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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. Just looked up the Sufjan Stevens rate... and you have good taste.
  2. I love The One but Love at First Sight was my 11 in that rate so yas!
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  3. It's the most joyous thing ever! If we're going to pick a song that's Kylie-by-the-numbers, Love At First Sight is it.
    Although I have no idea how it would fair here, so I'll take #11 and run.
  4. "Can't Get You Out of My Head" would've been my 11 (what a cliché, right?) , but "Love at First Sight" is a definite 10. "The One" is a 5 for me.
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  5. I wouldn't be surprised at anything from Light Years or Fever winning. She did that, etc. The One just feels like an odd winner.

    Ddd while we're at it, I always scream at this video.

    The gays are claiming for The One as if their life depended on it, then Kylie starts singing Locomotion.
    Their desperation is very relatable.

  6. [​IMG]



    by: @beyoncésweave

    Average: 8.373

    High Score: 11 x 4 @beyoncésweave @KingBruno @londonrain @Mina 10 x 16 @Aester @berserkboi @constantino @CorgiCorgiCorgi @DJHazey @Island @lalaclairi_ @Lost In Japan. @LPMA @ohnostalgia @Petty Mayonnaise @Remorque @RUNAWAY @send photo @sfmartin @Sprockrooster
    Low Score: 3 x 1 @GimmeWork 5 x 2 @Animalia @Kuhleezi

    There are two types of people in the world. Those who are good and pure and love Ace Reject.... and the rest of your sorry asses. Honestly, Top Ten is a triumph of a placement for an album track that wasn't even supposed to win its rate, so I should be beyond ecstatic and proud. HOWEVER. It's never that simple is it? You can never let me have my moments with these rates, can you? First you take away New Rules, then you take away the Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out Get Us!, NOW BLEEDING LOVE BEAT ACE REJECT??? One of the most complex, subtle and heart wrenching songs in this rate got outranked by Leona effing Lewis bleating her heart out over Ryan Tedder's mediocre balladry? In the interests of #science, I've decided to expose everybody who thinks Bleeding Love is a better song than Ace Reject so you know who the Real Enemy Is.


    @LA Hallucinations

    @Slice of Life

    Honestly, that was really depressing to type out but I'd already committed to the idea .... I cannot believe some of the names I had to type out on that list so I made sure to put their names in giant font so you didn't miss them. :) @beyoncésweave was right.. the things you learn about people's taste levels in a versus rate is astounding.


    Let's get one thing out of the way before I continue. This is not the definitive post on Ace Reject and it never could be. That post was already written by @beyoncésweave and you should read it here and then go like it and tell all your friends to like it because it should be the most liked post on PopJustice. Don't worry, I'll wait for you.


    I told you.

    I bet you regret that score now.

    Shame on you.

    There were only ever three songs in contention for my eleven: 1) Back In Your Head, 2) Ace Reject, 3) Formation. I poured three months of my life into the Tegan & Sara rate and then an inordinate amount of time into the Back In Your Head elimination, which might seem excessive to lots of you - and maybe it was - but it was so important to me to communicate why I loved it so much and to maybe convert some of you to the correct side of music history. And those of you who've been on this forum a while know how I feel about Formation- I've given it my 11 in two other rates, I've been in quite a few forum "discussions" over disrespectful rhetoric on the song, etc. So I guess what I'm driving at is- for Ace Reject to even be in the running against these two songs is a Big. Deal. Ace Reject Did That.

    I spoke to this in my commentary for @beyoncésweave's rate, but I tend to think of Ace Reject as my anxiety and depression song. Romantic relationships aren't a huge priority for me, I'm not somebody who actively looks for them, so I tend to metaphor this song into whatever is dominating my life at the moment. I spoke a little about this in @constantino's Ellie rate as well - and wow I'm just now realizing that I'm using this forum as like free therapy - but sometimes I get trapped in a cycle of wondering do I want to get better? Am I doing enough to get better? Or do I like being sick? Is it easier to be sick because I know who I am and I don't have to deal with the other unknown parts of my life? So that's why something like:

    we break up and make it up
    back and forth we never stop
    everytime a change of heart
    I can't keep up

    when you say yes then I say no
    when it turns hot, we make it cold
    but still something between us holds together

    you turned down the light in me
    I think our time is over
    and ain't it funny how sweet I dream
    but the bed keeps on getting colder

    sometimes when I close my eyes
    it feels like I'm living by numbers
    cos I've been holding you so damn tight
    I gotta stop cos it's pulling me under

    resonates with me so completely. And I adore that Ace Reject just sneaks up on you because I feel like these struggles and moments of inertia - romantic and otherwise - can only be built up gradually,. Until finally you reach that breaking point and let go... hopefully in a magnificent Heidi Range led Middle 8. Because you deserve that.

    (Not you, Ace Reject Haters. You can choke).

    The power of Ace Reject is alive with @send photo (10): "I’ve tried to get into Sugababes for years and this rate is the one that got me cherry picking songs for my playlist, namely Ace Reject. Probably would’ve been my 11 if not Stronger for Heidi’s dolphin mating call." I really wish you'd given this full marks @BEST FICTION (8.5): "I love this song a lot and wouldn't mind it winning despite not giving it a 10." It deserved to beat Leona. Why'd you give them the same score?? @ufint (7) doesn't believe in innovation: "I used to be a huge fan of Sugababes, but how the hell did this end up winning? It doesn’t even have a proper chorus!" UM IT DOES AND IT IS FABULOUS, YOU JUST HAVE TO WAIT. JESUS. @Slice of Life (8) tries bribery to distract from those missing two points: "I promise I'll read and like all your posts in the Sugarate @beyoncésweave. This song is nice as well." Please report back if this happened yet, we need to get @beyoncésweave back on the leaderboard. @Posh Spears (7.5) disappoints: "Unfortunately I don’t love this nearly as much as many of you seem to, but I certainly can't help but groove along every time I listen." Do better.

    @Squashua (6.5) is just rude: "If this was a Sugababes discography rate winner then I would be intrigued to know the other results. This is nice in a lounge music kinda way but it's certainly a bit of an outlier in this Winners Line-up. The guitars give me some All Saints vibes, swipe from your competition a tad ladies." Oh right, you're in my hall of shame soooooo. Never mind. Okay, I was expecting this from @iheartpoptarts (7): "One of those random PJ faves I don’t quite understand. I mean, it’s good, but…?!" You did give it a better score than I thought you would though, so thanks. @evilsin (8) does more deserved rate promo: "Another reminder to go check @beyoncésweave rate. This was a surprise, because I didn't know this song at all, although the chorus does sound familiar." @sfmartin (10) gives us the obligatory ___ should've won comment: "One of two examples of Xenomania brilliance, however I would not agree that this is a better Sugababes song than Freak Like Me. Which would have been my 11 in that rate and this one. It's so confident and assured of its quality it delicatey unfolds and only at the two minute mark unveils it's chorus. I love it so I'm not too mad." @berserkboi (10) is distressed! "How do I pick between this, Summer Son and The One??? *cries*"

    Now I know this was him trying to compliment the song but I can't help but cringe since people kept slating Ace Reject as "not Sugababes enough" in the rate, which @beyoncésweave shut down very eloquently in their post. @DJHazey (10): "I'm much more of a fan of The Saturdays and Girls Aloud than I am of the Sugababes, but to me this song stands right up there as one of the greatest girl groups songs ever created. One of my all-time favorite albums period is Tangled Up and this sounds like it could've easily been placed into a Tangled Up compilation album with Sugababes and Girls Aloud songs mixed up on it. It's a huge compliment if ever say a song could find a home on that masterpiece, so know that. The first few notes are going to instantly make me gravitate towards it no matter what I'm doing when the song started. There's no choice, it pulls me in and doesn't let go. There's such a gradual buildup going on and its magical. I start anticipating the existential experience at around the 1:50 mark. Then when " we break up and make it up..." first starts in, it's one of best payoffs in pop history. Very close to getting my 11, but I know it has the kind of following that could do damage after the way it managed to take down a singles run in a class that their's is in."

    @lalaclairi_ (10) singles out the magic: "At first Ace Reject was just a good album track to me, but every listen reveals new details that make this a highlight." Time for my @Sprockrooster (10) drag - why did you give this the same score as Bleeding Love??? "This is one of the best album tracks of all-time. I am not able to say the best, cause Texas' Saint blocks that, but damn. How in the world wasnot the label hearing what most of us at this forum hears? If I didnot go for tactics (I am assuming my poor Texas is out now), this probably would have won it. This one and Kylie's The One are the only songs which I put in my all-time pop favourites and I tend to go for the underdog so this one would have gotten it." @Reboot (10) reminds me of the wild ride that was fighting the Ace Reject anti-stans: "Just an amazing winner really. Who’d have thought?”" We'll always have that. @One Stop Candy Shop (9) slanders mine and @Island's TUNE: "This was a wonderful discovery for me. I know their singles, but their album tracks are uncharted territory for me. (I only listened to Angels With Dirty Faces a long time ago and didn’t really like it bar the singles. I don’t need stuff like Virgin Sexy. Sorry!) But this is a gorgeous understated tune."

    @constantino (10) piles on the praise: "whew a SONG. I can’t echo the praise Miss Beyonce’sWeave has already received for the rate. It was a TASK to do the Sugababes (my favourite girl group of all time) justice, but he did. He did just that. Despite the many lows the ‘babes encountered on their journey (both sonically AND sociologically), this is a peak that very view other acts can boast. I had such a momenT to this song lately that I pondered giving this my 11, but I must stick by my one and only rate winner." @CorgiCorgiCorgi (10) reminisces: “I still remember the first time I heard this song. I had really only listened to their singles, so I was used to the lush ballads, not a Frankensteined xenomania masterpiece. I had no idea where the song was going, no idea what to expect - it was a real rollercoaster of a song! and like 200 plays later, I still get shivers when that chorus kicks in. so glad this won the Sugababes rate, it really is their best song even if it’s not the most representative of their other material."

    And finally, our 11s. For the first time they all provided commentary because Ace Reject is just that iconic.

    @Mina (11): Among my biggest rate regrets is not giving "Ace Reject" my 11 in the Sugababes rate. So I'm here this time to rectify that.

    @londonrain (11): I really wanted to give my 11 to Black Coffee. I really did. But this song is incredible and deserves to win.

    @KingBruno (11): "I'll be straight-forward here. I think that this is one of the best songs ever created. The underlying emotional tone in here is perfectly transmitted by their best vocal performance yet, and the stunning production of Xenomania gives the whole concept that sincere twist this song needs. Everything fits together so well. The outcome is something special. Something completely original. A masterpiece in so many ways. For sure the magnum opus not only for the Sugababes, but for Xenomania's production discography too. Unforgettable, to say the very least. I'll always come back to this incredible, valueble song. That's something I can guarantee.”

    @beyoncésweave (11): "It’s rather gauche for a rate host to vote for their own rate winner, but (aside from this not even being my 11 in the rate itself) I truly believe that this is the best song here. In terms of structure, composition and meaning, this is unsurpassed amongst 73 candidates. But of course I’d say that so let me say, very subjectively (because that’s all I can do), that seeing so many voters rally around an album track in a discography full of dozens of amazing, pervasive, platinum-coated singles; see it eke its way to the top; and watch it being so warmly embraced as a winner; was such a beautiful thing to experience. I had six(!) more months on this outcome than anyone else, and that was enough time to appreciate what an immaculate, gorgeous and meaningful song this is. That it is represented here alone makes me really emotional; it caps off in no uncertain terms one of the most creatively engaging experiences of my life, and of my time on this forum. Anything more for it, that you all deem it to deserve, is just bliss."

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  9. @ohnostalgia, darling, seriously, if necessary, cheat the algorithm just to get rid of that blasted song.
    I would never advocate any cheating of any sorts. Just let me be the overdramatic queen that I am.
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    Bleeding Love is my favorite song left...
  11. 2014

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    Bleeding Love can stay I think it's great x
  12. Why am I not surprised?
  13. You are not wrong now we lost Ace Reject and The One in succession...
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  14. @Solenciennes how do I report posts without certain mods seeing them? xx
  15. I keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding 10s...
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  17. Name and shame me queen, I'm listening to Ace Reject for like the 40th time. We'll see if I can actually remember a thing about it afterwards.
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  18. I'm just gonna throw this out there: @ohnostalgia gave Bleeding Love and Demi's Neon Lights the same score in the Tedder Rate. Just be aware who you're siding with in this shade.
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  19. What was the score? You didn't say.
    I have a huge problem with what she wrote about the true winner of that rate, "Already Gone."
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