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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. Just catching up now... ddd. I've been slammed at work for weeks now and I'm missing all the fun! IT'S DEVASTATING!!!! (But I have to pay the bills so..)

    Thank you to @ohnostalgia for continuing to give me life with your amazing hostess skills. Also thank you to all the guest elimination posters for incredible and hilarious write ups! Loving every second of this epic rate!

    Ok here goes my dream top 5 at this point:

    5. Formation
    4. Into You
    3. Crazy In Love
    2. Paparazzi
    1. Run Away With Me
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  2. "The One" and "Ace Reject" were the only songs I ever considered for my 11. Classics through and through.
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  3. No apology for your Ace Reject score?
  4. You ain't slick with that horse.
  5. Emperor of Taste!
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  6. I think we've got quite similar taste. I've been liking a lot of your posts throughout this rate!
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  7. [​IMG]



    by: @Beginner

    Average: 8.475

    High Score: 11 x 1 @A&E 10 x 25 @2014 @aaronhansome @berserkboi @beyoncésweave @CorgiCorgiCorgi @dancingwithmyself @evilsin @GhettoPrincess @GimmeWork @Island @KamikazeHeart @KingBruno @lalaclairi_ @LPMA @londonrain @Lost In Japan. @Mina @MollieSwift21 @myblood @Oleander @Remorque @sexercise @Slice of Life @Sprockrooster @Terminus
    Low Score: 1 x 1 @kalonite 3 x 1 @digitalkaiser


    Bleeding Love is a song.

    That many people adore.

    I am not one of them.

    Actually, I've already hosted a rate terrorized by the Bleeding Love effect - when I took over from @Ironheade for the 2nd half of the US #1s of the 2000s rate I watched Leona take down so many of my favourites in a twisted version of PopJustice Survivor. I didn't get it then, I didn't get it when I darkened the pages of the Ryan Tedder rate, and I don't get it now. I suspect I never will. I don't know if it's Tedder- okay it's probably Tedder. I just don't find him a very credible or emotional writer and I don't find Leona well served by this repetitive mess of a ballad. All of the points I gave were for her performance, none were for him. Just to make that crystal clear. Pro tip: never do a rate for a male songwriter unless you know you love them because you will discover that actually you can't stand their work and then you will develop a vendetta against them for the rest of your life.

    Since @Heaven on Earth didn't join soon enough to vote, I'll let them start the celebration: "“This song really isn’t special enough to warrant it kicking Björk and Prince’s butts.”" You can say that again. On the opposite spectrum we have @GimmeWork (10): "“Poor Leona! Her amazing voice deserves a superstar career. Bleeding Love is amazing!”" Did you mean annoying? @Posh Spears (6.5) really needs to figure out their scoring scales: "I really like this technically, but I never really choose to listen to it, so meh I guess." I hope you've learned a lesson here tonight. Although I dragged you for this a year ago in the 1D rate so evidently not. @DJHazey (7) got confused and forgot about the Bleeding Love effect: "I feel like I've had to talk about this song many times in rates lately. I used to hate it when it was played everywhere but have grown to appreciate it fully over the years. I also never really got into her music in general because of what I thought about this song, but that has also changed. She's so underrated around here." @iheartpoptarts (6) says: "A good excuse to talk about Jesse McCartney" but then doesn't do the google work for me and I'm not interested enough in the tea so sorry.

    @berserkboi (10) is 1/2: "Perfect song, sung perfectly." Maybe you should venture into Comeback Corner, @eccentricsimply (8.5): "Whatever happened to Leona... I've always liked this song, honestly." Oh wait, @One Stop Candy Shop (6.5) saves you the trouble: “When she was relevant. For a minute.” Were your pity points worth it @Slice of Life (10)? "Leona, poor soul. Imma give you a good score, sis, because I love singing this at the top of my lungs. In the shower, during karaoke sessions, etc." WERE THEY? I'm pretty sure this is the correct commentary for Bleeding Love stan @BEST FICTION (8.5): "This is a very good song. I might prefer a few of her songs to it, but it deserved it be as huge as it was." I'm not sure if this is also Zayn shade from @sexercise (10) so HMMMM: "She’ll always have this." Poor @Reboot (9), her taste spontaneously devolved: “I used to absolutely hate this back in the day for reasons, but I’ve finally come round to it. It’s a gorgeous song. The ending is kinda shit, though.” I'd say the same for @evilsin (10) but... did they have taste? "Such a triumphant (REFERENCE) debut single. I remember I didn't like the sizzled out ending but I've come to appreciate it. Leona looks gorgeous in the video as well."

    @Squashua (9.5) erased Kelly Clarkson AND Carrie Underwood's entire existences with this commentary. It's pretty harrowing, just be forewarned. "The song that finally proved that being the winner of a TV talent show didn't result in you releasing a Mother's Day cover album and having to remortgage your house within a year. Bleeding Love was BOLD for its time, it was MASSIVE even in a year that had be sent Umbrella. Silent Equine Unnie did THAT." She.... really didn't. But you go on believing that. @constantino (9) acts like I know another Leona song: "This is no Better In Time (i.e. her best song ever and one of the best songs of the 00s, tyvm) but it’s one STOMPER of a single and cemented her legacy in the pop world forever. Leona has had pretty bad luck in her career, but she’ll always have this" @Remorque (10) deafens the tenless: " A fucking classic. Such wasted potential. That vocal run theaux… I’d lurve for all you girls to hear me trying to scream it out in the car."

    @KingBruno (10)
    tells some damn lies: "An amazing debut in so many ways. Ryan Tedder makes this sound like something beyond a ballad, and it's for sure his best input in a song ever. Leona's vocals sound perfect, especially in the chorus. A precious pop song for sure.” @kalonite (1) is a bit upset: "This song has no redeeming features. At all. None. Zip. Zero. But it gets a 1. Because at least it's not Happy." COLD. He's @digitalkaiser (3) and he's got something to say!!!! "This may shock everyone but I have never cared for this song” Probably more shocking before you started dragging Bleeding Love every three posts. Back to praise. @sfmartin (9): "This has never been my favourite Leona track, but she really does sing the shit out of it. However the first live performance on the X Factor where she just let rip on the add libs blows the studio version out of the water, and from then I was disappointed." @Sprockrooster (10) describes his taste level: "Dramatic and over the top balladry. Exactly what I adore." Fascinating. @Mina (10) "One of the best pop ballads of the 00s." Oh no, I think she only has one 10 left now? Jessie_J.gif

    Finally, @A&E (11): "Leona's career sadly never quite matched up to this brilliant start. I don't think I've got the words to describe what this song makes me feel. She really didn't have to do all that but she did and my scalp is permanently scarred. I keep attempting to sing along to all the adlibs and fail miserably every time. #youcallmeyourbanana"


    We jump up almost two and a 1/2 tenths of a point into the Top 8.
    No matter our personal opinions on the individual songs in the Top 8
    (And yes I have one song under an 8 left still)
    These were far and away the 8 most popular songs in the rate.

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  8. WAIT

    What is this plot twist.
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  9. She's been stanning Leona all over the thread, I feel like she's been the Kim K dropping hints gif for the last week at least.
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. Ddddd y'all did far too much against that. Okay, so the woman herself is as exciting as fresh air, and her penchant for rubbish music is clear, but Bleeding Love is amazing. I wasn't even surprised it lasted as long as it did, it was fucking massive and a great song that most people love, of course it was going to do well.
  12. What? You don't think fresh air is exciting?


    I realize I'm getting a little too GIF happy and will not post any more for the rest of the night and hopefully tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.
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  13. I mean, I'd obviously be dead without it, but much like Leona it's not something I particularly ever think about.
  14. Legitimately amazing song.

    He wrote it! If you haven't heard his weak-vocalled demo that every male contestant on X Factor uses as an excuse to cover the song, it is an experience:
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  15. Oh wait I always forget that. Okay now for sure I know why this ballad is mediocre. Didn't stand a chance with those two.
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  16. [​IMG]

    I actually just re-listened to it to see if I was too harsh... having done so I actually feel like my low score was generous. MEDIOCRE!
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  17. I never want to see you posting here again.
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