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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

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    Sorry you're going through this @Solenciennes and @Gasur, in my previous job I had difficulties with my manager and once they get into you they don't let up. I've managed to move on and being in a nicer environment you just cannot take it for granted. Good luck to both of you xx
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  2. My past experience with managers hasn't been too bad, but at my first job I accepted the position on the condition that I could work flexi-time as I was still recovering from a long-term illness, and any time I tried to take advantage of that ie. arranging to come in late the next day if I had a particularly challenging time the day before so I could adequately rest, or arranging to leave early and make up the time because I felt unwell by the days end, I was shut down which really upset me. I ended up just struggling through a lot of days, making myself sick and needing a lot more time off sick than I would have if the agreement was respected. Once I was healthier I really enjoyed the job and my relationship with my manager improved.

    I work remotely in my current job and it's a very solitary way of working, but I think it's becoming a normal way to work. I have little interaction with my manager beyond scheduled appraisals or just general catch-ups to share feedback whenever something crops up.
  3. Been offered a job girls
    In Malmö
  4. Why do I always feel better in the afternoon after working from home and positively inform my boss I will be there the next day, while I felt like dying in the morning again? The coughing was so bad altough headache was gone. I need to learn
  5. Does anybody have advice for slyly looking for a new job while in a 9-5? It's really limiting what interviews I can accept and the few I've been offered have been during my work week with very little notice so arranging flexi time or half days has been a bit of a nightmare to sort out.

    I don't hate my current job, but it isn't anywhere near an industry I'd like to move into but they've been really great and seen enough potential in me to promote me twice in six months of starting. I was recently put forward for a leadership programme, which I'm grateful for but it just isn't my kind of corporate environment.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I would just blatantly search while I had any free time. You don’t owe a company any loyalty just because you were the right person to invest efforts in at the time. I’m fairly sure employers legally have to allow unpaid leave for interviews too, right? Don’t quote me on that though, I might be wrong.

    I’m dealing with so much work related anxiety and stress at the moment. I despise my job and I despise the company, and at the moment it’s a means to an end to fund my move to London in just over three weeks to start my new job, and I know I should be looking forward and sticking it out but I can’t seem to summon the energy. I’ve been off all week due to my mental health and I’m going back tomorrow, but I’d actually rather jump off a bridge than set foot in that place again. I feel like I need to get a grip and just grin and bear it, but at the same time the thought of it is actually debilitating.
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  7. Might go for it actually. Anyone got any advice on negotiating salary?
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  8. I love filling out a job application in the evening and recieving the rejection email 15 hours later.

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  9. I have a little bit of good news today. I've been going through a couple temp agencies for data entry. Some places do end up hiring full time.

    Yesterday I received a call from a recruiter that I had talked to a couple weeks ago. He said a company wasn't doing interviews but he passed on my information and they wanted to make me an offer.

    So today I went to the temporary agency and filled out a ton of paperwork. I'm essentially hired. It's nine dollars an hour, but also full time and not far from where I live. It's for vital statistics. There's no telling on how long I'll be working there but it's better than nothing. The recruiter said he's had four people go on to permanent positions so that's good news. I'm not sure when I'll start since they're processing everything.
  10. Update on my situation, I got fired this morning. 2 weeks ago, I was assigned to make the GDPR email, signup pages and unsubscribe pages. I got no design to work off, just got told to make what I wanted. I submitted my work at the end of that week and got no feedback about it.

    Last Thursday at noon, the marketing manager decided he hated my design, and reassigned the whole project to the senior frontend developer. Bear in mind this had to be sent out on Friday by law. Well it was a complete disaster, they only just got the backend running at around 4pm on Friday, and they could only send out 2 thousand emails an hour without crashing the server.

    I'm relieved because I was utterly miserable every day going in. But I am also disappointed because it was my first job in a career switch, and it really didn't go how I wanted it to. And I wanted to quit rather than be fired.
  11. That’s terrible! I have to say that being fired gives some benefits here in the Netherlands with rights you get.

    Hopefully you’ll find something thats way better in future!
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  12. This is your first job and you got 2 weeks to design and develop an email and two different pages/flows, while facing a hard, legally enforced deadline?? That is horrific management on their part. Be glad you’re getting away from there.
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  13. Tell them what you want and they'll either say yes or no. Kick arse and good luck!
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  14. Educate yourself beforehand on how well people are paid in the role so you don't go way off the mark. Get an understanding of how the firm does compensation I.e. Low base but high commission, bonuses etc. So you're completely educated before starting. Also see what other benefits there are with the job (gym, holidays etc.)

    Start high, be confident and realistic. They may try and knock you down, so have a firm grounding in your back pocket and be prepared to walk away if they can't get you where you want to be.

    It's much harder to get pay rises when you're in a company so seeing how the person reacts to your offer is interesting too and can be quite telling on what future prospects there are like.
  15. Thanks, that's what I want to hear. I often felt that the management was awful, but because it's a totally new environment for me, I wasn't sure if it was just the pace of the industry, or whether I wasn't keeping up.
  16. Thanks folks.
    That's terrible. I hope you never have to put up with that again.
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  17. It sounds like they weren’t compliant with the existing data protection law as it was and hadn’t the first clue about GDPR compliance so tried to push it off onto you. You’re well shot of that lot.
  18. I seriously cannot fucking win with jobs . They say the closing date is the 31st and I go to apply for it and it’s no longer available
  19. I graduated in 2016 and pretty soon after went to Spain to work as a "language assistant" in a secondary school for a whole school year. The job was okay, but I felt like my life in Europe was exactly what I was missing in the US (better work/life balance, proximity to other interesting countries, rich culture and history, excellent climate). Due to Spanish bureaucracy and me not being totally on top of things, my application to renew my spot was all messed up, and I apparently did the wrong application for the type of job I had. I was absolutely beside myself at the thought of having to go back to my freezing cold, boring hometown where the majority of people's only social outing is going to a sports bar to watch a football game. I found a job here eventually, and it pays double what I got in Spain, and the work is somewhat interesting. I did, however, reapply to that same teaching assistant program and just found out I got in. I'm just unsure if it is wise to quit this job and go to one where I am making so much less. But the way I feel here versus how I felt in my daily life in Spain is night and day. It's definitely a head v. heart dilemma.
  20. My current job is such a massive factor in my current mental health crisis that I need out ASAP but finding anything suitable that pays enough is next to impossible. I have an interview on Friday for a job that pays nearly 10k more, is a step up and would probably mean moving to Manchester. I know that I want it far too much and that there’s going to be a lot of competition and I’m inevitably setting myself up for disappointment.
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