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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. I'm only ten minutes into my scoring and I've already decided that limiting my 10s is maybe not such a good idea after all. Everything's so good.
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  2. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Will be doing this! Amazing opening post!
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  3. [​IMG]

    OK at first glance I'd not hesitate giving a 10 to a good half of that list.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Yass, iconic is the word!
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  5. I'm ready.

    DDD #prayforEllie
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  6. Might as well start with the ghosts of bad decisions past!


    by: @NuhdeensPassport


    Winner's Post
    Runner Up: Give Your Heart A Break
    2nd Runner Up: Heart Attack

    I assume that @send photo assigned me Skyscraper to remind people I gave Demi my 11 in the last Winners Rate. In my defense that was a clear cry for help during a time, if I recall correctly, when my doctor was making me do tests for a possible chronic digestive condition. Turns out I didn't have it, by the way! Much like Demi and this forum's love. Anyways, I made a Capital C Choice but it was a learning opportunity. One I'd like to rectify by saying goodbye to this overcooked vocally wretched ballad first.... I mean this ~wonderful inspiring beautifully sung inspirational anthem.~ *cough* Unfortunately no host commentary was provided, so if you want actual praise for Skyscraper we're going to have to crowdsource it.​

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  7. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Give Your Heart A Break should have won that one!
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  8. send photo

    send photo Guest

    by: @Squashua


    Winning Post
    RUNNER UP: Why So Lonely
    2ND RUNNER UP: Free Somebody

    Let me start by saying I absolutely love Squashua, his pokécommentary had me rolling and his hosting is top notch. I still need to finish reading this rate, sorry bby. I'd have chosen Wonder Girls' swan song Draw Me who but I admit I'm completely biased. That being said, this chorus has been stuck in my head for weeks now, currently at odds with Cut To The Feeling which should give you an indication of how strong it is. Someone Like U is more than qualified for K-Pop Song of the Year.

    Squashua tells us of the tight race for #1, "I'll let you in on a little secret: no one even came CLOSE to Someone Like U / Why So Lonely during the whole of voting. The #1 kept flipping between the two and we even had a straight up draw for a period. Both songs absolutely deserve it of course but in some respects Why So Lonely has already tasted success, the #1, the sales, the Korean appreciation - it was absolutely time for the true underdogs to take their place atop the leaderboard on something."

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  9. Real Question:

    How well does Demi expect to do when even I won't be able to support the song in the running?

    Sorry Demetria, you should've found a way to make Cool For The Summer win a Grammy rate.
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  10. Aw I don't actually mind that Demi song but then I also won't mind when it gets an early elimination either.

    Can't wait to get stuck into rating these winners. It's gonna be tough to pick an 11 here.
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    by: @Mr. Right & @GhettoPrincess


    Winning Post
    Runner Up: Thunder
    2nd Runner Up: Do It Like a Dude

    Just when you thought Demi Lovato had last place all locked up Jessie J, the NO NO NO chanteuse, pops up to "serenade" us. It's worth reading through the rate if only to see @constantino's misguided Jessie phase. Oh the song? It's a pretty basic bop so Jessie's ~artistry~ is less damaging than usual.

    I'll turn it over to @GhettoPrincess who pays respects to those of us who actually voted in the rate (not me!!): "So there we have it, we should give ourselves a massive clap for being able to listen to Jessie J’s discography. We have won the music war, we battled through it like the screeches that she can reach, like the stutters she repeats."

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  12. I'm such a legend. Taking over her rate was some of the best charity work I've done on the internet.
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  13. Good karma for life!

    I think Jessie J will be continuing on unsatisfyingly long in this rate. And I am ready for it.
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  14. In this rate, Domino is nowhere near a 10 but it still beats Skyscraper for me.

    Yes @GhettoPrincess will be able to use "Jessie J Rate Host" as a voucher in the after life.
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  15. send photo

    send photo Guest

    @ohnostalgia has never experienced that emotion so this summary falls to me

    by: @GhettoPrincess


    Winning Post

    RUNNER UP: The T (Alaska Feat. Adore Delano)
    2ND RUNNER UP: I Adore U (Adore Delano)

    Scream at this having more impact than Alicia's original Girl On Fire. There's also a Spanish Willam solo version but I'll let you look that up on your own for... reasons should you be so inclined. I don't keep up with Drag Race anymore but I had a good laugh at quite a few of DWV/Willam's parodies back in the day. It's too bad their relationship soured because they had something good going for them. All in all this is some top notch parody and I appreciate the effort put into this. Not to mention I had let out the heartiest of cackles knowing my co-host has to rate this. Perched for her commentary.

    No doubt GhettoPrincess was pleased with her results, "This was such a mammoth viral hit and seeing it live was such a moment. Literally the crowd went as crazy for it as you'd expect. It has become a gay anthem and it's literally so hard to listen to Girl On Fire and not sing these lyrics instead. It's a shame that DWV are no longer together but it seems the group curse extends it's hand to drag queens too. Also the fact that Popjustice loves it so much reminds me of Willam's remark on Drag Race "they're all bottoms!". Basically this how you do a motherfucking parody, okay?"

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  16. I have no idea how that one will fare. No idea how I am going to score it either. I love it, but I do not want it to take many of my faves in the countdown. But I love it also a lot and do not want to underscore. What a dilemma.
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  17. Oh I thought "Sissy That Walk" won, I would've given it a 10.

    *Checks list because I could've sworn I saw it there*

    Oh wait...contestants...ohhhhh. This song is going to be an...adventure to listen to. Whatever it is.
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  18. send photo

    send photo Guest

    I'm scaling a bit for the context of the rate, like I love Come Clean but in the company of some of the songs here... it doesn't feel like a 10.
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  19. [​IMG]
  20. send photo

    send photo Guest

    I still gave it a higher score than my co-host would approve of so
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