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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. GOOD RIDDANCE to 'Lights' with her un-googleable name, tinny production and terrible hair.

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  2. SCREAM at Lights of all people in this rate getting so much vitriol.

  3. It is a pun to title obviously but I see what you are doing here.

    The hot Palermo sun is making me listen to my summer playlist and Lana Del Rey only. And as we already lost Hot Summer I need the other jam in this rate pull through. Hearing Hot Summer in the playlist opens flesh wounds over and over again. I cannot have that twice.
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    I can't promise I won't roll back over to bed after posting this but I'm here now so



    by: @Up Down Suite

    Average: 6.983​

    High Score: 10 x 9, @Cotton Park @GhettoPrincess @DJHazey @berserkboi @Pecans @Squashua @sexercise @LPMA @LA Hallucinations
    Low Score: 0 x 2, @Kuhleezi @Jwentz
    ohnostalgia: 4
    me: 3

    @ohnostalgia's aversion to anything even remotely eurodancey leaves me to eliminate this. Little gay me probably would've at least had nostalgic lens for this had I heard it when it was released, I was just bopping to Inna's Hot a few days ago. Listening to this for the first time... in 2017... yeah.

    Fresh off the Lights elimination @ohnostalgia lets you know we're even, "I don't want to hear anymore nonsense about Europeans being more "cultured" than the rest of us." @Slice of Life (7) doesn't like my writing, "The music video ddddddddd. What kind of cheap porn storyline? Bye. This song is lit though. A bit basic but it does its job." You're free to take over if you think you can do better precious. "A pleasant trashy banger, more palatable than most Romanian productions," replies @A&E (5). We need examples sis! @constantino (9) has an example of a better winner, "A bop of epic proportions and your other Eastern European faves wish. Anyone who dislikes this isn’t fun and that’s just the tea mkay. Lemonade would’ve got a 10 from me btw." I'm at peace knowing I'm no-fun sendy. If we're going by scores then @Kuhleezi (0) hates fun more than I do, "I used to be so pressed and distressed about hearing this obnoxious song every-fucking-where. Now I remember why." This kinship we're developing though, can you feel it? Is it just me?

    This froot is everywhere according to @evilsin (6), "As fun as this is, I have a problem with the songs like this (Inna's as well) - they are too damn similar." I'd agree but then someone would try it with K-Pop and it'd be a whole mess so I better not. Let's just get back to this song as @sexercise (10) says "Iconic" and @Mina (9) agrees that it is "a bop". @digitalkaiser (5) is mad another song didn't win, "Justice for LEMONADE. Ugh". Yes, here's hoping Formation pulls through. I got whiplash reading this praise from @eccentricsimply (7) of all people, "I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THE SONG. Unironically stanning." I'm... scared for @iheartpoptarts' (8.5) Run Away With Me commentary, "Hey, look, a saxophone in a pop song and I don’t hate it! Romanian dance is amazing, it never fails to bring the bops, and I highly recommend it to all of you." Please let that dig be for Last Friday Night. @DJHazey (10) adds, "It's no secret that my two favorite Alexandra songs are Get Back (ASAP) and Lemonade and it's not even close, but that's only because they are like a 15/10 and a group of about 25 other songs are 10/10...that group of course includes this classic of the Romanian dance-pop movement of the early 2010s. For those of you getting your life and wanting a little more of this exact kind of dance song, I'd suggest taking all 40 of the songs from the Alexandra Stan/Inna rate and run with it, you will love every second! Also, it's got to be some kind of percentage record that I gave out 24 tens out of the 40 songs included."

    I'm cutting @NecessaryVoodoo (5.5) off, "Falls into the "would bop if drunk" category. Also scores a few points for not being an Inna song." I would have rather her won but I'm not invested enough to defend her. "Don't even want to know the amount of times I've danced drunkenly to this song," slurs @GimmeWork (8.5). God damn it who's giving all these voters alcohol? Alexandra's looks influence @Remorque's (7) score, "It sounds incredibly dated and although she sounds bloody awful, I can’t help but bop along to this one. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful woman too." I was hoping someone would say she's a dead ringer for Cher Lloyd but host @Posh Spears (7) didn't even say anything, "Cute and fun, but overall a bit overdone and of its time."

    "I was in Africa when this song snatched the whole of Europe. Coming back from Africa and hearing this after the whole experience. Well, I was scared and scarred for life. Having no nostalgic feelings to this now I am left cold by this," @Sprockrooster (4) sighs over his FOMO. @Squashua (10) didn't miss a saxobeat on the trend, "YATH. The queen of all ridicu-sax sexy-costume-concept bangers (sorry AOA). This was massive just around the time I could actually enter a nightclub and obviously the Cornish nightlife was all about a Rom-pop fisherman's wife coo-ing come-ons in PVC police uniforms. The heteros LIVED." Rebelling against his parents again is @LA Hallucinations (10), "This trashy Balkan bop. Naturally I love it." @KingBruno (8.5) bops with him, "YAS! Obviously the most iconic nu jazz song ever created. The beat is super addictive." Alexandra makes @sfmartin (9.5) happy, "This is a delight, pure euro-bop joy in every drop. Always puts a smile on my face" and @berserkboi (10) chimes in with a "LOVE!"

    Alexandra took a hit in scores from @Reboot (9), "This was my 11 in the respective rate but it’s not that good compared to the others songs in here. Sorry.” It's not me you have to apologise to, try @GhettoPrincess (10), "Always loved this. Great, catchy, singalong chorus.” I like what @Pecans (10) wrote up about ha fave so I'll give them last word, "Romanian pop dominating Europe for however long Mr. Saxobeat was on top was amazing. It’s a pity Alexandra couldn’t stay established outside of Romania and Japan; Mr. Saxobeat is just genius, I’d say it was sort of a pioneer into the dance-oriented industry we began to fall into at that time."

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  5. I'm so jealous of you in this moment @Sprockrooster and I shouldn't be as I'm leaving soon myself. Eat an almond/pistachio granita and as many cannoli as humanly possible for me too xx

    EDIT: See? I was thinking of cannoli and this happens. Nothing bad can happen when you think of cannoli.
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  6. A&E


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  8. I am taking everything local in.

    I was actually going to take a cannoli tonight. But at the desert menu in the hotel there was also a Limoncello spritz thst caught my attention first. A lemon-based granita with alcohol. How can I resist?

    Oh. And I am glad Alexandra Stan is gone. I expected it to go soon actually but completely forgotten by me. In this rate and in life. Bye!
  9. This is gonna stick with me. I'm never gonna hear I Can Only anymore.....oh at all.
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    (Another one earlier so my bby Slice can catch it before bed)



    by: @Deja-Boo

    Average: 7.008​

    High Score: 10 x 7, @Squashua @R92 @RUNAWAY @Slice of Life @myblood @Remorque @send photo
    Fuck y'all: 2 x 2, @Terminus @Mina 3 x 2, @GhettoPrincess @2014
    ohnostalgia: 6.5
    send photo: 10

    I hope @send photo liking another k-pop song is enough for you. Karma's a real binch because this is my favourite of the k-pop entries and this is what I deserve for trashing all your floppy faves. My floppy faves, however, crossed the 7.0 average so put that in your thiqqen pot pie. Karma didn't miss @Deja-Boo either as both k-pop eliminations so far are his. That's what you get for not voting. The song starts off with "Moon Prism Power" so if that doesn't doesn't get you gays stanning then there's no hope for you. You're hopeless. Hopeless. @ohnostalgia singles one of you out, "Remember how @digitalkaiser was going to run a Sailor Moon rate?" Faintly.

    It's a shame @ufint (6) lost his sense of hearing just before voting, "It’s not especially catchy or fun. Hahaha, no, sorry, next." You cannot be serious, I can see the drivel you're stanning in the rest of your ballot. At least the song knows self-defense so I don't have to take out @Mina (2) on its behalf, "This one did my head in." It's what she deserves.jpg. @DJHazey (7) has been calling for k-pop so here you go, "Hehe, it's certainly a cute chorus I'll give them that for sure. The armography is also on point and the color coordination too." Like him, @Sprockrooster (7) was also nice in their commentary but has been calling for k-pop eliminations, "No idea what this is about, but who cares when it knocks like a true banger." I think we've given them enough attention so let's move on to the middling reviews.

    At least @evilsin (6) likes their other songs, "This is... kinda basic for me. At least Bar Bar Bar was somewhat interesting." @berserkboi (9) likes it a little less than the other entries, "Great but lesser to the ones that came before…" Still got a 9 so u ok girl ♥. @sfmartin (9) almost stans completely, "I'm getting my life to the K-pop in this rate. It had largely bypassed me but what a tune! What an amazing power rangers really annoying low bleep all the way through which really distracts me from my inhibited enjoyment of this." And the stellar video worked it's magic on @Oleander (8.5), "Mighty Morphin’ Sailor Scouts? Love it. The song itself is quite good but not as good as the video." @GimmeWork (8) agrees, "I feel like I probably gave this song a higher score than I should have because I was mesmerized by the Power Rangers/Sailor Moon awesomeness of the video. Not mad about it!

    We've converted @Remorque (10)! "I can’t believe what a fucking KPOP stan I’ve become these past few weeks. BOP!" Yas get your LIFE girl! @A&E (8.5) is also taking in the life, "Bursting with energy! Amazing." The party grows as @constantino (9) joins us, "Whew, what a RUSH of a song! Power Rangers OUTSOLD. Mutant Ninja Turtles GUTTED from their shells."

    Turning it to the K-Pop sistren we've got @Reboot (8), "I’m not sure if I like FM for the song or the magical girl-inspired video.” I think @Slice of Life (10) reuses his commentary but if it ain't broke... "FM is Crayon Pop playing the Big K-Pop Girls' game and winning it in flying colors. This was just impeccable in all fronts. Shinsadong Tiger truly gave one of his very best songs to the Popes and I'm just glad he did because Way would have killed him if he didn't. There's also a melancholic vibe hiding beneath the synthy facade of this hymn, like Crayon Pop's putting on a mask of happiness and projecting a tough image but deep inside, there's a story there... a struggle... an epic that would shame both the Harry Potter series and the Tales of Gumiho. I'm making shit up again N N N N. Anyway, this should *easily* enter the Top 5, shouldn't it? Y'all better not do this wrong because I'm gonna retaliate if you dare to do so. If pre-bullying scandal T-ara released this, I believe this would be a Roly Poly-sized hit for them. It's that good. And I haven't even talked about the music video. And the choreography. But Imma keep this cute because you might need something to talk about in your commentary. Kekeke." At least @Squashua (10) was original so he gets last word, "My 11 in the rate, a surprise considering DooDoomChit is also fabulous, but this is K-Pop by way of J-Pop in the most adoringly retro way possible. Seriously anyone that downvotes this either 1) didn't have a TV during their youth 2) didn't bother watching the MV or 3) did watch the MV and is a chrome-hearted cyborg from the planet "URNOFUN". Goofy nostalgia at face value, a vast cybernetic inter-planetary bop to hear - that's Crayon Pop to a tee." Whew, that scalding tea. Throw it in the haters faces. Aim for the eyes.

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  11. Deserved better
  12. *sigh*

    I deserve it but lemme go fetch my reaction gifs...
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  13. That "South" Korea postcard........
  14. Finally an elimination I can wholeheartedly endorse!

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  15. I see y'all

    They're all interesting
  16. [​IMG]
  17. It seems like you're new here and unaccustomed to our native practices. Welcome to PJ!
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  18. It's just that I'm used to people in the Kpop subforum not coming for Crayon Pop unless they want me on their asses. Cheers for the like though!

    And cheers to my amazing sistren x
  19. Poor Alexandra Stan falling already! That is unjust!
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