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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. After my favorite K-Pop songs, I'm so worried about Crank It Up. I get my life every time I listen to it and it was one of the easy 10s that I gave in this rate but I'm sure it will not pass the bottom 10 since it is a teen pop song.
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    by: @MollieSwift21


    Winning Post
    Runner Up: That Don't Impress Me Much
    2nd Runner Up: Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

    I'm still incredibly distressed about what went down in the Shania rate and I cannot believe we voted this straight nonsense wedding song her best track. No ma'am. Luckily for us Shania stans though, she's staging a musical comeback after a hiatus longer than some prison sentences (or so I've heard). Also some of those aforementioned straight marriages, I imagine.

    @MollieSwift21 theorizes: "Who would have thought this would have won? Was everyone planning their wedding during voting. Personally this one of my favorite songs by Shania. You can just feel the passion in her voice will singing it. Perhaps it had a bit of an underdog advantage to her other 3 big hits from Come On Over. The duet version is nice but the solo one is the definitive one. The music video is a sweet setup and again she looks absolutely gorgeous in it."

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  3. You're Still the One wasn't even top THREE?
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  4. It did win the Shania singles rate though!!! But yeah if a ballad was going to win again it should've been that one.
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  5. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    From This Moment On is perfection and I hope it's not done wrong here. Impress Me/Man! I Feel Like A Woman probably would have done better here. The real distressing moment is the best song of all time You're Still The One not only not winning but missing the podium.
  6. Justice for Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
  7. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Still the One won the Country Grammy rate up against Taylor, Carrie, Miranda, and Kacey!

    Years ago on here I ran a song survivor and Don't Impress Me Much won I believe.
  8. Waiter! Bring Me Water! should have won and y'all can fight me.
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  9. Almost as scandalous as Man! I Feel Like A Woman! never being used in a lip sync in RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  10. I gave From This Moment On a 9 in that rate (I think -- could've been a 10, but would be a 9 today), but several other songs should've won the rate. I do love the song though.
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  11. You're Still The One would be a contender for my 11 in this rate. From This Moment is a definite 10 though.
  12. From This Moment On is iconic and you will deal.

    Ddddd it was my mom's wedding song though so you weren't wrong there.
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    by: @ohnostalgia


    Winning Post
    RUNNER UP: Fireproof
    2ND RUNNER UP: Best Song Ever

    Ahhhh 2012. A different time. A simpler time. A time of "electronic dance music" and "four to the floor" and other shit that makes me roll my eyes. There was no BEDDOW ALL DAY BEDDOW ALL DAY, no everlasting musical take on semi-apocalyptic childbirth, no whatever the fuck Liam did with his gold chainz, no Bop Hands storming multiple nations, no Steve Aoki enabled musical disasters. Instead, I present to you a pure pop masterpiece wrapped in the guise of my most infamous struggle faves... One Direction.

    You good? Got all that hysterical laughter out of your system? Excellent. Kiss You is 1D via Swedish pop royalty, most notably our king Savan Kotecha. It's 1D at their most upbeat, bubbly, selves; the bright eyed teen idols before the Simon Cowell machine broke them down and tore them apart. In my original winner's write up I wrote, "If Fireproof is One Direction's most beautiful song, Kiss You is their masterclass pop showcase. I'll be having the worst day, but as soon as I put on Kiss You everything is right with the world. It doesn't matter what shitty comments people make about you when you're lost in hook after hook after hook after hook from our Swedish songwriting friends. I could probably write a love song to that opening riff and I don't think that would be an excessive display of affection."

    So go ahead, knock this out in the bottom 10. I dare you.

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  15. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    My votes are now in!

    Night Changes was done so wrong in that rate. I love how goofy the music video for Kiss You is though.
  16. Nn I was part of the "Problem" with my 11 for that song in the Shania rate but to be fair I had like 20 potential 11's and I thought I picked one that might be trashed like most ballads in most rates. Almost positive this is the only time my 11 has ever won.

    Poor my 11 in the One Direction rate though.
  17. I refuse to acknowledge the Shania rate.
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  18. send photo

    send photo Guest

    by: @P'NutButter


    Winning Post
    RUNNER UP: Get Outta My Way
    2ND RUNNER UP: All The Lovers

    How do you sum up The One? Euphoric, basically. It feels so whimsical. This winning is all the more triumphant considering the monstrous catalogue it's up against. Definitely one of my most played Kylie tracks.

    I'm floored at the graphics P'NutButter provided, apologies for the shameful effort above. Here's what he had to say about his winner, "Here it is, the winner of the Parlophone rate is hilariously also called 'The One'... brilliant. I adore everything about this song, from the first time I heard it in the middle of 2007. Genius pop song and genius performances, remixes etc. Perfect!"

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  19. Are we not getting the winner of the Shakira rate or have I missed it somewhere? Serious 11 contender.
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  20. send photo

    send photo Guest

    I haven't posted the summary yet, I'll do it tomorrow since today is Kylie's songs and whatever stalgy posts in the middle.
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