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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. If we are going to tag already to enforce certain music genre lovers to participate let me try to hassle in saviours for Ultravox, Howard Jones, Fleetwood Mac and Dana Dawson. They need your help. I cannot save them alone!

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  3. I did. This is a rate where all the rate winners are pit against each other. So for Ultravox, Howard Jones, Fleetwood Mac to have a shot at not being the bottom songs. I am just doing my part of alerting anyone who participated in that rate, so I can say for myself I tried to save them.
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  4. Oooh, I see! Let me look into this, then.
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  5. When you've been making gifs for tagging but @send photo says wait until Sunday and then chaos erupts!!!!

    Just kidding. But The Chain better do well because when I wrote the summary I ended up having it on repeat for days. It's just that massive.
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  6. There is no harm done in reminding people again. At least we can look forward to the GIFs now!

    Great The Chain is loved. I am glad I was wrong about my fear for that one.
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  7. Wow I wonder what @DJHazey's 11 in this rate is going to be.

    (I've considered it as well teebs.)
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    *Puts on @LA Hallucinations hat*

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  9. Oh my god is this happening already?!
    Poor K3 doesn't stand a CHANCE! Hahaha.
  10. It could become my 11. So it better do well. I think it could be outsider actually.
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    Here's to @Island, sorry for cutting your 11 please forgive us we love you~

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  12. I'm fine with it as long as Black Coffee does well.
  13. A lot of my scrobbles from my iPad don't work properly so you can can it.
  14. Fleetwood Mac will be fine.

    I want Hilegend to be our Emma Bunton.
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    Since we've been discussing it anyway...​

    by: @DJHazey

    (I made this before the new theme and I'm too lazy to update the bg to transparent soo shrug)

    Winning Post
    RUNNER UP: One In A Million
    2ND RUNNER UP: My Kind

    I abuse the hell out of this song and any and all remixes of it but Hilary definitely has a plethora of better songs. Still, I refuse to badmouth Hilegend. I own the BIBO boxset if you want to check my stanning credentials. That fucking EOS lip balm. Second only to The Getaway for 'Hilary Driving Tunes'. I don't know if it was on that best choruses list Carly dominated but it should be if it wasn't.

    Host DJHazey gets descriptive for us, "The chorus is still the stunner it always has been. The power behind it comes from its explosive nature, which can be credited to how different the verses sound while they slowly build momentum. Of course Hilary gives us another iconic moment by telling us that "she's coming..." (with a different spelling of the second word playing in our minds)"

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  16. Oh my word, that's quite a list. I will actually get to hear Ariana Grande now.
  17. I count at least 20 tens. Lowkey excited to tank Skyscraper and Work.

    Baffled that Motorway won the Little Boots rate, still. Great tune of course, just not even in Vicky's Top 10!

    Many songs I've never heard which I'm quite excited about. It's like they've already passed the PJ test to even be here.
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    by: @constantino


    Winning Post

    Runner Up: Lost & Found
    2nd Runner Up: This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)

    Despite what her recent releases might tell you, Ellie Goulding can write a beautiful, captivating, and inventive pop song. I know, I know, I was shocked too! Personally I find the moody electronic vibe from Halycon suits La Goulding's warbling far more than anything on Genericum. Unfortunately her new single with Kygo does not inspire confidence that she's got her groove back. Ellie... adele_come_back.gif

    But what does @constantino think? "Whilst the majority of songs on Halcyon are based around Ellie's relationship with Greg James of Radio 1 fame, this takes a more distant, more dark and more ambitious lyrical approach. Rather, this gothic ballad was penned around the idea of being physically and emotionally weakened by one's partner. It's especially powerful because it was both co-written and co-produced by Ellie herself, so there is an additional level of intimacy about it. Despite it being a seemingly delicate ballad, it's swooning melody also makes it one of her most hook-laden tracks, and one that demands repeated listens. For that, I would declare this (and Halcyon as a whole) her artistic peak, so it's win is more-than justified on the basis of that alone."

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