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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. It's okay, just want her to avoid the first ten eliminations. It's going to feel like I'm betraying her myself by not giving her my 11.
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  2. I wanna give it a 10 cos it's part of my rate but Sissy That Walk truly deserves a 10 whereas I'm not sure I can justify it here for Boy Is A Bottom, we'll see. I hope you heathens don't kill off Sissy That Walk early on though.
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  3. After Demi, I expected your co-host to 11 this?!?!??

    Oh. And Sissy That Walk is one of my 11-contenders.
  4. send photo

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    She hasn't done her scores yet so I put an 11 in on Skyscraper for her. I don't think she's noticed yet, kii.
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  5. Why do you think I hate Come Clean???

    Also NOT when I made you redo your ballot because I thought it was trolly.

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  6. Speaking of my 11....​

    by: @Posh Spears


    Winning Post
    Runner Up: Want U Back
    2nd Runner Up: Human

    I've decided that I should continue my questionable 11 choices into the Winners Rate, the sequel. And there is only one pop masterpiece I can assign it to -



    @Posh Spears: "Even if I haven’t felt the personal connection that most of you seem to, I’d be a fool to deny that this is an absolutely shining moment in her discography, full of raw emotion, meaningful lyrics and heartfelt vocals. You can FEEL the pain in her voice. It genuinely sounds like she's holding back tears throughout the song, and it’s incredible. I’ve definitely grown to love the song more and more throughout this rate and wish I could go back and give it the perfect score it deserves. “Sirens” is an utter triumph, to say the least, and it is undoubtedly a worthy winner."

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  7. Queen of forcing your own host into loving your winning song by rate's end.
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  8. Bookmarking this rate for when I have an actual internet connection so I can listen to the songs, but I've preemptively assigned my 11, there really is no competition whatsoever.

    EDIT: I've also preemptively assigned Demetria ha 0.
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  9. Screaming!

    Sirens is quite massive and amazing, so I hope people don't do it wrong here.
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  10. Picking an 11 is going to be near impossible. So many amazing songs.

    I'm usually very stingy with my 10s, but in this rate, I feel like I'm going to be giving them out like a religious zealot handing out tracts.
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  11. There are at least two zeroes here teebs.
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  12. I've just received many, many likes from @constantino so thank you Winners Rate Part 2 for promoting my Jessie J moment for all to see.

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  13. Thank @ohnostalgia for dragging up my unfortunate past...
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  14. If people are going to know about the Demi 11 incident, I'm taking you all down with me.
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  15. Since many of us are going to struggle to choose an 11, maybe we should all just give it to Skyscraper to make things a bit easier!
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  16. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    My favorite pop song of all time is here so my 11 is sorted.
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  17. All these posts about Come Clean make me scared for the song now. It's one of the most obvious 10s on the list for me.

    Anyway, I'm still torn about my 11. There are two obvious songs that still make me go 'I LOVE POP MUSIC SO MUCH', but there's a third contender that I feel like needs the support more and it's one of the few songs that I can share a personal story with. But then there's the k-pop songs to consider too...
  18. send photo

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    I LOVE YOU | 2NE1
    by: @Deja-Boo


    Winning Post
    RUNNER UP: I Am The Best
    2ND RUNNER UP: Hate You

    Wow, underdog win indeed. Who didn't expect I Am The Best to win? Not that I'm complaining... kii. What a song. What a group. My better half Slice of Life still has night terrors about the breakup. Lucky for him I'll be saving my rant for the main event.

    It's hard to summarize Deja-Boo's post so lemme just snag the opening paragraph, "Look at that beautiful average and tell me, who else? My rate did that. I Love You had an above 10.0 average since the first set of scores and then the 11s just kept coming. There was a point where those three low scores looked like they had ruined the dream, but thankfully it has kept its head above water. What a massive bop. The crisp production, the immersive beat, the huge buildup, the BRING IT BACK switcheroo only for it to end with an even bigger second chorus. Legendary. CL and Minzy serving fierceness, Bom serving those summery vocals in the bridge and Dara cooing seductively under that immense beat, it's heaven. I remember the time I heard it for the first time, going out into the balcony that night, lying down, and listening to the song on repeat until 3am while looking at the starry sky. It was a revelation. It is K-pop. It might not be the most iconic 2NE1 song, but for me, and all of you who gave it their highest scores and made it the winner of this rate, it is the 2NE1 song. Great job, everybody!"

    I don't pity anyone who underscores this and faces Shaman Unnie Slicey's wrath.

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  19. I do prefer I Am The Best but I Love You gives near-flawlessness. It's just such an exciting, dynamic piece of music that's immensely polished, and 2NE1 deserve to do well here.
  20. I Love You is k-pop at its glossy best, and I hope it does well. I'd place it very high in a list of all-time faves.
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