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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Well done!
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  2. I need something weekly paid NOW and I can't find anything. I have so much serious debt (including my rent) and have important events coming up and don't have a penny to my name.

    I started a part time job in a call centre last week and the job advertised it as doing Monday to Saturday mornings and it worked out to be 25 hours a week. Not ideal, as it's minimum wage and I have to travel alot to get there (which also costs) but better than nothing. It's a sales job and I got sales on my first three days, then suddenly on Friday I didn't get anything and was told I wasn't to come in on Saturday which pissed me off as that was 5 hours wages down the drain, then I went in Monday and didn't get any sales and was told not to come in today and I just got a text saying I'm not in tomorrow either.

    They're not advertising again online saying they're desperately needing people and that "training, help and support is always available" and that it has "realistic targets and great bonuses". What a joke.

    I had another interview today (since it was my day off) and I got my train 90 minutes early so I was extra, extra prepared and couldn't possibly be late. Of course, the train breaks down for 45 minutes and the conductor tells us to get our own taxis to town and by the time I get into town (after paying £30 for a taxi) I'm told they're no longer hiring for the position because it was a first come first served basis and I was too late.

    I could scream.
  3. What did you actually do, sis?

    I wanted to KEY and also puncture the tires of this asshole at work but I'm gonna do it the day before I leave this office building and ensure that his car is not parked at somewhere that has CCTV activated - I might just pay someone to do it on my behalf though.
  4. You sound like you need a hug babe, here's a virtual one. It gets better and will work out, stay positive and persevere.
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  5. I've been trying to rewrite my CV in order to start looking for a job abroad again and I just want to cry.

    Has anyone tried any of those rewriting services? Are they all just scams?
  6. I worked in a PR agency. It was exhausting and not rewarding in any way. I’ve been in my new job a month now and my old job seems like a lifetime ago already.

    Stay strong!
  7. No, sis, I meant the revenge. What did you do, ha!
  8. Does anyone else have a really boring job? I'm going to end up fired for logging 24,873 hours on PJ because I never have anything to do.
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  9. Small amount of cod liver oil. Their chair or under their desk. They'll spin about the smell for days (not that I'd know, of course).
  10. [​IMG]

    I've talked to my boss about it though, she's very supportive and she's working with HR to get me transferred into a department where I'd like to try other things out.
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  11. I've applied for a sort of promotion at the place I work at.

    I've only been there 6 months. There are people in my team who have gone for the same job 4 or 5 times and failed the interview process. You have to do an annoying 10 min presentation with only 45 minutes to prepare for it.

    I'm mostly having a go just to see how difficult the interview and presentation thing is. I have a friend at this place who is quite senior and has interviewed some of the guys that are going for this job. She's boosted my confidence a little bit, but I'm still dreading having to do the whole thing. I've never done a presentation like this before so it will be completely new to me.
  12. Now I know I hate phone interviews. I've applied for a job in Dublin as content reviewer and while my English is very good, I could barely understand the lady on the phone. Thankfully most of questions I could just answer with "Ok" (it was a very preliminary chat) but there were times when she kept talking and I just couldn't understand a single word she was saying. It was terrifying. Also her accent didn't help.

    Next step seems to be a video interview, which I'll be sure to get through using headphones.

    I recently visited a professional advisor who is part of a public program from the Spanish unemployment agency and he did a marvelous job with my CV, and it was free. Check out if your government offers something like that.
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  13. I shall have a look. Thank you.
  14. Wiiie I'm officially being transferred to the communications department on a temporary contract for the rest of the year. Feels so good, and a temporary contract is only good to give me a chance to try it out and knowing I could always go back if things don't work.

    Seriously guys, find a company and a boss who cares for you. It's so essential for feeling good about work and your career.
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  15. So the selection process for the job I'm applying for in Dublin took a suspicious turn. First it was meant to be a content review position separated from any customer service activity, and they were looking specifically for people from other countries to join the team in Dublin. That's the information I got from the job listing and the preliminary phone interview.

    Then, in the video interview from yesterday, I'm informed that the job would actually be for a different company and that Cognizant is simply forming a team for them, that it actually has much more to do with customer service than the advert says, and that the job is purely based in English, so they are not actively looking for people from other countries.

    Today I have another phone call scheduled with the lady from the first interview and I have to get some things cleared up, like which company I would be signing to, as they are luring me into this using Cognizant's huge profile, but if I'm signing with another company that means I wouldn't benefit from any of that, and finally how much more costumer service-focused is the actual job, because I'm not sure I would be interested in 8 hours of answering people's calls. I certainly wouldn't have got applied for the job if I had known this.

    It all seems awfully close to those mischevious ads for "marketing" positions for "agencies" that end up being simply a job selling Vodafone products or answering calls.
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  16. That does sound really dodgy. Is it legal?
  17. I recently started a new full-time gig that I actually really love and treats me well, re: pay and benefits, and yet I still find myself having to hustle with outside freelance work to have any spending money to my name. I know I'm far from being in a bad spot, but I feel like that's the story of my generation: having to hustle and work all the time to just break even. What a sad state of affairs.

    That said, if you make the most of it I'm optimistic it all pays off in the end. If any of you want a good book to read about adapting to today's workforce and constantly forcing yourself to evolve, give "The Episodic Career" a look. I didn't even finish it but what I did read left a mark.
  18. I'm happy to say everything cleared up in the end and I'll be moving to Dublin at the end of this week (!).

    The last phone interview was extremely useful and it solved any doubts that I could have. I'm signing the contract with the company that put the ad, but the work would be done with another company that I can't reveal for the confidentiality clause but is huge and well-known, so that takes my fear that it would be a scam for a small business.

    The offices are at EastPoint Business Park, which is where other tech companies like Virgin or Cisco have their base. I'll be working night shifts and on weekends, but the salary is nice and I really needed to work on an English-speaking environment to feel fully realized on a personal and professional level, so I couldn't say no.
  19. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I’m such millennial trash, I got a new work phone today and immediately forgot how much I hate my job for like half a day.
  20. I only this week got news I'm moving departments in the hospital I work in. I've been in this department 5 years. Moving on is scary cause I'm leaving a comfortable safe spot but I feel were I am moving to will open more doors and give more experience, but I am still scared and worried I'm making the wrong decision. Has anyone been in the same position?
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