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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. That’s exactly what I thought. I’ve provided one statement on previous jobs but 18 seems extremely crazy to me and I’ve told them as such so I’ll see what they say. I’d expect it if it’s was due to Tax reasons or something government related but not this. So I’ll see how it plays out.
  2. Wait I misread your post, they want 18 months worth? That’s weird and excessive.
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  3. You should check legislation in your area for that to be sure, good luck!
    Or maybe there is a free consult line (we have one in NL for workplace stuff) in your geo too where you can ask
  4. R92


    My current job has left me frustrated and depressed for a couple years at this point, and I've spent quite a few sessions with my therapist trying to figure out strategies to either transition projects at my company or figure out a way out as seamlessly as possible. Suddenly, I'm getting a text from a former coworker and mentor telling me that a friend of hers at a dream company is looking for new employees and was wondering if I'd be interested. I revised and re-designed my entire CV in the following three days, then sent it to her. I woke up the next day to an email from the company asking when I'd be free for an interview. This job (and company) has the opportunity to change my life more massively than any other decision I've made career-wise, and it's both exciting and terrifying to have it all happen so quickly. I have my interview in a couple days and I have no idea what to expect from them or how this will go, but I know that I'm going to be a ball of nerves and anxious energy all weekend, and then likely the same after the interview.

    After a few years of staying at the same place and looking at my career in a slower, more linear way, it feels insane having the opportunity of a lifetime show up and have the ball rolling for an interview within a week.
  5. I've just finished up yet another temporary assignment somewhere and for like, the 24th (no hyperbole) time in my life I'm back online sending my CV away to places and attending the Jobcentre. I keep going round in circles and I really don't want to end up back in another dead end agency role and I WANT to take some time to volunteer and take a course or go part time somewhere and actually figure out my plan for the rest of my life but I live alone and have bills needing paid so I'm probably gonna end up in another shitty call centre within a few weeks.

    So frustrating. I love my independence and having my own place but it fucking sucks when you literally can't take any time out because you'll lose everything if you do. If only I was in a relationship and the bills were split.
  6. Why do they need to ‘be sure’ you’ve not had a payment from another employer?
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  7. I have no idea, it was a bit stupid in the end I did send them what they requested but then because my mother had sent me a few payments over the course of the year they started questioning that as well. At that point I told them politely to do one.
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  8. I'm currently looking to get a new job, I did a higher education in finance and I'm trying to become Head of Accounting in bigger companies. I basically already am in this company but it's small and it's just me and the CFO that are in Finance.

    Anyway, now no one wants to invite me for an interview because I have no leadership experience, well how am I supposed to get some if no one gives me the chance? So frustrating.
  9. so what happened?
  10. Every job in the world sadly.
  11. It’s really frustrating when you have to be twice as experienced and work your arse off to progress when people walk into jobs with a fifth of the effort. We love privilege, bias and the class system.
  12. R92


    Had the interview last week, and I think it went decently well. They said they’d get back to me in the next couple days (7-10 days from the interview and it’s only been a week since), so now I’m a pile of nerves until they let me know if I got it or not.
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  13. My first graphic design job...I was actually very unqualified (had like 6 lessons of Photoshop and Corel draw) and was only hired because of some water colour illustrations of some fruit I had with me and showed them. They had recently gotten a big wine company account as clients and they thought I could help with those nñ. A miracle. And when they called me to get paid the first month I was like 'me, paid? wow' I was that grateful to be hired and to actually be working. Of course I was lucky cause my parents were paying my rent and living costs. But yeah getting experience is such a struggle.
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  14. In my case it's tricky, because
    - My degree didn't include an internship pre-graduation
    - Architecture offices only want non-graduated interns
    - Architecture offices only hire you if you have at least one internship in your cv
    sooooo it's basically a vicious circle, and that's because my university didn't really follow a series of EU guidelines. Italy being decades behind western Europe? I could not believe it.
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  15. It's been around 1,5 month since I quit my first ever job, that I worked at for 5 years. The idea of finding something more to my liking in terms of field (music, gaming, English) consumed me and the horrible changes at the previous workplace made me do the next step and quit, which is a pretty big deal to me, because usually I tend to endure and sit in one place for as long as I can.

    The worst part so far is that I don't have a clear understanding of what position I want. Thus, searching for those that I find appealing turned out very stressful and confusing, because I started realizing that I don't really know anything except for English and every single employer regards it as a secondary skill, while I lack the main necessary skill they ask for.

    I'm sad.
  16. I told my boss last May that I pretty much want to finish implementing the new ERP by the first of January 2019 and then probably will soon leave the company.

    She also said in that talk that there is no real perspective for me in the next years and that they can't raise my pay since they paid 50% of my school for at least the next two years. This made me furious cause now I'm kinda being punished for doing a school that is benefical to them too?

    Anyway since then I had no further reaction but I've been looking for a new job for two months now but wasn't lucky yet cause I'm also a bit picky. Yesterday we had the yearly employee feedback and she asked me what my plans are next and I told her that I've already started looking for a new job.

    The horror in her eyes oh my god. Now she wants to meet again in 3 weeks and I have to tell what I want to stay for at least another year.

    Do I get lazy and just ask for a raise and then leave in a year or should I just continue looking for a job and then quit? I just feel like, why is she reacting NOW? She had since May to do something about it.

    I like the company but I should get paid much much more by my experience and I want to kind of lead a team of 2-3 people but we are so small that this won't be able for a few more years.
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  17. Everybody (and it really is everybody) is a newbie at some point.

    Your first week is probably going to be full of moments where you don't know how to do some thing or the other and you will have to ask for help, and that's perfectly fine. Learning/teaching doesn't only happen in classrooms. Heck, in my school I'm teaching even my superiors how to do certain things.

    Also, every workplace has their own way of doing things, so even if you're in the same field as your previous job or whatever, you'd still have to learn how to do X or Y the way your new place wants it.

    Try not to overthink it. You'll get there and you'll see it was nothing to worry about.

    Congrats and good luck!
  18. How do we feel about... CVs longer than a page?

    I've been trying to keep a concise one-pager for years but I think the dam has finally broken.
  19. I was always told two pages.
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  20. Two pages max is what I've been told. One is neat but I need more room otherwise it looks so cramped. You can always decrease font size a little.

    Last time I made one was using enhancv & novaresume like 1 and a half years ago to get something stylish for free.
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