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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

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    (Yeah I see the typo idgaf)

    by: @simes1970

    Average: 6.314​

    Highest Score: 10 x 4, @Terminus @dancingwithmyself @ufint @aaronhansome
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1, @GimmeWork
    ohnostalgia: 6.5
    send photo: 4

    How about this for an easy elimination... please? The host didn't even turn up and I don't think any of the voters are that attached to it. Listening back to this I wish I had been nicer because that chorus is properly sweeping. And look at that average! Quite the jump for still being in the bottom 10. My co-host had this to say, "I've always had a soft spot for orchestras. Fantasia me a bitsy." It's okay sis, Fantasia 2000 may have been eliminated but I think the original is still kicking around.

    @NecessaryVoodoo (6.5) has actually heard of them beforehand, "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes would've gotten a higher score here. Sorry about it." My mind is all Kesha but @A&E (7) knows what you mean, "It's a travesty Dancing With Tears in My Eyes aka their best song ended up 13th!!! This one is fine though, I enjoy the subdued drama." Talk about synergy! Out of sync is @constantino (2) who wrongly predicted the bottom song, "Um what the fuck is this?? Who thought this was a good idea?? Someone has to come last, I guess…" Better luck at the derby sis.

    @evilsin (5) enjoys the montage theme, "I like how it goes too-doo... too-doo too-doo." And I remember @Slice of Life (3) using this very same commentary in my Pokérate, "Too nothingy." At least he recycles, eco-bae. @DJHazey (3) had similar complaints, "Umm...the chorus puts some life into it I guess. I don't want to offend anyone but I really don't know what else to say, this is literally doing nothing for me." My mum @Squashua (4.5) reflects on memories of his mother, "Another of my Mum's old school faves. She said this always used to creep her out but strangely hypnotise her (in between glasses of wine down the local pub). I'm halfway there - it's atmospheric and interesting but I don't really feel like I want to sit through it all again anytime soon." Okay but you don't take me drinking, way to break the family tradition.

    "An important, influential track (it definitely had a strong influence in Björk creating the spectacular fantastic out-of-this-world brilliant incredible sensational wonderful one-of-a-kind drop-dead gorgeous phenomenal Homogenic, for example)" cites @Kuhleezi (8.5). Björk stan @Animalia (7) couldn't be bothered to comment but @kalonite (7.5) has "*Lighters in the air*" for him. @GimmeWork (0), on the other hand, lights himself on fire, "Not sure what I just watched/listened to?!?! When it comes to songs called Vienna, I'll take Billy Joel only thank you.” You do you sis.

    @Reboot (8) accurately replies a "beautifully understated" as @KingBruno (9) adds, "This sounds amazing. The sinister tone in here is amazing.” Lightly passing is @sfmartin (8), "I accept that it's a classic, but it's a bit too sparse for my liking. It just plods along. But it's an enjoyable plod." It's not up to par with the competition for @berserkboi (8.5), "Nice but lesser than the last lot of songs". The bottom ten eases up on former host @Sprockrooster (7), "Vienna is a fantastic song, but even in this crowd I am finding it to hard to score it higher than I do now."

    @Remorque (8) couldn't bring himself to give this another perfect score, "I gave this my 11 in the Ultravox Singles Rate, so I can’t help but give this a high score… Yet, I do think it’s quite doomed to be one of the first cuts here theaux." Luckily for Ultravox new fans @aaronhansome ("This was a trip? Wow.") and @ufint ("Holy shit. This is epic in every sense. Love at first listen.") came through with the tens. Maybe they're even bopping to it on Spotify as we speak!

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  2. Gave that one an average score but quite happy to see it go. Can't even remember how it goes.

  3. Vienna is quite creepy. Now that @Kuhleezi pointed it out, can definitely see the building blocks for lots of my faves.

    And it got two new tens. Some people Jessie J didn't even get one ten.
  4. Can someone tweet Jessie J the link to her elimination? You'll get blocked but it'd be worth it.

  5. So far, so understandable really asides from Monrose ya MeU fandom heathens.

    With this impending K-Pop exit on the cards, I have to admit that, whilst it's still a kii that it's even entered, I'd happily sacrifice MIXX now for the sake of the others making it out of this early bloodbath unscathed. Love is a Sudden wasn't even my 11 in its Rate...
  6. This is kind of embarrassing and difficult for me but

    I apologize if I offended anyone with blanket statements and my brand of sarcasm. I never meant to disrespect anyone's opinions. That part wasn't the hard part, as I will always be willing to apologize for my actions. This is...

    I can't help but feel like I'm on the verge of tears this morning because I end up feeling like some kind of forum-wide villain whenever something like this happens. It also makes me feel embarrassed like I have committed a crime or something and I get defensive. This is tied to my anxiety/depression and I don't mean for anyone to get collected in it. There is just left over tension from the last winner's rate and while I understand why the ones who are vocal about the results in that rate, please understand that there are two sides to every coin. There are people (most who won't speak about it 'publically') who also ended up having their feelings hurt by the way our votes were looked at. Basically being called racist and/or having an underlying feeling of racism towards acts that we aren't even aware of, etc. Understand that just like you not liking basic bops, any kind of electronic dance music, teen-pop, etc. there are people out there who just happen to not like R&B that much in any variation and only comes down to the sound of the music and nothing else and having our character called into question wasn't something we signed up for. I just think it put a subconscious feeling in me like this rate was advertised to be a 'revenge' rate of sorts or 'to make things right' and I (wrongfully) think my favs are going to take a beating because of it. This is obviously not the case, but I'm also an emotional person and sometimes it's hard to turn it off and again I'm sorry. 59 voters means we have a collective, correct, ranking. I'll try not to be 'extra' with my reactions but also still offer my opinions on how I'd prefer the rankings go. The hosts are doing great. I just wanted to clear the air a bit.

    Respectively, DJHazey
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  7. @Dark Raider didn't leave the forum for that result ddd, but I knew Jessie's elimination was coming and like others have said I don't remember how that Ultravox song goes so yeah. I agree that not many voters had a strong connection to it, but it's always nice to see instant-10 discoveries being made.
  8. A&E


    I like Vienna but it's not quite the bop that this is:


  9. I knew Vienna would fall early, but it's a classic.
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    (Lyrics inspired by @Andy French sweetie)

    by: @Push

    Average: 6.322
    High Score: 11 x 1, @RUNAWAY 10 x 6, @Alouder98 @GhettoPrincess @Sprockrooster @DJHazey @Pecans @myblood
    Low Score: 0 x 1, @Jwentz
    ohnostalgia: 2
    send photo: 2​


    "Poor Ashley, I refuse to believe this is her best song," @ohnostalgia (2) starts us off. It's Alright, It's Ok is the correct choice as it gives us a quality alternative to St!nk's So What. @eccentricsimply (4) has another option, "Oh, hell no, this is so not Ashley's best song. He Said She Said sweetie, I'm so sorry." @Slice of Life (4) looks deep for the silver linings, "I love the Youtube-sensation-with-under-50k-subscribers-got-a-shady-record-deal-from-Tajikistan quality of the music video. But I don't love the song. Sorry." @A&E (7.5) knows how to let loose and have a bit of fun, "I screamed when I first saw this on This is what trashy bangers should be." And she's got a wingman in @NecessaryVoodoo (5) if she's willing to pay for drinks, "Would prob bop to this after a drink or six."

    @Kuhleezi (8) plays professor and grades accordingly, "Credit where credit's due: a grade B Banger. B stands for Britney if it wasn't obvious." Ddd I doubt this even made it to her team for them to reject. He's not the only one to think of Brit as @Squashua (7) adds, "It's BRITNEY BIT… oh wait it's not? Oh. OH. Ok… wait it's really not? You sure? Fine, fine I guess it's good?" At least he's happy with it. "Well, I am unfamiliar with the work of Lady Tisdale, however, I did think it would be rather amusing if this song was sung by the legendary Heidi Montag instead – I could totally see it on “Superficial”," @ufint (9) replies suggesting another pop icon. @Sprockrooster (10) thinks this is for none other than Ashley, "The definition of pop. Literally pop-perfection.” It could be more perfect for @Reboot (8), "Masquerade will always be the true winner in my heart. That said, it’s a nice track and probably the best representation of her quite good tunes.

    I love me any trashy bop, honestly,” bops @digitalkaiser (7). I really should read all the commentary ahead of copy pasting because there's more Britney comparisons from @One Stop Candy Shop (4.5), "Not bad per se, but it's a bit "Britney album track" without a memorable chorus.” And one more from @berserkboi (8.5), "5 for Britney Factor, 3.5 for actually being good." Didn't even have to check the spreadsheet for that one, I love math. Speaking of love, @GimmeWork (6.5) has none for this, "Horribly generic, and exactly what you'd expect from Tisdale.@KingBruno (6) makes due, "This feels quite a bit try-hard. But hey, it's a solid electropop song.” Under alternative circumstances, @londonrain (4) would've scored higher, "This isn't even a bad song but it suffers from the competition it has in this rate, so on that scale unfortunately a 4 feels right for it."

    @iheartpoptarts (7.5) is a wildcat, "Go High School Musical!" Digging back to high school to enjoy the dated production is @sfmartin (9), "it's a bop, I hadn't heard it before and will be using a lot now I've heard it. It's dated but I love it." @Pecans (10) has been bopping since her rate ended, "Ashley’s discography is literally bop after bop and this is no exception." You okay sis? Stop and hydrate. Ashley quenched @constantino's (8) thirst, "DDD I still can’t believe I have listened to Ashley Tisdale’s full discography, nor can I believe how solid it is as a body of work." @evilsin (6) is saving his critiques for her décor, "Okay, the song is fine, but that damn carpet in the video is giving me 90s slavic realness. It would be more real only if they would put it on a wall." Damn read ha, Martha Stewart could never.

    @Remorque (7) snuffs out Disney's turn-everyone-into-a-singer strategy, "There was always something so unbelievable about her being a pop star for me… It’s kinda boppy, yes, but it doesn’t do anything for me and I did not know it was ever released as a single before reading it in the countdown, yet her acting like the basic-girl-acting-drunk-trying-to-dance-sexy-during-her-fifteenth-birthday-party ain’t doing her any favours…" We're now left with the tens and @GhettoPrincess delivered the praise for her girl, "Wow, what a bop. Her best music video and her best song. Euphoric and sexy. You can’t deny that chorus. The backing vocals add to the song and it all builds up to this unexpected glorious piece of pop music. TURN IT UP YEAAAAAH!” And it's only right I give @DJHazey as close to last word as I can muster, "I'm tempted to throw this my 11, but it would be weird to give my 5th or 6th ranked song from an album my 11 in any rate. What does this mean? It means Guilty Pleasure it was one of the greatest pop albums ever created that's what it means. Seriously, in my mind it is definitively the pinnacle in what teen pop should sound like. Even my other favorites like Selena, Demi, Aly & AJ, and Hilary always have at least one low-point on all their albums, but not Guilty Pleasure. Ashley DID. THAT. I pray she'll come back. I pray we'll suddenly get like 20 unreleased Guilty Pleasure-era songs leaked sometime. I need more from you Ashley, please. If you like this song at all and you've been one of those "ehhh, teen pop isn't my thing" kind of people... please listen to this album and know that you won't be disappointed in the least."

    As tradition, however, final word goes to 11 giver @RUNAWAY who is the first to lose their 11, "somehow I’ve been roped into doing this rate, but uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........I don’t know how it happened but THIS is my favorite song in this entire rate. Ashley DID THAT."

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  11. Poor Ashley. Not surprising though.
  12. When I was going through the songs I didn't know for this rate I was excited to see there was a song better than Be Good To Me. The disappointment...
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  13. Oh fucking wow. This I didnot expect. And should have been top 10. This is popperfection and this is popjustice.
  14. Noooooo! I should have given it a higher score, I live for the britney-isms of it all!

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  16. Yeah, some things should've stayed in 2009.
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  17. Oh no, I mean it was never going to do well but it should have been better than bottom ten at least... A Blackout-esque bop. I agree that It's Alright It's OK should have won though.
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  18. [​IMG]

    I was going to point out that I actually didn't even want the song to win because I could list many Ashley songs I rank above it and how this is still an automatic 10 despite that, but looks like I covered it in my commentary. I can't stress enough how Guilty Pleasure deserves at least one listen from anyone. Listen to some of the commenters who wouldn't be the first people you'd expect to have heard the album and came away pleasantly surprised. Also note this: Crank It Up doesn't even sound like most of the album. It literally feels like a club banger tacked onto to the end of a pop-rock album. Consider:

    "Acting Out" as the album opener, know that this is what you're getting and go from there.

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  19. I believe @Sprockrooster can confirm, but I've now officially transferred the First to Lose Your 11 Crown in a Winners Rate to @RUNAWAY. Our commentary is eerily similar.

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