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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. I hade one for 2.5 pages and was told to put it to max 2 pages immediately in a job interview dddd...
  2. I think a concise one-pager is rly that bxtch, but SOME people are actually impressive enough for two pages.
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  3. Well I've started doing some small interviews now and I forgot how much I hate them.

  4. Don't know if this would be of interest to anyone but I wrote an article on LinkedIn about job hunting and tips & advice on how to not let the process get you down based on my experiences. Feel free to give it a read

    Wrote the article years ago but I still from time to time will get messages from people about it and how it helped them feel a bit better.
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  5. Do any HR hunties, or anyone with experience in this, know what the notice period is during a probationary period? In my contract it only states on month's notice for permenant employees and nothing about those on probation. I'm in a position where I'm afraid to actually ask HR because they have such personal ties to my managers so they'd know I was leaving right away (as wrong as that is).
  6. If it doesn’t specify a separate notice period then I’d assume the notice period is one month regardless of whether you’re on probation or not.
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  7. This website claims it's one week -
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  8. Probation period is usually a week.

    You can say your going there and then, but a week is a good way ending things amicably.
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  9. I had an interview for an accounting/finance position a few weeks ago and finally heard back - they want me to take a preemployment personality/analytical/language assessment with a management psychologist they hire to assist with recruiting.

    Is this typical? I'm annoyed because 1) I already took a similar assessment online before being contacted for a phone interview, 2) I figured that an initial assessment + a phone interview + an in-person interview with 3 people (that I used PTO to attend) would be enough for any employer to make a final hiring decision, and 3) this is another step in the process where I could possibly fuck up a good opportunity to quit my current job that I hate.
  10. Ask what is different from those and the initial assessment. I understand they want to and it's common (sadly), but usually it's just two, which are personality & skills (analytical) or something like that.

    If you have certain degrees (esp. for languages or analytical by courses/education stuff) perhaps you can get those to be left out. Good luck!
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  11. Hm, so I don’t know what to think about this one...

    I think I experienced a homophobic micro-aggression thingy at work.

    So, just a few days ago, my colleague finishes up a phone screen with a candidate (I work in recruiting) and leans over to another one of my colleagues and whispers “he was so gay, he was SO GAY”. Uh.

    A day after, I told a friend and a co-worker what happened and both were shocked. At the time the comment was made I didn’t really know what to think, but both of them encouraged me to speak with my manager. And so I did. My manager is also gay, so he empathized with how confused this left me and promised to speak with his boss about it.

    Should I feel guilty that I reported this? I didn’t see the severity of her comments until others pointed it out. It’s also left me to reflect on my own queerness and how visible, or in this case audible, I should let it be.

    I would hate for my sensitivity over this to lead to any serious repercussions for her but was encouraged to speak up about this. So, I dunno.

    I guess this is my question: should have I just kept my gay ass quiet?

    Sidenote: Others have been complaining about her behavior, so was already going to be talked with. Sooo I don't feel too bad.
  12. Absolutely not. While reporting can cause friction, it's the right option. Your silence would've been turning a blind eye to this kind of reckless, silly language that gets banded about aimlessly by those unaffected by its impact. Fuck her problematic ass. If others have been complaining, it's clearly an issue that needs addressing.
  13. A client of ours had all agreements terminated this week because he wanted to go on a social outing with us to a skeezy bar and strip club and was "disappointed" that the account team assigned to them is made up two women, three gay men, and a straight guy who isn't white. Allegedly, someone in sales gave the impression we're stuck in 1987.
  14. I thought Peter Stringfellow died last year?
  15. This is really interesting, I also work in recruiting and in my last job (the one I posted about a few pages back) I was cornered by a colleague on a night out who demanded to speak to me about why I wasn’t communicating with staff and then preceeded to tell me that people really like me but were “apprehensive about speaking to me because the last gay person that worked here was really nasty.”

    Safe to say I was mortified, what the hell has that got to do with me? I was quite dumbfounded but didn’t say anything because I was new and didn’t want to ruffle feathers. It only got worse with him repeatedly telling me that he had a lot of time for me... even though I was gay / always prefacing everything he said with “I don’t care that you’re gay.”

    Couple that with a disastrous AGM in Birgmingham where I was left without a hotel room because the person I was sharing with decided he wanted a cheap fuck (5 years in a relationship btw) and had to make my own way home to Glasgow at 5 in the fucking morning.

    I’d never experienced such obvious (however mild) homophobia before, especially not in the workplace and now that I’m starting another job in the same industry (more HR and internal than agency though) I’m terrified of walking into a similar environment.

    I did find in my last job that the culture was very much geared towards ‘fuck you I’m making that placement and getting my money, I’m going to pretend to love you all but would stab you in the back without a seconds notice if I had to.” Do we think they specifically look for abrasive / direct individuals because they think it’ll drive sales thus indirectly onboarding people with a lack of empathy/respect by default or do I sound fucking mad?

    Any, bottom line (sorry) is I’ll never allow myself to be treated that way again for the sake of a job and will speak up, I just pray I never have to.
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  16. I've been forced to look for another job and I really dread having to write letters and doing job interviews again. I keep putting it off. I should be able to get a job fairly quickly because teachers are always in demand, but my confidence was knocked quite a bit at my last school so I'm really scared of getting it wrong again.
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  17. My current freelance gig (I’m a freelance writer) is coming to an end and my next gig doesn’t start for another 8 week. Low key shitting it, but high key looking forward to the break. It’s weird.
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  18. I'm so confused by my job (and future lack thereof) today. My contract will be terminated basically because of my social anxiety, lack of connection with the team etc., and yet a lot of colleagues have told me that they think it's strange that I have to leave. I've also had numerous students telling me this week that they think I do a good job at teaching (and that they miss me), which is making me feel quite torn about the whole thing.

    I don't know whether to believe my bosses telling me that I don't belong here because of my shyness or believe my students who tell me I'm actually not half bad. It's so confusing for my self-esteem.
  19. I've just started looking for a new job, it's exhausting.
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  20. Believe the students.
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