The Winners' Rate: Part 5 - Winner Crowned & Statistics!

Winners' Winners' Rate Poll - Choose Your Favourite

  • Genie In A Bottle

    Votes: 8 14.3%
  • Run Away With Me

    Votes: 13 23.2%
  • Frozen

    Votes: 25 44.6%
  • Physical

    Votes: 10 17.9%

  • Total voters
More Tea?

Now that we are at 20 voters... Who is ready for a second serving of tea?
  • The top 5 has constantly changed over the course of the past few weeks. That said, the winner is currently leading by 19 points.​
  • The top 5 still consists of 3 groups and 2 soloists (not all the same ones when we were at 10 voters though!)​
  • 12 songs currently have over 100 points​
  • All songs have points now (let's celebrate that!)... There are however 2 songs that are still on single digits.​

That's all the tea I'm going to share for now. Keep your ballots coming, the current deadline is 13th March. Please do let me know if you are planning on voting and if you might need a little longer than that date. (41 of you have voted in the poll so I'm expecting 41 ballots dd)


Finally delivered my ballot!

In the meanwhile, let me campaign for my winners.

Ah she's gonna be done dirt, but try and think objectively. When it's a good song, not necessarily it's someone you like singing it.

My bonus round of the UK ladies not #1s was lit and the people voted for Foxes to be on it and the people scored her to win it!

An underrated bop loved by PJ that deserves to shine here too.

I suppose Girls Aloud won't need any help, but among their songs here, this is my fave

And I'm so glad my other winner is not here nn
Spotlight On...

I am back with the final spotlight post, looking at the songs that did not feature this time due to being iconic enough to have previously won a rate...


STEP was featured in the third Winners’ Rate after winning the KARA Singles Rate run by @3Xs. I cannot see any details of its winning stats, I assume some drama happened in that thread! STEP ended up coming in at #38 in the Winners’ Rate. Since then, the song went onto win the KARA Discography Rate hosted by @RUNAWAY. The song won with an outstanding 10.009 average, gaining 5 11s and 18 10s from- the voters. This was the songs fourth rate win, joining the elite few to hold this title.

Our second song for today is…

Lorde – Green Light

Another quadruple rate winner! Green Light was featured in the third edition of the Winners’ Rate having won the Big Pop Girls 2017 Rate, the Alt Girls 2017 Rate and 2017 PJ Chart Rate. Phew, can we just take a moment to respect the hold this song had on our lives in 2017! Since these rates, Green Light went on to win the Quirky Pop Girls: Sophmore rate run by @soratami. Green Light won with a respectable 9.494 average, receiving 3 11s and 41 10s!

And last but not least…

Madonna - Frozen

Guess what? Yes, another quadruple rate winner. Back in 2016, Frozen won the very first Winners' Rate! Frozen was first featured after winning both the 90s Madonna rate hosted by @RJF and the 1997 Vs. Rate hosted by @JamesJupiter. Most recently, Frozen won the Women of the 90s rate run by @DJHazey. With a slightly different voting style than usual, Frozen won with 320 points – winning with a 28 point lead!
Hello! We are now at 30+ voters which is fantastic. I won't be spilling any tea this late into voting... but lets say that the race for last place is more exciting than first place at the moment dd

Last chance to vote tagging, please PM if you need a few more days to get your votes together:

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