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The Witcher (Netflix Original)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Lost Boy, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. The critics really got this one wrong, eh? I'm really enjoying this.
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  2. Nah its incoherent shite tbh
  3. The first episode was one of the worst things I've seen all year. Holy shit.
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  4. Eh. The first episode was fun, it did great with establishing the world and the characters. It also had the perfect balance between politics and Geralt's local quests. It's your usual fantasy tropes but done in a great, confident way.
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  5. I thought the first episode was good but it starts clicking when Yennifer is introduced. I LOVE HER!
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  6. I couldn't finish the first episode, thought it was deathly dull.
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  7. Am I watching a different show?! That was my biggest complaint: they introduce dozens of characters with no explanations and expect you to care. The acting is flat, Henry was lifeless, and there was nothing that made me want to watch past that first episode.
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  8. Ddd, Geralt is supposed to be like that. Admittedly the game gives me extra context but I think this really hit the ground running and barely slowed down. I loved it so muchz
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  9. Yeah I really got into this (surprisingly). Have never played the games or took much interest in the books but it gripped me albeit it took a couple of episodes.
  10. I'm halfway through and I'm enjoying it enough. Some of it is kinda cringe, but most fantasy stuff is like that.
    Took me a second to realise that the three main characters were running to different timelines.

    One thing that keeps making me laugh is all the female nudity... even when having sex, Yennefer is the one getting naked and Geralt remains fully clothed.
  11. That’s probably the weakest spot of the series. Plenty of men on the show why so much more female nudity than the men? I know Henry is the “Star” and probably has more of a say but that doesn’t seem fair.

    Despite that I think the female characters are well written compared to the men. I just finished the season and I can’t wait for the next. What a fantastic show.

    I’m off to finish off the Mandalorian and I have to say the beginning of the Witcher was giving me Mando vibes. However that quickly stopped with the great story arc and character development in this show.
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  12. No Superman butt, no streams from me.
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  13. I didn't like the first episode but the second one, which is more Yennifer-centric, sold me.
  14. I just finished the second episode and yes, Yennifer is the one.

    But gosh, did the whole budget of the show go to buy contacts? ñññ
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  15. The Witcher isn’t my sort of thing admittedly, and I’ve never played the game. It looks mostly beautiful though I became hopelessly lost during episode 2. Reading endless recaps hasn’t helped either.
  16. This is wonderful and so much fun. Legit don’t get what the critics were smoking.
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  17. The first episode had my girl Renfri in it. So it is impossible for it to be "bad". The show works so well if you just allow yourself to watch it and then understand the different timelines, and the story. But I feel like people hit that first wall of confusion where the viewer isn't quite sure what's going on (episode 1-2) and don't bother to push forward to when it does make sense (around ep 3/4). Pity. It's such silly and quite enjoyable fun.

    Also, any show that gives Mahesh Jadu work is immediately stellar to me. I need him in season two please. Also, him and Cavill naked frequently will make up for the lack thereof in s1.
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  18. Finished it and truly loved it.

    I don‘t even know why people were SO confused by the timelines, it wasn‘t that hard to follow. Try watching „Dark“ dddd.

    Anyway from S2 on they are all in the same timeline.
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  19. I think because in no moment they alude at them being different timelines?
    Episode 4 leaves you like why is the queen alive at first, but then it all makes sense by the end of it.

    I still find the GCI a bit choppy at points, but quite enjoying the show!
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  20. Just battled my way through episode 3. Yet more new characters. I really can’t make head nor tail of it.

    And where the fuck did the lute player go to in this episode?!
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