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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. As if Valerie would be caught dead with those beasts.


    Call me when they can take down dragons with a single hit like Valerie's fairy types.

  2. 6.


    by: @First2Run

    Average: 8.856

    High Score: 11 x 1 @HeartSwells 10 x 26 @aaronhansome @Alouder98 @Animalia @berserkboi @constantino @eccentricsimply @evilsin @GimmeWork @kalonite @Kuhleezi @lalaclairi_ @myblood @NecessaryVoodoo @Number @ohnostalgia @Oleander @Pecans @Petty Mayonnaise @RUNAWAY @Sanctuary @sexercise @Slice of Life @Sprockrooster @Terminus @ThisIsRogue @ufint
    Low Score: 1.5 x 1 @send photo 4.5 x 1 @A&E 5 x 2 @LE0Night @Mina



    You're going to build an entire forum brand on the woman and not hand out that 10?
    Paging @LA Hallucinations!

    Overall I'm not too keen on The Fame as an album, but Paparazzi is that artistic bop I wholeheartedly endorse. This, this is a synth line upon which you build careers. Delightfully creepy, this stalker anthem pushes the worst excesses of fame and celebrity culture, suffocating you into the groove. There's this push to conform and play the game that juxtaposes against the winks and subversions found within the Paparazzi video. It's that struggle I like because I like the darkness of Paparazzi and if the message was just LOL FAME IS BAD GUISE it wouldn't be that awesome, would it? Oh, and I should probably talk about That Live Performance.

    You should've seen the scores @send photo (1.5) once handed out to the good sis Joanne, they make his Paparazzi score seem downright pleasant: "Overall it’s painfully barren to me. The bloated video didn’t help either and the glamourised wheelchair/crutches made me uncomfortable. This is where I initially jumped ship on Team Gaga.” I hear the opposite of barren, but the second point is fair enough. @A&E (4.5) is painfully woefully inaccurate: "Removed from the context of the VMA performance it's... there." I mean, I didn't know of that VMA performance for years and loved Paparazzi just fine, so no. Noted sunshine aficionado @iheartpoptarts (6.5) is unsurprisingly unenthusiastic: "Not one of her more memorable singles to me. But then, PJ does love its darker stuff…" @DJHazey (8) has an atrocious The Fame ranking, fyi: "It's...on the bottom half of my The Fame ranking and always has been. As you can see, that really doesn't hurt it's overall score much considering how much I love Gaga's music. I just never really search it out, but still love every second when I'm living inside that 3:30, my favorite being that little "yeah-ah" after "but I won't stop until that boy is mine." Et tu, @Remorque (8)? " I’ve always loved this one, but it’s never really been a favourite of mine. She did show us a different side to her as an artiste, but I’ve never actually singled this one out as one of the better songs on the album."

    @ufint (10): "Seeing Paparazzi at VMA’s in 2009 was a magical experience I will never ever forget. Iconic and probably the best performance at the VMA’s ever. What a song!" Wait, were you actually there? @BEST FICTION (8): "The video & VMAs performance defined my teenage years. I was such a Lil Monster." I was... not a teenager. @Sprockrooster (10): "Such an expected win. For me this song will always be the one that propelled her from an artist to watch to an artist in my inner circle. Very much pushed by that video and performance. She had me sold and I am still cashing in, cause this track is still fresh." I enjoy your glimpses of taste, keep them up. @GhettoPrincess (8): “Epic music video and gorgeous chorus,” @berserkboi (10): "Great choice!" and @eccentricsimply (10): "This song remains a massive bop so many years later" are short but sweet. @Oleander (10): "Still one of her best songs in my opinion" - yes - @GimmeWork (10): “If I'm not mistaken the video was her first collab with Jonas Akerlund and it is perfection. In what world is this song not a 10?" Take it up with your beau.

    @Heaven on Earth compares themselves to Lady Gaga but then doesn't include them in their top faves? Excuse me. “I will probably forever say that ‘Paparazzi’ is the best thing Lady Gaga in her short but illustrious career has ever put out. God, it’s been almost ten years since she’s released this song. I remember as a child in elementary school when Lady Gaga just blew up out of nowhere. It was a catalyst for my passionate love of music: the pounding synths of ‘Just Dance,’ the danceability of ‘Poker Face,’ the filthiness of ‘LoveGame,’ and especially the dark ‘Paparazzi.’ I’ve always been rather a morbid person, particularly being obsessed with history and death. ‘Paparazzi’ just somehow became an anthem, a trip to the darkest part of my heart. It’s such a simple yet effective song. I honestly believe that Lady Gaga and I are quite similar in many ways, it’s scary. It’s strange that I never have considered Lady Gaga to be one of the goddesses of my personal pantheon, because songs like ‘Paparazzi’ and ‘Bad Romance’ are just perfect slices of pop for the slightly disturbed me." @evilsin (10) is marketing condiments: "Dat beat spreading like butter! I love the quirky/clever ratio in this one lyrics wise. And what a stunning video." @Kuhleezi (10) markets @kuhleezisister: "This is my sister's favorite Gaga song. Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Taste DO run in the family after all." @LA Hallucinations (9) gives his a negative yelp review: "I have memories of seeing this music video in Croatia with my sister and we stanned the song. Nowadays I hate my sister but still love this song."

    @kalonite (10) once was blind: "The song that made me see Gaga. Still everything." @sfmartin (9.5) brings up the dreaded D word (NOT THAT ONE): "Stellar pop song. Undeniable melody, but does sound dated to these ears. I imagine that's only going to get worse in the future." @KingBruno (9.5) disagrees: "That production though, it just completely fits for the whole concept of the song. I completely loved the single run of The Fame era.” @Pecans (10) reminisces: " I have so many memories turning back my The Fame CD to listen to this on repeat, and as for that video.. wow. The choreography during the second chorus is one of my favourite pop moments of all time." @digitalkaiser (9) harkens back to a time when Microsoft supported Windows XP [citation needed]: “I'll always have a high opinion of this song simply from the moments it provided.” @Slice of Life (10): "A contender for Gaga's magnum opus. I will never get tired of this song, video, performances, era, etc. Iconic in the truest sense of the word." Okay but can I create a multipage thread debate by saying the true magnum opus is Perfect Illusion? @Squashua (9.5): "You know what? This is my favourite single from The Fame hands down. It's as dark and ominous as it is boppy, the video truly unleashed conceptual Gaga unto the world, the live performances were sensational (the bleeding to death eleganza for one) and it's just a damn good, well produced electro-pop track."

    I'll let @constantino (10) scream his way into the last word: "Yes GAWD. Not only my favourite Gaga song, but one of my favourite pop songs of all time. There’s just such an element of grace, elegance and timelessness about it that makes it a complete standout; not to discredit The Fame but the production IS very dated at points, therefore the more subtle and minimal production here makes it instantly distinctive. The video is by far the best it’s done; the storyline is realized, the looks are RIGHT and it fits the song like a glove. Lyrically, there is such a profoundness to the references to overexposure and the downside of fame, especially as it was released at a point where she was beginning to take over the pop world. Most of all there is a very poignant sense of melancholy that touches me more than most songs can. It’s just flawless to me."

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  3. TOP 5

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  4. I am genuinely disgusted by that first paragraph of commentaries. "Paparazzi" is a bop, plain and through.
  5. I mean, normally I'd give it a 9/10 easily. In fact my average for the album is nearly 10.0 so like I said with my comment, it's not an indictment on the song at all.
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  6. TALENT.
  7. 40% of the Top5 being Beyonce feels... correct.
  8. Total of my scores for this top five: 29. Hmm.

    Poor Gaga.
  9. 50 for me.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Paparazzi should've outlasted both Bey songs but eh. Still one of her very best singles.
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. Paparazzi is great but it's never been one of my favourite Gaga songs, tibbs. Plus, the top 5 are all better than it so...

  13. That's why they're still in.

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  14. Flesh Without Blood making the top 5

  15. [​IMG]
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. 5. Crazy in Love
    4. Formation
    3. Into You
    2. Run Away With Me
    1. Flesh Without Blood

    But 1-4 are all perfect (and easy 11s in their respective rates) so I wouldn't be mad at any of them going all the way.
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  18. 5. Crazy In Love
    4. Into You
    3. Flesh Without Blood
    2. Run Away With Me
    1. Formation

    But they're all 10s and my 11, so I'm quite pleased either way.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    5. Crazy In Love
    4. Formation
    3. Flesh Without Blood
    2. Into You
    1. Run Away With Me
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  20. I believein the end it's going to be between Into You, Formation and Run Away With Me, but I can't for the life of me say which one will take the cake.
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