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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. A bit of advice would be handy if it's not too much trouble, girls. I've been working in call centres for the last 2 years and quite frankly I fucking hate it. I was made redundant prior to that from a job that I absolutely loved and I've found it impossible to get back into that kind of role again.

    I've spoken to my manager about my issues with anxiety and how recently dealing with certain things in work have been triggering it and they've been great, as understanding and supportive as they can be within their power but it doesn't change the fact that I have 0 investment in answering the phone and being screamed at by moany fucks all day, it's exhausting. I'm always being told how good I am and how much potential I have but I'm miserable, and anytime I do try and force myself into making an effort I get that one call that completely eviscerates me. I don't rightly think I'm cut out for it.

    I've been trying to apply for roles elsewhere since the start of this year but to no avail and I feel like I've tried everything, completely redoing my cv, LinkedIn and recruitment agencies but it seems nobody wants to know apart from other call centres and minimum wage offers. Surely to god there has to be more out there than sitting on the bloody phone all day? I can't just leave either as I need the money, WHAT DO I DO.

    (Soz for the war and peace.)
  2. I've worked in 16 call centres in five years. I've done the lot - cold calling, customer service, sales, inbound, outbound for insurance/electric/gas/solar panels/banking/appointment booking firms and I'm exactly like you. I'm sick of them. It's frustrating because when you look back at them you realise you've wasted precious time in such a shitty, draining environment. It's not even about the actual job itself, but just the fact you're sitting there at a desk all day talking to endless customers and staring at the clock counting down the minutes until you're finished. You don't get to travel, you don't get to meet anyone, you don't have any goals or aspirations and let's face it, you're pretty disposable and as soon as you walk out that building then they'll bring in someone else and give them a headset and they can do your job for you.

    When I look at the world and see people travelling and seeing different countries and having amazing experiences abroad it really makes me jealous and I start to think "how can I make that happen?" but I NEVER do anything about it. I keep playing it safe. There's stuff I'd love to do but I lack the confidence to push myself.

    Why don't you look at doing seasonal work at a summer camp or on a cruise ship or working abroad? Even go part time and do volunteer work? Are you actively looking for other jobs? You could even just switch to another call centre that has hours/a salary that gives you time to look at other options. I know working Monday to Friday 9 - 5 is the WORST because you literally can't do anything else with your life, but maybe if you got a call centre job where you only work evenings/weekends but have the days free could give you time to volunteer in a field you like? Or there's jobs that have 4 on and 4 off? Warehouses tend to hire anyone pretty quickly, and agency work has always been handy for me because it's weekly paid and you can meet a ton of people and build up good connections plus they're usually good at finding stuff that's suitable. Adecco, Pertemps, Blue Arrow, Office Angels, Search, Hudson etc are all great agencies I've been with in the past and always have a TON of jobs that are weekly paid and temporary. It also means if you complete a temporary assignment then you can claim benefits after it as you won't have "quit" the job and when you're on benefits you could have the time you need (plus extra help from the Jobcentre) to find something you're passionate about. Gumtree is also pretty good at finding random jobs you'd never expect to see anywhere else and Indeed is the #1 search option for me.

    DO NOT GET STUCK IN CALL CENTRE LIFE! You are much more than that. Save up some money and spend all your free time online looking for something better.
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  3. Anyone have experience with a promotion that is promised but takes forever to actually come through? Almost as if they are telling you what you want to hear to stop you from going elsewhere but y'know, without your paycheck ever actually going up. I feel like someone's whore, please keep it secret babe, don't you go getting any thoughts about telling anyone, this is just between us.
  4. How’s your relationship with whoever manages you/makes the decision on the promotion? If it’s good, I’d approach them and have an honest conversation with them. Prepare your case ie evidence and examples of excellent performance that demonstrate that you deserve this promotion ASAP and hopefully they’ll be on the same page. A lot of the time management just drag their feet without even realising that they’ve been leading someone along for weeks/months at a time. This is the approach I’ve taken twice, once for a promotion and once for a raise and it’s worked great for me, but I’ve always had good relationships with senior managers so I’ve never felt uncomfortable bringing it up.

    Alternatively start applying and interviewing elsewhere for the job that you want and hopefully get a few offers together. Approach your manager with this information and see if they move to keep you. Most of the time companies do genuinely prefer to recruit from within as it mitigates costs and time that would have to be spent sourcing and external candidate. If they don’t then you still have offers from elsewhere and can jump ship which isn’t too bad idea if they don’t value you enough anyway.
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  5. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I had another awful day where I've run out of work feeling sick with anxiety because of how stressful it is and how isolated I am, and I don't really know where the line is between having a bad day and the job just being too difficult for me is at the moment. I've only got 3 working days left to get through before I'm off on holiday for a fortnight which is a blessing of some sort but I'm going to have a serious think about quitting and finding something else while I'm off. Genuinely feel like I'm about to burst into tears and I couldn't even tell anyone why, it's just a generalised feeling of anxiety and being overwhelmed.
  6. I moved to Germany earlier this year, and I am finding their attitude to work stifling. I got taken into a meeting with my manager last week because a department head (not even in my department) made a complaint that I make tea too often. So now I have to make tea less often.
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  7. I hate this. Who has the time to keep tabs on what other people are doing? I wouldn't say it's a German trait either, it's a cunty trait.

    Where I currently work, I had to tell a colleague of mine that someone complained about her for talking on the phone too much and too loudly. She's a project site administrator that has to keep tabs on all of the plant and labour resources on the project site. Talking on the phone is part of her job.

    At my friend's work, someone there has been logging all of the times cigarette smokers leave the building to smoke, in a spreadsheet. The person's goal was to ask for an extra week's annual leave for all of the non-smokers because that's how much equivalent time they think smokers take for cigarette breaks.

    It's going to blow up in everyone's faces though because my friend is going to argue that all the coffee drinkers who go out to buy their coffee from cafés are wasting time. The time it takes to walk to the café, order, wait and walk back ends up being 15-20 minutes, when the company has a coffee machine in the staff kitchen. She thinks if you're going to call out smokers for wasting company time, call everybody out.
  8. Same guy had a fight with a colleague today, and the colleague ended up quitting over it. I think the guy's probably a cunt.
  9. kal


    So yesterday morning the company I work for held a surprise town-hall-type meeting where the CEO basically announced that 3 of our top brass managers and major shareholders were leaving the company. He then informed us that there is going to be a reorganization, some people might be fired and the next couple of weeks will be free vacation time for almost everyone in the company while they're making it all happen.

    It all feels a bit iffy. Should I start looking for another place to work? I'm not exactly spoiled for choice but I do have some viable alternatives.

    I feel bad because this past year I've really grown to like my team and work environment.

    And I've been informed that everything was going great because the CEO had been taking very hands-off approach, which will now change, as evidenced by his threats of firing people. I've been told he used to fire people just because he disliked them.

    So yeah. I'm confused.
  10. Use your time off to find another job. It is not worth making yourself feel like shit just to pay the bills @Solenciennes. A fortnight is more than enough time to take back your power and dignity.
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  11. Call centre work is the worst - it's fun for a short while and you make good work friends but, dayum, it burns your soul out through your ass.

    I always found that the better employee you were, the less impetus there was for management to develop you into any other role as most people there gave up caring.

    There was a big controversy at the one I worked in where a stats guy ran a report on calls under 30 seconds and found about 10-15 people were cutting off anybody with a foreign accent. That was a dramatic day watching people taken into a room from their desks and then run out crying ten minutes later and leaving for good.

    I had a manager that did something like this, she even said no to one persons request for a day off to go to their father's funeral, yet when she was denied a day's leave so called in sick that day, came back and then retroactively changed it to holiday as she had access.
  12. MFW


    Hey guys,

    I am looking for a little bit of advice and would appreciate any responses/PMs. I've been working full time in financial services since graduating university a year ago, however I've decided I'm not happy in the city where I currently live and I want to fulfil a dream I've had since I was 13 of living and working in London. My only regret is not moving there when I graduated (because of personal reasons which have now abated).

    Since this is my first time searching for a new job, and first time looking at jobs available in London, I was wondering if anyone could give some pointers as to where to begin looking. If anyone has any experience in financial services, that would be an added bonus. I have two years of experience in the industry (since graduation and a placement year) which I think would be sufficient to qualify me as a more experienced hire - or would anyone say otherwise? What websites are the best for job listings, other than looking at websites of my current company's competition? As I'm working full time and nowhere near London, it may be difficult getting to interviews; are companies okay with Skype interviews?

    I guess this is me just asking for some steering in where to start the search, which I realise could take a long time. ANY help would be appreciated!
  13. I have been a utility Clerk (fancy word for janitor/person who cleans everything)/Courtesy Clerk (Bagger) for almost two years. I am extremely tired of it now. I’m 26 and feel like I should have a real job now.

    I’ve been applying to data entry jobs and may have one lined up for later this month. It would be full-time and it starts at 11 dollars an hour which is a huge advantage over my (newly raised) 8 dollars with only 20-ish hours a week current job.

    I am going to apply in person for another job which is also data entry tomorrow. I shared my resume prior to which really only lists my typing skills and knowledge in some Microsoft and Adobe work. I received a call from them after I had my phone interview for the first job. I received another call from the same company but a different person who looked over my typing score today. I told him I was going in for an application tomorrow. They want someone to start as soon as possible. It is only for six months but if they like me, I can be hired on full-time which would be amazing. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get an interview too.

    Both would be on the computer, typing and some phone calls. The sitting would be an improvement on my poor feet. The first job is extremely far away by an airport and the city bus doesn’t go out there. My cousin wants me to work there but she’s not thinking about how I don’t have a car, so if we’re scheduled different times, I’m totally screwed.

    I could just really use a full-time job with a pay raise.
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  14. An update, I will have to put the second temporary company on hold as I have an interview Monday. The issue with the temp is that I need like a birth certificate which costs $15 I don’t have. I need to pull together a business outfit with $37 somehow.
  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I think I'm going to quit my job. My manager is awful and a bit of a bully and it's all gone to shit - using this bank holiday Monday to update my CV so that I'm ready to start looking for new jobs if there isn't a change of direction in the next few weeks. I feel a bit sick thinking about it all, she's gotten HR involved recently in some things and it all feels a bit threatening and horrible.
  16. I am also being bullied at work, it's the first time it's happened and it feels awful. My manager got a complaint from another manager that I was leaving early on a regular basis, and it didn't matter that I said I wasn't, his word trumped mine. They were going to fire me without even talking to me about it (I'm in probation still).

    I got told by my manager that I had a meeting with the company CEO, I asked what it was about and he said he didn't know. I went, and the CEO told me that the previous week, my manager had decided to fire me over this issue, but it's company policy to chat to employees in this case and see if it can be resolved. Following this chat, it was decided I wouldn't be fired, but that I would work set hours, whereas before I had flexible ones. I accepted this situation even though I wasn't happy about not being trusted.

    At the end of that week, the same manager who put in the complaint about me requested a sit down with me and my manager. He said that people in the building had been coming to him to say I don't greet them in the hallway and that it's becoming a problem. I swallowed that pill and said sure, I'll greet people more. As if people actually make complaints about not being greeted whilst making coffee in the morning.

    Now my manager is on paternity leave, and this bullying manager is responsible for me. He acts like I'm not there except when he actually has to talk to me. He got beers for everyone but me and toasted to my manager's new child, he invited the other guys on our team to a relevant conference but skipped me and so on. We're a team of 4, so it's all magnified. He also keeps a list of people he wants fired on a whiteboard in our office, and has crossed out the names as he's gotten them fired.

    I'm applying for other jobs, but it's been difficult to schedule interviews because of the fixed hours, and I've been told I can't take holidays during probation. Despite all this, I've really been trying to just ignore it and concentrate on the work, but I am beginning to feel really stressed out and sick and I think I will quit at the end of the month.

    Just writing this helps me feel less anxious about it all really.
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  17. Germany sis...
  18. Yeah, it feels exactly like my worst stereotypes about German workplaces. I'm aiming for international companies for my next job.
  19. What the fuck.
  20. That sounds absolutely awful. Hopefully you can find a new job and put this one behind you.
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