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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

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    You can find @BEST FICTION and I on looking for billionaire sugar daddies to buy us Xtina demos
  2. 'Come On Over'/'Come On Over Baby' is the Christina song (both of them!), but after the 00s rate I have no hope for it!
  3. Not me getting this early rate promo. Let's wait for the new album, girls!
  4. Scream. #NoDTilDemos
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    Average: 5.792​

    High Scores: 9 x 3, @CorgiCorgiCorgi @berserkboi @KamikazeHeart
    Low Scores: 0 x 1, @Sanctuary
    ohnostalgia: 7.25
    send photo: 5

    The bottom ten is not kind to previous Winners Rate host Sprocky as he takes another hit. Hopefully this isn't telling of Ayumi's fate in part 3. I could've been nicer to this one now that I'm listening to it again. I don't think she was doing that terribly before the last voters pummeled her with middling scores. Lucky for Sharleen she's got another (better) song in the running.

    It doesn't bode well for Sharleen that even host @Sprockrooster (8) can't support it, "All The Times I Cried are simply countless when I saw how the results for this rate were coming together. This was the worst rate I ever participated in. And I hosted myself. I was so tempted to alter things for my own sanity. This song has the lowest average for a winner ever with a 8,17. I have no proof of this, but even Jessie J had a higher one, so there is that. Do not get me wrong. I do not hate this song. But a rate winner. And now it has to face those giants. Hoping @constantino participates cause he was the only one the last time that gave her a 10. But I fear otherwise my 8 will be the highest score it gets.” Lucky for you, he did! Unfortunately @constantino (7) couldn't muster a 10 this time, "#Justice4ItWasYou! This doesn’t stand a chance, does it? Poor that. I at least hope Summer Son escapes the bottom 10…" Well we'll find out soon, won't we?

    Vegan queen @Posh Spears (6.5) recycles too! "LOL this video reminds me of the cabaret club performances from GTA 4. I’ve already said this in a past rate of @DJHazey’s. Anyway sorry. This is nice I guess." Oh you're too kind, stop. You'll put @Slice of Life (3) and his glowing praise to shame, "It's okay." Let 'em know, sis. @evilsin (7) made a discovery, "This is nice, didn't know that she had solo material." @sfmartin (3) wishes he hadn't, "Not for me." It was a very misguided campaign for @A&E (5.5), "I love Sharleen's solo debut but this is the most run of the mill track on it (and it was the lead single ddd)." You have a future in @A&R, someone get Karen on the line.

    "Feels very disjointed (or maybe it was just the video)" musical theatre pro @Mina (6) laments. She's dime a dozen for @NecessaryVoodoo (5), "Sharleen sounds nice at least but in 2008 did the world really need yet another retro soul inspired album after the likes of Back To Black, 19 and Rockferry? Not really." Beg for mercy a little louder, maybe she'll hear you. @DJHazey (4) takes mercy into his own hands and side-steps this entry, "I remember voters saying this part of this rate was a bit...different. Haha I guess so. I think I dodged a bullet by not voting on this and being raked over the coals with my scores." @eccentricsimply (5) took the bullet head on and paid the price, "I was crying while I listened to this, so I thought it was appropriate." Pull a Swifty and sue ha for emotional distress!

    @Squashua (6) will be looking to better offerings, "Not this being the only song I've ever heard (or remember) by Solo Sharleen all those years ago. This should be really up my street in all its Bacharach sounds-happy-actually-depressing vibes but there's been so much better in this genre since." This isn't even her full potential according to @Remorque (7), "She could have had such an impactful solo career, yet it was all in vain… I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love this, yet I feel like it’s such a letdown and a watered down version of what she could have done. I still sway along though." At least @One Stop Candy Shop (6) is here with pity points, "My 6 is a bit of sympathy vote, because I love Texas. Sharleen's solo output is just not that great." A touch of positivity via @berserkboi (9), "Good find". Dddddd #bye at this being the nicest commentary..

    Whew, y'all were more brutal than probably deserved. At least Sharleen finds consolation in @ohnostalgia, "I see Popjustice’s limited taste strikes again! Expand your horizons a bitsy cause this is nowhere near the worst song. I've not been shrieked at; that’s gotta count for something."

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    I love Sharleen's voice.
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  7. Guys, the travel theme is super cute!

    Who wants to bet I've booked another vacay by the time this rate is over?
  8. I honestly couldnot care less about this loss and saw it coming. All my prayers went to Texas.

    My 8 for this was inflated just to make sure she had one high score. But I am amped she got 3 9's. That is 3 more than I expected. So bless that.

    This track would have been a much better winner, but I am not sure it would have fared any better:

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  9. I love quite a bit of Texas' material but Sharleen's solo material just doesn't interest me in the slightest.
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  10. OK but Sharleen's ritual sacrifice this early on better mean Summer Son's guaranteed safety for a while.

  11. Summer Son better not be going anytime soon.
  12. [​IMG]

    I'm okay with Summer Son leaving at any point to be honest.

    I actually didn't find quite as much of a collection as I thought I might when doing the Texas rate, that's probably why I decided against doing Sharleen' solo part.
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    by: @simes1970

    Average: 5.822
    High Score: 10 x 2, @Cotton Park @iheartpoptarts
    Low Score: 2 x 1, @2014
    ohnostalgia: 4
    send photo: 3​

    I may have knocked a few points off because finding the winning post was such a chore. Seriously sis... your formatting needs work. I gave his other rate to @ohnostalgia so she could understand my pain. About the song... very 80's. Aside from a few outliers like Madonna, 80's music isn't my gig. I need more variety in the production. My co-host has her producers on stand by, "The cascading chorus is what earned points… honestly with updated production this could be on the radio today."

    I think the most surprising part of this elimination is how much commentary it received. At least he finds a fan in @CorgiCorgiCorgi (9), "I’ve actually never heard this song before! I really like it, I’ll have to look at some of his other stuff!” She can bop along with fellow new fan @iheartpoptarts (10), "New fave discovery. I probably would’ve done this guy’s rate if I’d had any idea who he was, you know! I keep coming back to this and singing the title line to myself. Oh, and he kind of sort of looks like 80s Aaron Carter." Only you could turn that into a compliment.

    And many of you, like me, were let down when this wasn't Haddaway. Let's enjoy a mini dump, shall we?

    @constantino (5): Haddaway remains fabulous and unbothered.

    @sfmartin (4): For some reason I thought this was going to be What is Love (baby don't hurt me) in which case it's score would have been at least doubled. Unfortunately this sticks out like a sore thumb, in a bad way.

    @DJHazey (3): I didn't know Haddaway's song was a cover...oh nevermind. Eh, but yeah let me go listen to that right now because this isn't my cup of tea.

    @Squashua (6.5): I was hoping this was Haddaway so I could yodel the lady ad-libs for the millionth time but I'm aghast at me actually knowing this. Blame (or thank I guess) my Mum for bombarding me with 80's compilation CDs since birth. He sounds so much like Simon Le Bon it could be a long-lost Duran Duran track. I'm not against this but it's not long for this rate.

    @A&E (5.5) is dozing off, "Not exactly exciting, is it." Not in the least. There's a touch more hate from @One Stop Candy Shop (3), "MORE oldies radio pop. Sorry, it's good enough as background music, but I'd never actively put this one on.” Aaand I lied, there's more hate from @Slice of Life (3), "The Lord is testing me. I don't have anything substantial to say sorry."

    It's too early for this existential questioning, right @Posh Spears (7)? "Don't ask me tbh". @evilsin (6) dips his feet into the half full glass, "I'm probably very 50/50 about the 80s, so this is only fine." @ufint (8.5) knows what love is, "Timeless and so, so good." As does @Sprockrooster (8), "This is such a random track that my boyfriend loves a lot. He actually made me acquaint with him, when it is mostly the other way around. In this crowd of tracks it drowns a bit and I am hoping I am just not the only person that scored this high." ...Did I mention the bottom ten is cruel to Sprocky? Pray for ha. At least he's got support from @berserkboi (9), "I don’t know what rate this won but it is great!"

    One final trip down memory lane with @Remorque (8), "This song takes me back to when I was very little and this kind of music was all my mother would play around the house… I rarely ever hear it anymore, but it still has its nostalgic value. There’s better oldies in the countdown though!" I'm glad you're less bitter about your mum fixing the radio firmly to the 80's station than I am.

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  14. What is Love is another inflated score, so again I am not that bothered. This is going expectedly so that probably means a K-pop loss will be imminent?
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  15. Already?! Noooooooooooo.

    Y'all can make it up to me by voting in my eventual 90s Eurodance rate. It for real has Haddaway in it!
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  16. [​IMG]

    Me when we reach songs I have decent knowledge of.
  17. DDDDDDD How is "finding the winning post a chore" when there were literally ten fucking pages in the entire rate! Literally go to the last page and do little scrolling. LMFAO

    Yes, the format was kinda shitty and the """""song list""""" consisting of like 20 posts with videos is...a choice.


    I can't, so I'll let Latoya help find it next time.

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  19. Only if you vote in the 00s one.

    Let us pretend negotiate about rates we'll automatically vote in anyway.
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  20. Hehe, do you really have to ask?

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