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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. I've had a similar experience at my current job, so I brought in cakes and biscuits from France (all my colleagues but one are French). The begrudging thanks from some of them was very much worth it.
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  2. Looking back, my previous job was like that. There were moments when I genuinely loved the job, but underneath it all I was experiencing a lot of anxiety that was putting a strain on both my mental and physical health. When I look back on the mood journal I kept throughout that period, I'm really shocked at how terrible I felt, in hindsight.

    If you feel like the bad days are becoming more prevalent than the good ones, then I think that's enough reason for you to start figuring out if you should maybe look for something else. Don't let the dark days get worse, basically.
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  3. That’s great advice because like you said, the bad days are becoming more recurrent. I already feel like I’m somewhat detached from my current job and I’m just there for the salary and the time.
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  4. It’s completely Chloe’s call. There’s no hard and fast rule, so Brown might now be a middle name or part of her last name. You’d need to ask her.
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  5. What's the general opinion on follow-up emails? I applied for a position two and half weeks ago and it wasn't a public posting so I can't track if it's been filled yet, but I haven't heard anything back from the manager either (they never even bothered responding back that they received my application ddd). I mean... I doubt they're interested but it was the ~perfect job~ and I want to know what's up.
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  6. 2014

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    I think you've waited long enough to be able to send a 'just checking did you get my email' kind of message?
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  7. On LinkedIn, a recruiter looked at my profile and sent me a message about a job. I replied to say I was interested in hearing more details about it. She looked at my profile again and didn't respond. This is worse than Grindr.
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  8. The only message I ever gotten on linked-in was a 'hey you're handsome' one.
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    ok show off1!
  10. My boss recently complained about me coming in 5 minutes late (which literally almost never happens) and the week before having a little longer lunch on Friday with a friend, which I made up by working longer.

    Now this week he already left half an hour earlier once and also said something like he had to go soon due traffic another time. I can't. What a way to make this work environment toxic. Why are people like this?

    It's still a great job, but this is giving me supermarket time punching anxiety.
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  11. Well he's the boss sis.
  12. LinkedIn recruiters are the worst, they harvest as many contacts as possible to present to clients, don't take it personally.

    Still waiting for a reply x
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  13. I start a new job next week and the thought of having to demonstrate competence and friendliness to a whole new bunch of people, I...

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  14. kal


    All the more reason to lead by example.
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  16. He's not the CEO but indeed my boss. We're all equal of course...
  17. This policy starts in 2 weeks, and we had a meeting about it today. We now cannot bring in external coffee (like Starbucks, Costa etc), and we must remove labels from any soft drinks we bring in. Apparently there's a fear we might be hiding tiny cameras in them.
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  18. Does she werk in the Kremlin tho?
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  19. What horrendous workplace is this?
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  20. It's for one of the internet giants. It would make sense if I worked with sensitive information, but I don't even
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