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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. Were you planning to give negative points?
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  2. I might have to give Work a 10 to offset this messery I'm hearing.
  3. I'm giving Work the same score I gave it in the rate it came from, which is an 8: as in, I like it, but it's not a fave. I can't see it doing very well regardless, though. I don't know if that's a bad thing.
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  4. I really want to do this but there's so many songs that I don't know, and I'm not sure I have enough time to check them all out just to ensure *** gets it's rightful 11.
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  5. But do you really know what score I'm planning to give?
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  6. Let's see if it makes it past troll detection when you PM it, cyst.
  7. There's still three weeks! You could pick three or four songs to do a day (that's what I've been doing).
  8. Oh, my score will be a genuine and heartfelt expression of my precise feelings for the song.

    It just won't be what some people are expecting.
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  9. It's just too bad Same Ol' Mistakes couldn't have won a rate because then my 11 would be sorted instantly.
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  10. So glad I am not the only one NOT here for Work. Work From Home though would have been a complete different story.
  11. I can't wait until the part in the rate where @send photo get's "preoccupied" with a handsome stranger and @ohnostalgia has to clean up the mess!
  12. send photo

    send photo Guest

    I need to decide who gets this part since I already used @Slice of Life

    We've got all the summaries on the first page for reference!
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    by: @Lost Boy


    Winning Post
    Runner Up: Waking Up In Vegas
    2nd Runner Up: Hot n Cold

    I was all set to vote in this but then Katy did something tone deaf and I decided maybe I'd just leave it alone. Last Friday Night was going to be my 11 though, so I'm happy the correct decision was made. This is an amazing video, one of my favourites. When it came out I was a huge tumblr Gleek (shut up), so I was obviously here for Kevin McHale (I don't know a Darren Criss). I wonder what happened to Kevin? Anyways... to get back on track I absolutely loved that Katy brought Rebecca Black along to this crazy eighties party dream. It was a wonderful gesture that showed solidarity to a bullied thirteen year old so credit where credits due and all. I don't know how the song itself will fair in this rate, as I wouldn't put it anywhere near her strongest efforts, but godspeed Katy.

    Or in the words of @Lost Boy: "What a moment."

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  14. Shocker: My two favorite Katy videos are Part of Me and Darkhorse.
    by: @MollieSwift21


    Winning Post
    Runner Up: I Could Use A Love Song (Maren Morris)
    2nd Runner Up: 80s Mercedes (Maren Morris)

    Country bumpkins: assemble!!! Yes that includes me, thanks for asking. Burning House is really special, part of country's long tradition of beautiful, sparse ballads. Although the radio climate has certainly improved from the tragic state of 2013-2014 bro-country, female country artists are still struggling to get the recognition they deserve, while simultaneously producing some of the genre's best work. It makes me so sad because when I was growing up watching my dad watch CMT, country music was full of women - Shania, Faith, Martina, Dolly, Natalie, Reba, etc etc etc. It's been a major part of what drew me to country and I'm going to need the dudes to become the tomatoes in the salad real soon here.

    @MollieSwift21 tells us Cam's origin story: The song was inspired by an actual dream Cam had the night before she was due to meet up with an ex at a party. She had split with him a couple of years previously in a discourteous manner and was going though in her mind how to apologize. The songstress drifted off to sleep with those thoughts in her head and dreamt her former beau's home was in flames with him inside. She rushed into the burning house, ready to die alongside him. The next morning, Cam skyped her songwriting partner Tyler Johnson in Los Angeles and recounted her dream. They started working on the song and Johnson later played the unfinished demo to producer Jeff Bhasker while the two men were moving furniture. Bhasker was struck by the melody and the image of a burning house. He came up with a chorus for the tune, and the trio finished it up at the producer's home studio. "A lot of times, a production might just be there to make up for anything that the song is lacking," Bhasker stated "If you've got a great song, you let it shine, and I always personally try to write a song that stands on its own, that can just be played with a guitar and piano." When Cam played this to Sony chairman/CEO Doug Morris at his Manhattan office, he offered her a record deal on the spot. The song got a featured spot on Bobby Bones and On the Verge. After its initial play it shot up on itunes and its response helped pull it up to a radio hit.


    by: @MollieSwift21


    Winning Post
    2nd Runner Up: 80s Mercedes (Maren Morris)

    @Jersey might get a kick out of this: when I first joined the forum Maren was their avatar and I only looked her up because I thought she was cute. Little did I know this little thirst excursion would lead me to finding one of my favourite new artists!!! I've been preaching the gospel of Maren Morris to everyone on this damn forum since then - just ask @Petty Mayonnaise - and I can already see I'm going to have some dragging to do if the early scores are any indication. Yes, I'm shamelessly trying to get the country stans out here to show I Could Use A Love Song the love. I mean it's not Once or 80s Mercedes, but Maren doesn't have a bad song to her name. Also her album is basically a pop album so I don't want to hear the usual country whining I always hear on this forum. Am I done? Yes, I think I am.

    @MollieSwift21: Maren on her reason to release this as the third single ""I wanted fans to see a different side of me that they haven't heard before," Morris said about her decision to release 'Love Song' as her follow up to "My Church" and "80's Mercedes." "Which is a really vulnerable, but insightful look into a heartbreak. It's not a poor, pitiful me type of song, it's my personality and it's really self-reflective... It's sort of owning up to your faults and hoping that you're not playing to that 'heartbroken girl going through a breakup' cliché."

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  16. I bought the Welcome To Cam Country EP when it came out without listening to it first purely because we have the same name and I've never once regretted it. My Mistake and Half Broke Heart are BOPS.

    Burning House is... cute.
  17. Scream! But truth indeed. Two solid 10's right there.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Maren is sooooo gorgeous and I Could Use A Love Song is just a great song, I think it's the one song here I'm really hoping doesn't fare too badly.
  19. send photo

    send photo Guest

    I know I'm supposed to be impartial but I'm hoping we break the tie here with Maren scoring above Cam.
  20. Did I run this rate to make people listen to a Maren Morris song?

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