A&E (6) would stan this considering their recent ... choices: "It's definitely worn off on me, unlike All That She Wants, Don't Turn Around, Life Is a Flower etc.etc. Still a nice track though." Thank you for not disappointing me for one day. @eccentricsimply (5) did something I didn't do: "This music video is a TRIP." @Kuhleezi (7) opens up old wounds: "I usually gag as much as the next gay for everything even remotely resembling a key change, but here it sounds so unearn... uhm... unnecessary? "OI SOAW THE SOIGN" is properly iconic tho." Not when one of the Noanners is cohosting this rate, you don't!!!

    Next up a bunch of you try to tell me there are more Ace of Base songs. I thought it was a joke discography rate, to be honest. @evilsin (8): "This is such a classic, although I do prefer All That She Wants." Sounds fake. @Squashua (5) confirms the existence of said song: "I struggle to tell the big Ace of Base songs apart, I always start singing All That She Wants to the intro of this. It's fun but drags on a bit by the end." But you also said it sounds like The Sign. So what is the truth? @One Stop Candy Shop (8) tries to convince me Ace of Base put out an Academy Award Winning Film as their next song: “Kings & Queens of pop in the 90's. I support this winner but Beautiful Life is where it's at for me.” I'm skeptical. @sfmartin (9.5) continues the conspiracy: "A lovely trip down memory lane. Not sure if it's my favourite Ace of Base track but it's still fabulous." "Other Ace of Base tracks." Ha. You can't fool me. @Slice of Life (6) has got my back: "ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!1 Lowkey bop though." Minus the lowkey bop part.

    And let's end with a string of mega Ace of Base fans. Cause that's a thing.. I guess. @DJHazey (9): "Masters of floating around in their video and becoming an iconic part of the pop culture of an entire decade. Seriously, no 90s compilation could have this song missing from it and be worth its weight. I'm a huuuuge fan of their music so the only reason it's getting a 9 from me is that I was rooting for so many other songs to win the rate. In fact, The Sign is probably not even in my Ace of Base Top 20, but is still amazing. THEY ARE THAT GOOD." @berserkboi (9) concurs: "My childhood! LOVE" Careful, @send photo's going to call you old now cause he's scared of being 26. Shocker: @iheartpoptarts (10) is in love: "Summer in the 90s in one song. I can never get enough of that trademark Ace of Base sound. Just ask anyone in any rate ever!" I am shocked. Just shocked. @Remorque (8) gets personal: "This song takes me back to being a 10 year old and being totally enamoured by this band. Happy Nation was the first album (next to 2 Unlimited’s Hits Unlimited of course) that I was given and it was on heavy rotation at my house. My mother didn’t want to give me The Sign, because she said it was just a rehash of the first album as some of the songs were re-used… The first cracks in our relationship started there. BACK ON TOPIC: fantastic song, yet not their very best for me personally."

    And @ufint (11) has to say goodbye: "First on Alouder’s playlist on Spotify, and my definite 11. The reason is simple: back in 1993, a little insecure kid heard this song from an older friend of his and it opened up a whole new world for him – the world of pop music. It was bliss and truly an experience that this kid will never forget. (Okay, I can’t build suspense and I’m not a wordsmith so – yeah, of course it’s me. Ya’ll knew that already.) I still look back and remember that very day 24 years later as a day that changed me forever. My first true music obsession and for that – I am grateful."

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  14. What?!

    I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes to y'alls shit taste.
  15. Ugh The Sign is iconic if only for its heavily featured episode of Full House. I regret not bumping my 9 to a 10.
  16. I figured that The Sign was gonna go soon, happy that at least some people recognize that it's a bop and a half.

    I'm sad that some people haven't gotten their ears checked in a while,
    but then I'm just like...

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  17. For some reason, I tend to randomly associate Ace of Base with The Corrs and the Rogue Traders, despite the geographical and chronological differences.
  18. Me bopping to the thread title

  19. It's not All That She Wants so bye.

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  20. A&E


    if ur in

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