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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

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    Whoops, sorry about that. I'll fix it now!


    by: @Animalia // @JamesJupiter


    Winning Post [1] [2]
    Runner Up: Hyperballad // Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)
    2nd Runner Up: Pagan Poetry // Cloudbusting (Kate Bush)

    *Cries in stark atmospheric Icelandic electronica.* Jóga, or as I sometimes call it, Yoga (because I am an idiot), is beauty distilled down to its most pure musical essence. Which of course means you all will vote it out in the bottom ten, because it's "boring" or something equally nonsensical. I better not catch you booking that trip to Iceland anytime soon if you cannot recognize the majesty here.

    Let's turn it over to @JamesJupiter first: "Homogenic's lead single, and Björk's ode to Iceland is our winner. It didn't even make the top 100 in the UK- a true state of emergency. A glorious, majestic song and a contender for my 11. I'm so glad this got the crown!"

    And now @Animalia: "Somewhere out there, there’s a forty-something year old Icelandic woman named Jóga, on her way to work or out for a walk, blissfully unaware of the fact that her namesake has now won two Popjustice rates within the space of a few months. I won’t lie, I’m slightly disappointed that this won purely because my 11 came second and as others have mentioned, it would have been nice to have two songs representing our lady B in the second winners’ rate, but I forget any such uncertainties the instant the song starts playing. It’s huge. It’s the towering colossus of Björk’s career, simultaneously unique and representative of her entire career as a whole. We’ve talked a lot about Björk’s astounding ability to seamlessly weave together traditional musicality with innovate, present-day trends and complex production, but Jóga really is the epitome of her craft. It’s the perfect marriage of classical strings with the crunchy, aggressive Homogenic beats – it’s everything Björk is an artist in one gloriously triumphant ode to her homeland, and it’s more than deserving of your crown."

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  4. I really want to like Bjork, but her music just doesn't resonate me for some reason.
  5. Okay but now that the forum rules explicitly state "Don't be a fucking idiot.", I'm primed and ready to report anyone who doesn't appreciate Jóga.

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  6. I gave it a 6 in @JamesJupiter's rate and that score was upped cause I knew it was a favourite and didnot want to tank it. And I am torn about what to do with now. I do know I am very afraid of @Animalia's wrath.
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  7. [​IMG]

    @Animalia to all of you. I'm giving it a good score, he doesn't need to worry about me.
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  8. Honestly my frustrations are mostly borne from knowing deep in my heart that if Hyperballad had rightfully won, it would have effortlessly won by a landslide here too. No competition. Nope. Undeniable fact.
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    by: @Deja-Boo


    Winning Post
    RUNNER UP: Oh Ma Mind

    Let's start with a little story. Good sis Deja-Boo started a discography rate for them. The next day they essentially announced their disbandment. A little while later a group he previously ran a discography rate for announced their disbandment*. He also hosted the 2NE1 Rate and we know how they turned out. You can understand why I'm nervous about seeing his BoA rate in the queue which you should absolutely vote in.

    Back to MIXX, it's a shame they folded in so quickly as they were one of the more promising debuts of 2016. This is a smooth, slinky tune. Let's ignore my shady commentary and focus on Deja-Boo's summary, "What’s remarkable is how different this single is from their debut while staying true to their signature sound. Authentic artistes! MIXX is showing the judges versatility, which is more than I can say for most of the members on this forum. But that’s none of my business. That high note! That unsynchronized lollipop choreography! More pastels! Queens are laying the foundation of their iconography quite well, I must say."

    *Crayon Pop has since agreed to go on with one less member! Now I have to redo their write-up grumble grumble
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  10. People will probably hate on Jóga because it's experimental pop. Smh.
  11. screaming at this and the fact that you included the winner of a two song discography rate

    And doesn't MIXX still hold the forum record of highest average ever - what was it,10.67? Legends.
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  12. I feel like a rate with 2 songs where an 11 is allowed and less than 10 voters shouldnot really count. But iconic nonetheless.
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    Too bad.
  14. Actually it was 12 voters
  15. I meant for the record by the way. Not for being included in this.

    Cause then Sharleen Spiteri solo should have been neglected (and that one probably has the lowest average for a winner in a rate ever: 8,17 I think).
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    I also just thought of X Factor/Eurovision sub-forums, pretty sure they have rates too. They didn't reach out to you or us so maybe they can squeeze into part 3.
  17. But had they songs? I thought that is more into jury members and contestants. No idea. There was an Xfactor rate added the last time. Hosted by VivaForever.

    The only I thought of are the Eurovision ones done prior to the contest as those are songs. But it would have felt a bit weird though and they use a different score scale like in Eurovision.
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  18. Don't worry girls you'll get the chance to 11 Loreen's Euphoria in pt. 3 of the Winner's Rate when it wins @constantino's Eurovision rate later in the year.

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  19. It was in the first winners rate so it will not be added for the third one unless something else wins.
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  20. Winner's rate part 3 cancelled.
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