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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. I got a new job with an HIV policy-making charity in Edinburgh. Woop woop. This came after not getting school-related role in Glasgow last year that would have been cool (and a big step up if my heart was in school fundraising) and then a job I was offered in London I declined.

    Current job has been instrumental in me getting said new role, but there was literally no progression. Got what I could out of it for 2 years, and moving on. It's nerve-wracking but in a fantastic way. New challenges, new skills to learn and the main thing is that I fucking care about the work being carried out.
  2. I got declined for a job I have been interviewing for for the past month that I really wanted. I’m not happy about it, but my former boss is trying to poach me somewhere else so maybe this is how it was meant to play out. Someone grab me my crystals.
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  3. I am fuming a bit. As I posted a few days ago I got a new job which I'm super happy about.

    But for my current job they found a replacement. The new guy will earn around 15% more than me eventhough he is a bit younger and I have a higher education.

    It's interesting that NOW they can pay more cause they need to, but when I wanted more they didn't want that.

    Jokes on them, I am earning 40% more on my new job, HA!
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  4. Well I was trying to stick it out for a job at my current place that I really wanted but someone else seems to be getting the tap on the shoulder. Oh well I have a job that’s 11k more a year in London I’ve been offered.

    It’s really frustrating when you put so much into developing yourself and yet it always seems it’s never good enough.
  5. 2014

    2014 Moderator

  6. Does anyone else hate networking? As part of my job I end up going to a lot of functions and trying to mingle/network but I just find it so awkward and unpleasant. I know you have to not just to promote your current work but to also make personal connections that can help you in the future but I just hate it


    but I do not hate the free wine

  7. worst part about that. i just feel awkward if something like that happens.
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  8. “It’s not what you know but who you know” is so true!’, networking is painful.
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    Solenciennes Moderator

    Since I accepted my new job offer (due to start at the end of this month), another person outright quit the team I'm in - taking that team down to just 1 person, and the lady I was meant to be working with in my new job just handed her notice in today and I just have 3 days to learn as much as I can from her before I go off on holiday because she'll be gone by the time I come back. I'm the most experienced person in my new job, 3 weeks before I start it.

    My head hurts.
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  10. My already dull job has decided that we are no longer allowed to have phones, bags, coats, or even paper on the work floor.

    It's beginning to feel like a social experiment to see how long it takes us to crack.
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  11. Good luck! Ask for a raise because you'll be getting more work & responsibilities...
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  12. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Ffff no chance of that happening, the manager I’m leaving made a point of slating me to my new manager, saying that I’d only applied for the job to try and get a pay rise and saying I didn’t deserve the salary I’m currently on - my new manager told me all of this because we all know she’s awful to work with. She tried to get me one anyway but HR said it wouldn’t be possible, but it feels like every day is some fresh hell at the moment so who knows.
  13. I am so done with my job. I cannot stand it, yet any other internal positions I go for seem to just pretend I don't exist. I applied for something where the deadline was March 29th and I've still heard nothing. It'll be the 8th or 9th internal job I've gone for. I honestly don't quite get what I'm doing wrong.
  14. Well, I got the 'sorry but no thanks' email today. I give up. I honestly don't know what to do anymore.
  15. Search for jobs outside the company. I find I'm most confident about getting a job when I already have one.
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  16. I do try for things outside my current workplace but the last few I just never got a single word back. It's so annoying as well because I worked for 5 and a half years for one company and when I moved to Manchester, they basically said they didn't need all the work I'd spent years doing at my old store so I became disillusioned and left - they won't even consider hiring me back despite the sheer amount of experience I have with them and the knowledge I could bring.
  17. Do you have a supervisor or manager you can discuss this with? I did this when I struggled with promotions and they gave me some insight as to what I needed to show in my applications to get noticed.
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  18. At the moment, we're severely understaffed as it is so as well as nobody probably having the time to be able to help, I don't want to announce that I'm trying to jump ship too. It's super annoying. There's a chance my entire department could be taken away so everyone's in the same boat of trying to look for things anyway but they're determined to not tell us until the last second if we're safe or not.
  19. Ok so I'm gearing myself up to hand in my notice tomorrow, with absolutely nothing lined up for me afterwards. I'm on the waitlist for anxiety therapy, and going in to work every day is seriously just crushing me down more and more! I will be so happy to get out of this job - I've got enough savings to see me through about 6 months, so that cushions the blow, but I'm obviously nervous about the process of resigning and then the job hunt afterwards.

    If anyone has been in similar situation and can offer advice, please do!
  20. Just with this, you're fine!
    My overdraft is, like, jealous of all that coin dd

    I was thinking of doing any kind of job when I came back home this summer (was thinking of applying to my fav bookshop), but I feel like I want to go back to studying... so I might throw the net at a bunch of completely unrelated to my career HNC/HNDs and see what I catch.
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