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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Welp, not my lucky day.
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  2. Had a job interview today. The place was everything I've ever wanted and the interview went so well . . . and then I received a phone call saying I won't be making it to the next step of the process. I don't know what these people want from me anymore.
  3. And 9/10 they don’t give you any feedback so you’re just left wondering. Ugh. Sorry to hear that though, I feel your pain.
  4. Exactly that. I didn't get any feedback at all! (And I felt too disappointed to ask.)
  5. Just saw a vacancy that's literally the same job I've had for the past two years, except at a different school (where I briefly worked three years ago, but at a different location). If nothing comes out of this ...
  6. The problem is someone’s usually lined up for a job before it even goes out to advert...
  7. Has anyone here been signed off with stress?

    My workplace is horrendous and I’m past the point of being able to cope and it’s making me very ill. But I’m too worried about it damaging future job prospects and a reference.
  8. Focus on your health and forget the 'this might happen', you need to concentrate on what's happening now.
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  9. I’d call it depression, so that it’s illegal if future employers try to discriminate.

    I really doubt it would cause issues with future jobs, so just take the time you need to get your mental health back on track. You are worthy.
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  10. I have been signed off before but as soon as I went back, I basically quit after two days. Nothing had changed. Get yourself signed off and take some time for yourself but try and see if you can apply for something new while you’re doing so.
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  11. Today I've sent out more letters to schools that I'm 100% sure won't even invite me for an interview. I'm tired.
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  12. This is still much better than I'm doing. I can't even find positions that incite at least a hint of curiousity in me. I mean, I understand that at this point I need a job, but that doesn't mean I would opt for anything.
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  13. Any tips for dealing with a colleague who is blatantly bitching about you from four feet away?

    Ripping out their Adam’s Apple might help but I’m looking for a more ‘constructive’ approach.
  14. Either report it to HR or confront them directly, in a very calm manner. Or report it to your line manager for them to speak with the person?
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  15. I find out on Tuesday if I still have a job or if we're all being made redundant. I feel sick with anxiety and I just wanna cry.
  16. Ignoring would be the best. These people just want a reaction. And they probably know you're listening in that's why they're literally doing it (almost) in front of you.

    The key to survival in an office environment: NONE OF THEM ARE YOUR FRIENDS. TRUST NO ONE.
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  17. They’re cutting staff by half so I literally have a 50% chance of keeping my job.
  18. It's gotten to a point where I'm getting rejection e-mails literally every day. It's slightly demotivating.
  19. @Reboot How about lowering your expected salary slightly and see if it has positive responses? You can always ask for the amount you actually want if/when they confirm you.
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  20. I've just finished Architecture at uni, and the way it's set up is a 3 year degree, 1 year work in industry, 2 year masters, more work in industry. To continue becoming an Architect/do a Masters you have to have the years work in industry first. We were told there's a 100% employment rate after our course but it just seems like 90% of the jobs are in London, which I cannot afford to move to or survive on the 'work in industry assistant' rate (which would be fine for anywhere else in the country but for London I just don't think it's doable (and this doesn't even encounter deposit costs for a flat which I can't afford outright anyway)).

    I've applied for literally every firm in my (not small city) & am working my way through other Northern/Midlands cities, but it's just so disheartening when all your friends have got interviews offered to them within a few days and I've got rejection emails despite having the same degree classification.

    And then in the meantime I've had to sign on, because I can't survive on nothing and I am jobseeking, but being bollocked for not applying to random jobs weekly is not the tea, I haven't done a 3 year degree to give up job-searching after 4 weeks to work in a factory, or to be grilled on why I haven't applied to certain jobs I'm nowhere near qualified for (which are after Masters jobs).

    I just don't think universities should sell the dream of 'everyone becomes an [insert main career that course leads to]' when there's nowhere near enough jobs to go around, and that's coming from someone who has a very good degree grade!

    Basically I'm becoming despondent with everything and because I'm no longer living in my uni town I don't even have access to my sugar daddy which means retail therapy is definitely out of the question ":("
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