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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

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    Ah yes, thank you for noticing finally. Let me introduce our next summary...

    by: @send photo


    What's that? You don't remember this rate? Unfortunately, much like this underappreciated single in the worldwide market, this rate only took place in Canada. Lucky for you I have the transcripts for you to bask in Powerless' glory:
    As you can clearly see this is a 100% legitimate rate so score Powerless (Say What You Want) as you would any other song.

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    Okay back to serious summaries...


    by: @Alouder98


    Winning Post
    RUNNER UP: Gee
    2ND RUNNER UP: Flower Power

    I’m not the biggest Girls’ Generation fan but there’s a few choice earworms I can’t avoid, Genie being one of them. It suffers a tad as most music from 2008-2010 does; but we still get our life to Poker Face, don't we? Still fun, there's a certain mysterious sound to it if that makes any sense. I would have guessed Gee would be a shoe-in to win seeing as it's the quintessential k-pop song. You can @ me on that one, I don't know a Gangnam Style.

    Alouder98 traumatized me with a picture of a giant spider in his rate and I wasn’t going to include a quote out of spite. Damn his kindness though, he wrote up a fresh one just for us, “Everyone that is familiar with K-Pop knows that SNSD peaked with Gee and became so huge in South Korea, so it was going to be hard to follow up one of Korea's ultimate favorite song specially when tried to change their concept/music direction a bit with this but this song really DID THAT. It's one of the most iconic K-Pop records ever. The choreography, that legwork, Taeyeon's opening line which makes me always scream ''malhebaaaww'' , those ad-libs in the second verse , that key-change and '' DJ put it back on'' by Tiffany are all the definition of iconic.” Love ya xoxo

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  3. Scream. And I thought that Kpoprate with only two songs was extra!
  4. I was so confused about Powerless being included because I'm sure I would have jumped on the chance to rate Nelly songs immediately, so I'm glad that's been cleared up. It is a 10, obviously.

    As is Genie -- what an amazing song.

    I tried to type two different exclamations at once.


    Let's relive the time when this Opus was actually put to a vote, three years ago (fuck). Have I always had flawless taste? Yes.
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  6. Ok I was supposed to have the morning shift... mr. forget our plans

    by: @Island


    Winning Post
    Runner Up: Pure Shores
    2nd Runner Up: One Strike

    Yeah, presenting Black Coffee to the Winners Rate feels a bit like All Saints fighting over a hideous jacket when they could've just bought a cooler jacket at the local clothing shop. But it is what it is. Black Coffee is one for those of us who love chilly and vibey R&B tinged pop. My favourite part is the bridge and the production flourishes; with cool risks like these it's easy to see why All Saints were considered the bad girls of the early 00s British pop scene (I'm just going off what @Island told me, don't @ me!). Also you should watch the video once because it's hilarious.

    Speaking of @Island: "I love this song. On first listen, I was hesitant to go back. I didn't dislike it on first listen, I just thought it was weird. It was weird. It was different. I kept going back and well... I fell in love. The intro and the outro being in different tempos to the chorus and the verses was just so striking at first. You didn't know what to expect. You didn't know what was coming. But, the song was just so lush and effortlessly cool. The vocals were brilliant (Mel sounded amazing, as usual) and literally everything about the song is just so stunning. The production is pretty unique, as William Orbit produced it. It's a bit trance-y at first, and then it goes to being more atmospheric until returning to that trance-y sound. Of course, Pure Shores is my favorite All Saints track but I'm more than happy with 'Black Coffee' taking the crown. It definitely deserves it. As with 'Pure Shores', this is also one of the best modern pop songs and girl group songs. It's the only single to not have been written by Shaznay Lewis and it is All Saints' last UK #1 Single to date. I still think 'Black Coffee' is an underrated pop classic."

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  7. I love Black Coffee, but Pure Shores would've probably been my 11, despite my campaigning yesterday.
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  8. This is the truth.

    I cannot believe Pure Shores isnot here with us. Perfect song for the time of the year too. Black Coffee is a solid 10 in that rate, but I am not sure it can have that score in this crowd of songs.
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  9. Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wo-
    You know I'm feeling very artistically disgusted here right now, Thiefstalgia Ohnosandiego.
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  10. It was a tribute, don't drag me I'm scared.
  11. Living for the reminder gifs and re-cap write-ups! This rate is already amazing!
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  12. Black Coffee is honestly one of maybe three, four serious contenders for my 11, but I'm not sure yet. I should be hearing it live next week, though, so lemme decide on the spot then.

    Pure Shores is marginally better, though.
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  13. Yeah Pure Shores may have snagged my 11 in this, but Black Coffee isn't a contender. Still great of course!
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    @Subwaykid hopefully this is more up your alley than Jessie, so sorry about that
    @BEST FICTION here's your tag please bless our rate with your gifs
    @Laura Vanderbooben it'd be sacrilege not to tag you with our Ari gif
    @Rommers I'm still sorry about my gen 5 scores here's your chance at revenge
    @aaronhansome you need ten thousand fucking tags to do rates I stg I'll send double that if I have to​
  15. I don't believe in Winners Rates and therefore cannot support them but yas Ari you look so good.
  16. That too.
    by: @ohnostalgia


    Winning Post
    Runner Up: U-turn/Boyfriend (TIE)

    Oh Tegan, oh Sara... I'm still traumatized by how the "fine folks" of PopJustice butchered your iconic and storied discography. Although I had the last laugh and got to drag @send photo 10,000 times, so it wasn't all bad. Also I transcribed lots of youtube videos of their banter and got to meet their cats Mickey (featured above) and Holiday. But @ohnostalgia, how dare the winner not be from their "pop" albums, you ask??? Well firstable, I didn't see your ballot did I? And secondable, Back In Your Head remains their most iconic song and people are still loving it ten years on. Not everybody has that Lorde tweet.​

    Okay, @send photo says I should try using honey (cc: @DirtyPornStar), so here's some prose from my coronation post... the abridged version: "Okay seriously.... I did not see this coming. Sure I named the rate after it, I created subliminal messages through graphics, I heavily implied that you weren't allowed to trash it, but never in my wildest dreams did I think you'd actually chose Back In Your Head as your favourite Tegan & Sara song. But maybe you don't choose Back In Your Head, Back In Your Head chooses you.... For it was truly love at first listen; I'm a sucker for quirky little hooks and that piano line was tailor made for me (with a data driven listener algorithm to prove it). I knew of Tegan & Sara before - as any good Canadian indie fan would- but I didn't know. ... Sara just has this way with words and this is such a brilliant example. The sheer anxiety you can hear within her voice as she sings these lines is breathtaking. Is this not a more articulate expression of the well worn "the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference" adage? To be completely cut out of someone's mind is a devastating experience, but at the same time Sara's not being the most reliable narrator here is she? Because she's gone and done the exact same thing right back by running to the next fleeting obsession. This is such a complex and sad song and I sometimes think it doesn't get the credit it deserves because it's also an extremely catchy pop song from an era that didn't celebrate catchy pop songs. I'm sooooo glad this won. Thank you."

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  18. I hope Back in Your Scalp does well!
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