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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. Jessie J does have one song that I absolutely love:

  2. This and Bang Bang are the two Jessie singles I'm willing to hang on to.

    I kind of want someone good to cover Thunder so I can enjoy it without Jessie yelling the whole song.
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  3. Why did I watch the Thunder music video right before bed? Now I'll have nightmares of Jessie at her absolute most extra.
  4. A&E


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. I was pretty sad it didn't win, but then again I did give my 11 to Burnin' Up...
  6. Me only checking in occasionally and scrolling through messy arguments to make sure and check that the iconic "Genie" by SNSD is still in:

    It's kpop AND Italian disco so that means it should get 10s from kpop fans and from the where da bopz poppers gays and ensure a Top 10 placement and anything else is homophobic and xenophobic.
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  7. I 11ed Bang Bang cause of Grande and Minaj.

  8. I 11ed Burnin' Up because it reminds me of hell.
  9. I deleted the few Jessie J songs I had from my library a few years ago and never looked back.
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  10. Katy is far from the worst thing left, despite me not particularly loving the song.
  11. Not a single upset for me so far so I think this is going quite well.
  12. send photo

    send photo Guest

    Good morning everyone! I'm working on today's eliminations but they'll take a while. In the meantime have this fresh bop since I know how much y'all love K-Pop:

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    by: @Cowboystyle

    Average: 6.534​

    It's a shame Dannii is out so early, but it's also a shame this song won her singles rate. I'd have slapped a ten at just about any other track on Girl and half of Neon Nights. #JusticeForDisremembrance in the discography rate.

    Dannii's mating call is not effective on @ohnostalgia (3), "the pseudo-yodelling is not lit." It's not working for @Reboot (6) either but at least she likes the visuals, "This does nothing for me, which is a shame because she looks really hot in the video.” Too much gayness? Never enough for @Sprockrooster (7), "This is so over the top gay in sounds. So yes, I stan.” What else would we expect of a Minogue? How about a fight via @Remorque (10), "This is better than BOTH of Kylie’s songs combined here. There! I said it. *fight me* on a more serious note: This takes me back to being that 14 year old and not *getting* “current” Kylie all that much (Impossible Princess is one of my all-time favourite albums now, don’t get me wrong) and here we had Dannii that brought us this dance bop and gave us young confused gays everything we needed…" Oof, he will not be happy about this being out before Kylie.

    "Is her name actually Dannii," ponders @LA Hallucinations (4). Wikipedia tells me yes, those crazy Australians. Her Australian tongue ain't getting a lick of love from @Posh Spears (9), "The way she doesn’t really annunciate “all” gets me stressed. But anyway, sweet song and what a cool video! A definite discovery for me." A me listening to Portia De Rossi pronounce anything as "enehtheng" giving away her accent teas. You're welcome for that tidbit. Her blonde look is jarring for @evilsin (7), "My first time watching the music video. it's so weird to see Dannii blonde. I'm actually very surprised this was the winner, it is a great song, but I believe Begin To Wonder and Put The Needle On It are her ultimate bops."

    Perhaps shockingly, @DJHazey (4) isn't a Dannii fan, "I don't know why I've never gotten into Dannii's music but it all sounds the same to me. You'd think I'd be all over the kind of dance-pop she delivers but I find most of it to be incredibly bland. I still only listen two songs of hers: Touch Me Like That and Who Do You Love Now? Even this song sounds like a dull version of something her sister would smash with." @KingBruno (10) makes up the difference in fanaticism, "A bop straight out of the 90's that could be released even now. The electronic production is absolutely stunning.” Maybe with a production facelift as @eccentricsimply (0) points out, "Okay, I get that this fit the time it came out, but just... argh, can't do, sorry." @sfmartin (9) is willing to look past the flaws, "This was the proper first taste I got of just what Xenomania could do. What a super pop song. Alas the production sounds tired now but the bones of it are still great. Love the trancey breakdown in the middle."

    Hopefully @iheartpoptarts (10) wasn't placing bets, "This would make a good Emma Bunton. Here’s hoping!" Who is the Emma of this edition? Find out... not anytime soon. Fellow 10 @One Stop Candy Shop finds common ground with Dannii, "It’s her ‘going to the club to find a sex partner’ anthem. Girl is a legend." Yas get it queen! Someone who isn't getting it with ha attitude is @Slice of Life (2), "I'm sorry but I'm not a fan of this. This is the type of songs that I just generally dislike. Sawry. Her cat in the video is super cute though so let me give this an extra point. Xo" and @Squashua (7) gives a fair review, "As Clublandia: Trance Anthems compilation CD 2, track 6 as it gets. The breakdown with the guitars is immense, the video is gorgeous, the random thunderstorm sound effects are a brief ASMR moment in a whirlwind of chaos but the competition in this rate is surely much too high for this to get very far?" Not quite, but @constantino (10) is bopping anyway, "ddd NOT me chucking this a big fat 10; the power of Dannii compelled me to. I’m lowkey hoping this because the Maybe of this rate, it’s so much fun!"

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  14. Aw, that one should have done much better. The production is immense, some great work from early Xenomania. I'll agree that it's far from Dannii's best though - the three singles from Neon Nights are obviously supreme. I'll also echo the #JusticeForDisremembrance.

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  15. Classic Xenomania out already? Sometimes I just don't get Popjustice these days.

    Love the video, it's so Barbie!
  16. You're so random!!!
  17. Y A S

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  18. Oh wow. This is so unexpected I have no words. Absolutely shook PJ thinks this was the worst of the Kylie Minogues offerings in this. And I didnot expect we touch pop (or even Xenomania) so soon. Suddenly I fear for Saint Etienne too.
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