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'The Winner's Song' [Peter Kay Spoilers inside]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by poploz, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. So Geraldine McQueen's single is out now on iTunes, tomorrow on CD. I'm guessing this will follow Peter Kay's last two 'singles' to number one, so thought it might be good to have it's own thread.

    For anyone wondering, it was written and performed by Gary Barlow and Peter Kay.
  2. The irony is that it's probably the best winners' song of recent years! Ha. I hope it gets to #1 and stops that god-awful Leon song from doing so, if it had any chance anyway.
  3. Haha, I said EXACTLY the same when it was on earlier! And it's an original song, which makes a nice change from the X Factor recycling plant.
  4. Peter Kay is on Moyles later to plug this.
  5. Will 2 Up 2 Down's version not be released?
    I love them.
  6. Imagine if this had come out on the same day as the winning X Factor single - I think it might have got enough anti-Cowell/pro-Kay support to beat X Factor to number one.

    Imagine Simon Cowell's face! Oh well, definitely won't happen now.
  7. That is exactly what I said. I really wanted this to come out at Xmas. Damnit!
  8. That's what I was hoping for. I think the song is quite good for something of that genre, I certainly felt like waving a lighter in the air when it was on last night.
  9. I just had a listen to the 30 sec clip on 'song of the day' - it cuts the last word off!

    I do quite like the song actually. His voice is so Barlow in places it's uncanny.
  10. It's also on the CD single.
  11. I enjoyed the show but could have done without this releasing of the song business.

    Is the punchline 'we can manipulate you idiots of the British public just as well as Cowell and his cronies'?

    And I prefered the medlies anyway.
  12. I totally agree with you. I enjoyed the show but sometimes it went off the parody track and just turned into a normal show. Which is pretty much what I think of this somg too actually, it doesn't take the piss enough. So I'm not sure what the point is really.

    I would have much preferred to have had the medlies released too, anything just to hear the Mandella, ella, ella bit again!
  13. This is very much stuck in my head now after Moyles playing it loads on his show. I caught the beginning of Peter Kay's programme yesterday but but was sitting down for dinner so couldn't really appreciate how good it was
  14. SBK


    well this is gonna knock the sats down a place isn't it
  15. It's the b-side
  16. Pity the programme itself was dreadful; What's Peter Kay got against people in Wheelchairs?
  17. ?!

    I popped over to Digital Spy forums just to see what kind of histeria was going down there. The above comment reminds me of this I read...

    I think this is a case in point. Some people take a little while to twig on to parody. Even if the point Kay is making is really overstated and obvious, it's still wasted on some!

    Personally, my joy from the show came from the minutiae of the detail. Like Geraldine's mum being brought in on an Ikea trolly, or the title of the 'Tonight' programme reflecting the tastelessness of recent 'Tonight' titles like 'Foxy Knoxy on Trial'.
  18. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    This programme isn't on S4C til this friday.
    I hate Welsh TV.
  19. debord

    debord Guest

    Wow, I actually cannot fathom what kind of human being would believe that Nelson Mandela was a 'terrorist' not worthy of praise.
  20. I'm used to it. I read the 'comments' section on Daily Maily Online quite regularly as a kind of flagellation. BBC News 'Have Your Say' is just as fun. A totally unrelated comment about BBC 'lefty agenda' and the license fee per page GUARANTEED.

    For parody fans, check out this website someone sent me...


    It's SO easy to join!
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