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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

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    by: @Posh Spears

    Average: 7.725

    High Score: 10 x 12, @berserkboi @CorgiCorgiCorgi @DJHazey @eccentricsimply @evilsin @GhettoPrincess @GimmeWork @Island @Oleander @Posh Spears @sexercise @Slice of Life

    Low Score:
    4 x 1, @One Stop Candy Shop

    send photo: 7

    Aw, @Posh Spears. Cher did quite well I think? I mean if I'd had my way and Cher'd entered actual life changing pop anthem Swagger Jagger I'm sure she'd have made Top 10, but we can only have so many regrets, can't we? Sirens is very pretty but as I mentioned in her discography rate ultimately there's something about Cher's voice that holds this back for me. I think she's a very young artist who hasn't quite grasped how to emote effectively just yet. Sirens is missing a weight suggested within the lyrics that would pull this to the next level. Maybe on the next album. Oh.. wait. I think I shouldn't have said that.

    @berserkboi (10) opens with this shady ass comment: "Cher Lloyd actually has a good song??" ~Hi hater, kiss kiss I'll see you later.~ @iheartpoptarts (6) wants a bop but they also trashed Swagger Jagger sooooooooooo: "Let me put this alongside Demi in the should’ve-gone-with-a-banger pile. She had such 10 potential!" ~Count that money, get your game up. You're a hater, just let it go. ~ @kalonite (7.5) brings more faint praise: "This is not as objectionable as I expected. It's not even all that objectionable at all?" ~You can't stop clicking at me, writing 'bout me, tweeting 'bout me.~ But I suppose it's better than @Sprockrooster's (6) no praise: "I am not seeing in this what most other people see it. It is not bad either. Just a bit out there." ~Swagger jagger, Swagger jagger, you should get some of your own~ I think @send photo (7) might've given out payola host points since he LOLed when I asked if he would vote in the Cher Lloyd rate: "This isn’t terrible and I love @Posh Spears dearly." ~Get on the floor, get get get on the floor ~

    @Remorque (7.5) is reading my mind, minus the 11 part: "I gave it my 11 in the Cher Lloyd rate, but up against all these other fantastic songs this one doesn’t hold up all that well. Yes, it’s intense, she gives us a great performance and it’s up there with her best, but relistening to it right now, it’s all a bit much…" @A&E (7), however, has an opposite @Remorque expedition: "This is much better than I remembered, such a pretty song, and quite unexpected from Cher at the time." @Squashua (7) forged a personal connection to Sirens: "Cher Lloyd gets a bad wrap but this whole album was extremely high quality. The only thing I find difficult with this is it was on the Zara playlist at a time when personal drama meant this song was a constant reminder of my failures and someone I wanted to forget. It's... difficult but i'll be objective." Aw I'm sorry, I hate when that happens. @DJHazey (10) echos @Squashua: "Cher isn't the greatest vocalist you'll ever hear but I'd fight for her on the stance that she gives every last ounce of passion she has into everything she does. This is testament to that theory because this chorus towers over any thought you might have against it. The moments that I've personally had with this one are what make it mean the world to me. It's such an emotional journey whenever I sing along." Cher: The Emotion Whisperer.

    @constantino (8) out here acting like he doesn't have A Moment to 2/3rds of every rate's song lists: "ddd NOT be having a bit of a moment to this. I was taken aback. Poor Cher though." I'm curious to see how @sfmartin (9.5) grades Cher's performance in this rate: "This deserved its place on the Cher Lloyd rate but I don't think it will fare well compared to some classics in this rate. I however love it." Here's someone we haven't heard from in awhile, @CorgiCorgiCorgi (10): "People criticize her voice, but damn if she doesn’t sing the hell out of this song." Oop. To make it up to you here's a boatload of comments about her voice. @GimmeWork (10): "“I love that this song actually showcases her amazing voice. Poor Cher, I really wish someone would cut her a break and throw sis a hit!”" I take it you didn't feel Activated? @GhettoPrincess (10): "I absolutely adore this song, it feels like her most personal song. “I am tired, I am older, I am growing weaker every day…. Yeah.” and then that beautiful chorus. Yes Cher! Probably some of her strongest vocals too and I love the music video." Lowkey triggered by the use of #most personal. Oh dear, it's another bad one for @evilsin (10): "This is so fucking soaring! Even if I gave my 11 to Want U Back, I can't deny the brilliance of this." Please don't cry!!!! This one almost got an 8 average? Okay, not actually I lied sorry. @Slice of Life (10): "Deserves more love teebs. Cher Lloyd at her very, very best. I'm still hopeful she'll come through with another album. But if it sounds like Activated then she can keep it." Remember how I liked Activated dddd.

    And finally @Posh Spears (10): "Beautiful, powerful, heart-wrenching, just so moving. Really showed a different side of Cher and definitely changed some people’s minds about her. The pain and E MO TION in that final chorus, my goodness! Although, had “Want U Back” won like it should have (don’t @ me), it would’ve snatched my 11 in a heartbeat in this rate, sigh. Guess we’ll have to see if my future Lily Allen rate has the right song win. See you then, winner’s rate!"

    (Like they're not going to ban the next winner's rate after the last two messes).

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  2. Oh I didn't realize Sirens was still in. Good riddance.
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    POP BOYS 2016 RATE
    by: @eccentricsimply

    Average: 7.742

    High Score: 10 x 5, @digitalkaiser @GhettoPrincess @GimmeWork @ufint @ThisIsRogue
    Low Score: 2 x 1, @BEST FICTION

    send photo: 8

    ha ha ha ha ha
    ha ha ha ha ha
    ha ha ha ha ha
    ha ha ha ha ha

    Abel. Did. That.

    I'm referring to one of the most strangely effective hooks in recent pop music memory, not him blitzing past your faves. Personally I'm not that mad at his placing - of course there are certain songs I'm not happy he beat - but the thirties is about where I thought he should land. I know I know, it's not the best Weeknd song in @eccentricsimply's rate and it certainly wasn't the best song in her rate period - that was Zayn's BeFoUr - but it's the song the Winner's Rate got. And it's still a pretty great one thanks to the wonderful collaboration with Daft Punk. Exactly the type of pop superstar sell out song you want to launch with. The music video is nice too, if a bit heavy handed. But I suppose Abel's never been particularly subtle.

    If you're mad about rating this song blame @constantino (9)! "I’m sorry to @eccentricsimply for not voting in this rate. I’m especially sorry that Zayn was pipped to the post by Abel. But NOT sorry enough to wish I had voted, nor am I sorry enough to listen to the Bruno Mars and Nick Jonas albums retrospectively." Why didn't you just throw them a bunch of fake scores, honestly who would've known? We needed you!!! Case in point, @eccentricsimply (7): "This song loses even more replay value as it goes, it's impressive. And yeah, I'm still bitter, fuck it." Also @CorgiCorgiCorgi (9): "It’s a good enough song, and that “ha ha ha ha ha” hook is *everything*, but I’m still bitter because I Feel It Coming is the best Starboy starsong and it didn’t win. so minus 1 point, spite penalty.” Why do you hate women, @constantino? Hmm?

    @DJHazey (5) stans the best Starboy track: "There's actually a couple of Weeknd songs that have become quite catchy to me. One was "Can't Feel My Face" and the other was "False Alarm" which I hoped might pull off some kind of upset in this rate. Guess not. Figures the one R&B-guy song I actually like probably got crushed. I heard this one time to see if the new album was some kind of new movement into the "False Alarm" style, but came away going "oh well, it was nice while it lasted"." False Alarm was too ahead of its time for certain people. @londonrain (3) is another no: "I feel like I should like this song a lot more, but it's scuppered by overplaying on the radio and the fact that I don't actually like The Weeknd very much." @Slice of Life (7) is unimpressed: "I still don't think it's all that special. It's sufficient, I guess." While @iheartpoptarts (6.5) yearns for another: "I’ve grown to really like ‘I Feel It Coming’, but this one never quite got there for me." @A&E (6) has one request: "Okay I don't mind this song but can he go away for like a year or two?" Isn't he dating Selena now? That doesn't seem realistic.

    So you might be wondering jeez @ohnostalgia how did this get so far? Well here. we. go. @send photo (8): "Not my favourite on the album but it’s very solid in its purpose." Smashing shit up is the purpose. @ufint (10) calls it "stellar," @Posh Spears (8) "so silky smooth and that hook is lovely," and @berserkboi (9.5) says Starboy's a "great song." @kalonite (9) finally gives commentary I can endorse: "“feat. Daft Punk” really are magic words." @sfmartin (9) also gives them a tip of their hat: "This is expertly crafted. Not sure what Daft Punk did but they are musical geniuses any way so it must have been great. The shift in the production for the chorus repeat is really something." @One Stop Candy Shop (8.5) is proof that Lana+Abel continues to be a good strategy: "Never cared that much for The Weeknd’s music until Lust For Life rocked my spring 2017. This is very good too." @evilsin (8) considers taking a journey: "I'm still to fully listen to The Weeknd's discography, ah. This is nice though, ah. Wonder how long it will take me, ah." Probably a while, he's got a lot of music and it's quite heavy. I've never listened to all of it though so someone else should advise you.

    Production Queen @KingBruno (9.5) gives this ruling: “The production in here is fantastic. A work Abel should be proud of.” @Sprockrooster (8) rates with rose coloured glasses: "The song that made me click with The Weeknd to a level I am able to say now I am a fan. I do feel like it suffers a bit of overplay or ageing not so well already. Let me inflate my score a bit because of all the moments it gave me in the past." @Squashua (8) name drops another alt R&B songstress: "I'm in the camp that enjoys Abel's vocal stylings and this does the right thing in balancing the Daft Punk mainstream pop-isms of his new stuff with the darker ambience of his early work. If you had played this to me in 2014 then I'd have ate it up, would slotted nicely next to Banks' Goddess album (especially the SOHN tracks)." @Remorque (9) joins my Abel + Daft Punk fanclub, current membership me: "This is such a fantastic song, yet something inside of me is keeping it from getting those dix points… I listened to this a lot when it came out, but it’s completely fallen off my radar for some reason. The tracks they did for the album just show us how much these two acts *get* each other."

    And we'll let @GhettoPrincess (10) close out the show: “Just amazing, a complete grower. I’ve said it before but I absolutely disliked this at first. It felt generic and a typical Weeknd song in some areas. Whilst it might not be completely new in terms of ideas. The HAHAHAHA background vocals, the fresh production and the way Abel sings just entices me into loving it.”

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  4. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    I've made the thread title!

    Starboy should have not been eliminated. I didn't realize Cher was still in but can't believe the songs it beat!
  6. Yassss that's one off my list, and Cher Lloyd deserved to go so I'll consider it two anyway...

  7. Someone gave Sirens their 11 in my rate and a 7.5 here?


    Anyway Cher did better than I expected coming into this so I'm pretty proud, but still let me sulk. You heathens.
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  8. Starboy left earlier than I thought it would've! I bet Befour or Like I Would would've made top 20...

    (I think Like I Would was my 11. Totally thought it would've pulled an upset win at the end...)
  9. A&E


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  10. @ohnostalgia, I managed to get the tag for Starboy even though I'm waaay down the post. What sorcery is this?!

    (Did you originally put me down as the low scorer or something?)
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Poor I Feel It Coming and Secrets, both miles better than Starboy.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. I didn't. What is going on, what powers have I gained???
  14. Yes, Ellie is still unscathed, despite my hopes that the forum would be kind enough to just let her in the top 60. Thanks for reminding me.
  15. What kind of 120p nightmare is this gif?
  16. This gif is atrocious.

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