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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. How did you get on with handing in your notice?
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  2. Hey, thanks for asking! It actually went really well despite my nerves, my boss was really nice about it and has promised a great reference and everything. It kinda made me feel bad for leaving dddd but I know that having an end date set in stone will help me get myself together - one reason I stayed at this job so long was because I got stuck in a loop of looking at jobs and thinking "oh, will my notice period be over by this start date, will I be able to get time off for interviews" etc. (basically any excuse to not make a decision at all) and staying put, getting more scared to leave.

    Both options sound good but honestly, if you feel motivated for the further study you should go for it! Even if it's not related to your career it's all experience, plus you might find something else to enjoy.
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  3. Glad to hear it. I hope you find something good out there for yourself, there’s always something around the corner!
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  4. On Monday I'll finally get to know if I'm getting the promotion I've fucking worked my ass off these past couple of months...
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  5. My department has been under review since probably mid 2017 and we're finally* getting the results to see if we're losing jobs etc in May.

    *Just like we were getting them in March, and December 2018. And 2017. I'm so over it now.
  6. My colleague at work decided to get himself a deadline and is leaving at the end of the year. How will I ever survive for another year (cuz the office will be moving end 2020). Help.
  7. I’m earnestly using this space to ask y’all for advice or any pre-interview rituals you have which might come in handy for me tomorrow.

    This will be my fourth interview this past month so I’m undoubtedly getting better (I guess) but generally struggle when the stakes feel high and I’m down to the final two candidates this time and really, really want out of my current job.

    Like, I’m doing all the research I can and rehearsing my answers enough but I really, really want out of my fucking job tomorrow and thought I could use all the help I can get.

    xoxo Joanne
  8. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Look for an opportunity to crack some kind of joke early in the interview to take any tension out of the situation and relax yourself, I inevitably always feel like I'm going bright red and going into terrified autopilot until that happens! Good luck sis.
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  9. My contract was terminated for reasons I've already posted about loads in March, and I've since taken a lot of time off to focus on my mental health. Apart from a couple of brushes with anxiety my mental health has been better than ever, but I feel like I'm also kind of putting off job-searching at the moment. I'm really scared that I'm going to end up in the wrong place again.

    But on the other hand I'm really keen to start teaching again, so hopefully I'll find something sooner rather than later.
  10. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I'm so happy with the job I'm in right now but another job has come up elsewhere that I've interned at before, so I've applied for it because I feel it's better from a career perspective, and I just want to see how it goes. I'm actually optimistic ddd but will be happy to not get it, but kind of seething as well if I don't??? It's a weird scenario but

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  11. Good luck @Reboot, I know you can do it!
    It's better to be without a job than be with one that you are for sure not going to keep for a long while due it being unfitting for whatever reason in my opinion, which hopefully resonates well with HR people whenever they ask about a gap due the current search.
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  12. I’ve read some of the recent posts on this thread about leaving a certain job because of mental health and while everyone’s circumstances are different, I always recommend leaving if it means your mental health with benefit.

    A few years ago I was in a job that drove me into depression and gave me extreme anxiety, which I sadly still have brushes with today. After my third panic attack in one day I left the job. I had nothing else lined up and it was a weird and dark period in my life for many reasons, but I feel like I saved my own sanity in the grand scheme of things.

    I know people’s finances are always different and some can’t afford to just sack it all in, neither could I at the time. But I always have to remind myself that with jobs and work you’re replaceable almost instantly and your own mental stability is worth so much more.
  13. I've been unemployed for the whole of this year after leaving my last job to take care of my mental health, and honestly it's been the best decision I could've made in the situation. The space has let me finally get my head around why things were so bad (and god they were bad) and what I can do to find a job that won't affect me as much.
  14. I’m sad.

    So yesterday was my fourth job interview in as many weeks and I didn’t get it. It’s also the fourth consecutive week I’ve put my all into learning everything I can about these companies and sectors and trends and whatever other bullshit I could acquire (I spend three hours a day commuting to my current role and, between that, work, actually filling out the applications and gym, I... literally have no free time elsewhere) only to be told that I performed great and they’d hire me, they just went with another candidate who had more experience.
  15. I hate that. I'd almost rather not be told I was good in that situation.
  16. It’s the worst because there’s nothing you can take away from it, it’s not constructive, it doesn’t give you something to work on or improve. Most of the time places that say that just didn’t want to bother giving real feedback (not to say you weren’t great!, but you get me!)
  17. Do you guys ever have amazing days at work and you feel 100% fulfilled, and then you suddenly go through a phase where you legit just want to drop everything and quit? It's a vicious cycle and each time the 'dark' days get darker.

    I came to a realisation that even the 'good' days aren't as good and I've just sadly lowered my expectations. I tried to quit 2 weeks ago but got cold feet and started making excuses like 'At least I'm working', 'Maybe staying home won't be good for my psyche ' and my favourite 'I'll quit after the summer'. As I'm typing this, I realise that I'm just sweeping my problems under the mat. Anyone here ever been through something similar?
  18. I get that @spaceship

    My works been difficult recently. We just fired someone for being shit at their job. I knew something was up because I had found out that they had been whatsapping another colleague during work despite the fact they sit right beside each other. To me, you would only be doing that if you are saying something you don’t want others to hear. And I was right.

    After the sacking, I found that they had been talking shit about me and I have no idea why because I was always super helpful and friendly. I guess I must have resting bitch face.

    Anyway, this is the 2nd time this has happened but my boss refuses to deal with the other colleague of mine. We work closely together and he’s always very friendly to my face but how am I supposed to act all nice when this guy is constantly talking shit about me behind my back whenever a new member of staff joins?
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  19. This sucks. I don’t know if that helps but what if you just straight up confront your coworker and clear the air? It’s probably better than the awkward ‘I know what you did’ tension. People that start unnecessary office drama are the worst so I totally understand your situation.
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  20. Random question: When a person gets married and they go from being, say, Chloe Brown to Chloe Brown Thomas, is the surname now Thomas or Brown Thomas, or would it need a hyphen to be Brown-Thomas?
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