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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. I am not.
    I only actually got thinking about proper teaching once I started working as a language assistant, hence why I could do the training with them and get the qualification.

    The thing is that it's the colleagues from other departments that want me to stay.
    My department basically looks the other way when it comes about me. Even when one of the Spanish teachers retired last year, nobody even suggested me (might have been because the previous chief wasn't even keen of me).

    I don't know.
    I love my school and I love teaching these boys, but I just don't feel appreciated for the job that I do and makes me feel insecure as to whether I'd be a good teacher in the first place.

    Oh, well.
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  2. Ah, okay. If you don't feel appreciated by your colleagues, you shouldn't do it. I spent the first two years after my teacher training working in a school where I didn't feel appreciated either (like you, I was a kind of language assistant in that I was more of a coach, not a teacher), and as a result I spent a lot of time wondering whether teaching was for me. It wasn't until I started working at schools where my colleagues looked out for me that I started feeling like I'm a good teacher. You're really only as good as the teachers around you.
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  3. I feel like I may be having a similar experience to @Michael17

    I’ve just got a new job and after 2 weeks I’m finding myself a bit ostracised from my colleagues and I can’t really figure out why. Normally I find chatting and getting on with people quite natural and simple but here there just feels like there’s a hostile atmosphere whenever I open my mouth or even so little as catch someone’s eye.

    I haven’t done anything wrong, for the first couple of days I was my normal campy and self-deprecating self but the longer I’m there the more I find myself reclusing for fear of being judged which is so unlike me it’s unreal.

    I don’t feel like I should change because I’m content in my personal life and I don’t feel like I should mediate myself for the sake of people who aren’t going to like me anyway. I originally was just going to keep my head down and be a shit hot queen and let the work speak for itself but it’s starting to get to me now and on Friday my whole team literally got up and moved to another bank of desks as soon as free seats were available leaving me on my own. I haven’t really had that much interaction with anyone so I just find the whole thing so perplexing.

    Any thoughts? Should I even care?
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  4. Give them time.
    Also if they remain like this, their loss. Just do you babe.
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  5. I'm going to second what my good sis @Vasilios said... If you feel you're doing fine and doing the best you can, while enjoying what you do, I strongly suggest you do you.

    Your post comes across as if you're someone who knows what they want from life and are confident enough to move forward in life and I can only applaud that.
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  6. You are both stars. I’ve stopped reserving myself the last week (office drinks helped get the ball rolling so to speak) and the more I’m letting my normal personality show the more I’m seeing positive responses. I couldn’t give a shit if they actually like me or not, so long as I can go into work without dreading feeling like crap I’m quite happy so we shall see..
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  7. Yas hunty.
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  8. Currently four graduate scheme applications in

  9. We've been warned of potential redundancies and I'm... fine about it? Borderline happy even. I'm very bored and unchallenged, but certain facets of the job are pretty sweet.

    However, the last time I was laid off was from the chippy I worked in at 17 (£20 severance!) so have no idea how it all works.
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  10. 20 rejection mails and many more to come it seems

    Maybe I should go live on a farm or something
  11. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    So, my nightmare boss managed to terminate my (totally competent) colleague’s contract with immediate effect today. Still haven’t heard from my HR case manager about the grievance I raised over two weeks ago but my manager knows that I’ve filed a complaint which is uncomfortable and what happened today has just made it all feel even worse.

    Don’t know whether to stick the job out longer for all the good aspects and to see through the grievance or just hand my notice in and wash my hands of the situation. Truly horrible.
  12. LTG


    There’s no legal requirement to be given any redundancy pay if you’ve been there less than 2 years. Check your contract to see what you’re entitled to beyond basic statutory redundancy. There’s quite a long process to go through for companies to legally make someone redundant but if they’re offering a decent package you might want to volunteer if they go through with it.
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  13. Thanks - I'm only 2.5 years in, so will probably just get a little, I think it'll be awhile before they actually do anything though.
  14. Posted this in the rants thread not knowing this one existed.

    We hired a new girl a few months ago and over the last couple of months, she has clearly has gotten too big for her boots.

    It all started in September when I got an email from her with work to do while I was on holiday. I sent it back to her explaining that these things are supposed to picked up by everyone else in the team when someone was on holiday. The next day, I got a barrage of bitchy comments from her about work in the work group chat. I spoke with her and thought I had nipped it in the bud.

    As the senior developer in the office, when the boss is on holiday, I take on all his responsibilities and essentially run the office. And the entire time he was away last week, neither she or the other guy spoke 2 words to me the entire time. I tried to make conversation one day and was met with silence. And then on the Friday, she finished work early. She just got up, said bye and walked out. I contacted my boss to ask if it had been authorised and it was a case of she had gone to someone else in the team who said okay. So I'm raging because I feel like she's undermining my authority and not treating me with respect.

    As I was stopping for a holiday too, I was in a rush to get some work finished and I left a note for her in our work system explaining some work that needed to be done first thing on Monday morning. I put a completion time on it to emphasise the importance of it being done asap.

    The following day, I got an email through saying I had been added to some work so went to see what it was. And she had added me to a basic piece of work - literally a copy and paste job and put how it needed to be done asap on my return with a completion time on it. So clearly, she was pissed off at me assigning her some work (it's literally my job to do this) and it's all getting very tit for tat.

    I pulled her up in the work WhatsApp and was met with excuses - Oh I don't know how to do it, the time was just for a reminder. When I go back on Monday, I plan to confront her about all this but the problem is that my boss is so fucking passive - he just avoids any conflict and will not back me up on anything.

    But it's all so fucking childish. I should be able to do my job without getting shit for it and I should be able to go on holiday knowing that my work will be picked up like I have to do for everyone else.
  15. I’m not allowed to help production anymore because it somehow an issue with tracking. So now I will only spent time behind my pc
  16. So I’m just looking for a little bit of advice, I’ve been unemployed for the last 18 months due to personal reasons and living off my savings (no benefits) and I’m starting a new job in January.

    The company I’m working for has requested that I send them 18 months of my bank statements to check and I feel this is an unreasonable request, I have personal information on there (transfers from family members with bank details etc) and I’ve never heard of this, it’s a low entry job working for a UK bank, call centre and I only took this position as I wanted to have a job to ease myself back into work before I looked for something else.

    So I don’t know if it’s just me who feels this is a bit unrelasonable to request this as I’ve never had anything like this in my last jobs, just criminal, finance check and references.
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  17. It’s pretty much standard with most jobs I think - usually more proof of address.
  18. LTG


    18 months of bank statements seems strange. All they need is one or even just a stamped letter from your bank for proof of address.
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  19. That’s the thing it’s not for proof of address it’s to show I haven’t had any money from an employer. I just feel that asking for 18 months is excessive.
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  20. Isn’t that somekind of private info they would never be allowed to ask unless its goverment when you apply for support? Truly weird...
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