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The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window (Kristen Bell Netflix Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Jan 24, 2022.

  1. For heartbroken Anna (Kristen Bell), every day is the same. She sits with her wine, staring out the window, watching life go by without her. But when a handsome neighbor (Tom Riley) and his adorable daughter move in across the street, Anna starts to see a light at the end of the tunnel. That is until she witnesses a gruesome murder... Or did she?

    The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window premieres January 28, only on Netflix.

    You can also RSVP for a virtual screening of the premiere on Tuesday at the website:
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  2. I always said I'd watch Kristen Bell in anything...until now. This looks abysmal.
  3. Here for the early 90s parody vibes, also that title….Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th whomst?
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  4. I actually loved that trailer, excited!
  5. This will be either amazing or absolutely awful.
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  6. Hoping this is good.
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  7. I feel like the whole thing will ride on how well they balance the satire with genuine mystery elements. Kristen Bell is enough for me to at least check it out.
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  8. Yeah, I think the trailer doesn’t quite have enough comedy but the show itself might. It’s about time someone ragged on those terrible book titles.
  9. It looks good? But seeing her run around and investigate just made me realize how badly I want another Veronica Mars season.
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  10. I’ve never known a show kill interest in itself quite like VM did in season 4…

    I’ll check this out though.
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  11. Veronica Mars season 4 is great.
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  12. This! No amount of fangirls crying over the last 5 minutes can convince me that the season wasn't spectacular and one of the few reboots to actually nail how to mature characters and story realistically.
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  13. I hope this is better than the Amy Adam’s movie. I get they aren’t the same but they are similar. I’ll watch it though… along with The Afterparty on Apple TV+.
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  14. the main mystery and resolution was whatever to me, but the season was fantastic nonetheless
  15. I think this is purposefully taking the piss out of the Amy Adams movie.
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  16. God I hope so. That movie was... too much of everything except where it really needed it: plot/thrills.
  17. Yea, this is a satire playing on all the "Girl In The Window" / "Woman on The Train" thrillers. I think it'll lean more into the absurdity and be playing up the cliches from those type of movies.
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  18. After watching both trailers multiple times, I still can’t tell whether or not this is a spoof.
  19. Has anyone else started this yet? I truly am so confused by the tone of it and I’ve watched 3 episodes and just started episode 4. Aspects of it are complete spoofs of past films/shows like this but then it lacks none of the humor that should come with said spoof…
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  20. I’ve just started this too and I can’t tell if it’s taking the piss or if it’s real? Although it’s nothing like Dead To Me, it does give me that kind of vibe! At least the episodes are only 30 mins so should get through it quick enough…
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