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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Do you have any advice for phone interviews? I always do the usual stuff (resume and job description with me) and have practice answers down but if I say a two or three sentence answer and there's no reaction on the other end of the phone I try adding more but I feel like I ramble and lose focus. At least in real interviews you can use body language to know when it's time to end a question.
  2. I ... actually don't mention my salary anywhere in my letters. I'm a teacher, so there's not a lot you can negotiate about because every type of salary for every type of position is already set in stone. I more or less already know what I'm going to earn next year.

    Anyway, I just got rejected from a school that I thought I was extremely qualified for, so I'm beginning to believe I've been cursed. I'm so confused because when I'd been job searching previously, I found a brand new job within a month.
  3. ffff trying to get references only to find half the staff have changed jobs since you've left uni and don't work there anymore is not fun.
  4. Yeah I'm like a crazy person getting written references before I leave a place now for that reason.
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  5. What do you do in those cases? I always just leave the general HR number but now, I'm not sure.
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  6. I've gotten lucky because one of the tutors I had in third year is not only still there, but is now the head of the department so I've e-mailed him and he's said it's not a problem. I probably would've e-mailed the head of the department/whoever taught me that I recognised and put someone's name down in the meantime and kept my fingers crossed nn.
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  7. Nothing quite like pressing send on a job application.
    Now the waiting begins nn
  8. I am so stressed with work at the moment. It’s just awful. It’s our busiest time of year yet we know in two months we’re being made redundant and they’re still expecting us to give a shit about everything.
  9. Have they confirmed who is going or is it still a 50% reduction?

    I know how you feel though, I’ve been made redundant a few times and it’s total shit, a horrible situation. But my approach has always been to try and make the most of it, sometimes in these situations if you change your mindset and try and see it as an opportunity, during redundancy periods in the past I’ve been able to gain experience I wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise, whether that be stepping up to help in a higher role due to people leaving early or something, it’s really helped develop the CV, and sometimes the people they see just mucking in and getting on with it are the ones they keep on.

    All being said, it definitely depends on where you work and whether it’s even possible, and it’s sooooo tough to try and be positive in a shit situation, because it’s totally demoralising. But it’s really helped me in the past.
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  10. It’s still a 50% reduction but we all have to reapply for our jobs and they’re not ring-fenced so none of us could get one. They talked redeployment but all the job equivalent matches aren’t suitable or within my remit.
  11. I have felt so dispassioned and numb to work for so long (ie. years). I have worked at the same company for almost 15 years, they have always treated me super well and I am fairly paid etc but my greenie, pinko commie heart just isn't in it and never has been. They all know it too and still seem to both like and rate me.

    I guess my main fears are that a) I'm not as good as I have always been told I am because I don't really know anything/anywhere else and b) it seems unwise to work at the one place for so long, even though there have been plenty of promotions and moving around along the way.

    With another 30ish years of working ahead of me and a world that is clearly a dumpster fire, I am torn between holding on to a steady, decent-paying job (I am all but cold to) and moving into something new that will no doubt be beneficial to me in many ways, but likely to involve a pay cut, a whole lot of insincerity/pretending to care and a general lack of financial security if it doesn't work out. I am also the primary breadwinner at home and my BF kind of relies on me for that, to which I owe him no ill will.

    I know in many ways I am in a super enviable position, which is also kind of the reason I am hesitant to go anywhere. It has also meant I haven't had a sound night's sleep in forever due to this existential angst. Sorry for the rant, I feel better for having thought about this and written it down and would really love to hear anyone's thoughts or experiences.
  12. I’ll soon be leaving my job for an £11,000 pay rise in London! Hooray!
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  13. Do you live in London right now? I feel like most of that would get swallowed up lol. Congratulations tho!
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  14. I don’t so I imagine a lot of it will yes, my plan is to do the job for a couple of years and then potentially move back up north. Thank you!
  15. Had a really positive job interview last week. They were quite enthusiastic about me, but sadly they didn't hire me in the end because they preferred to have two people working in the same position for just one day each. (Which just wouldn't be enough for me as I'd get bored as fuck working for less than three days a week, and I'd probably never build a connection with my colleagues, which is what got me in trouble last time.) It's a shame; I think if the vacancy had been just a bit bigger they probably would've hired me based on what the interviewer told me on the phone yesterday.

    I still have a couple of outstanding applications here and there, but the school year is ending soon so the amount of decent vacancies (with good job prospects) is getting smaller and smaller.
  16. The way the exam board assesses student work is stifling creativity. I always feel like the bad guy when I advise students to avoid certain art styles or influences that the WJEC don't like. I'm wondering if I'd enjoy running skills and creativity workshops instead, away from the structured element...
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  17. Had another interview today. It went quite well really, but I still left feeling ... uncomfortable. I was told the vast majority of the students at the school is white and male, and based on what the students are training to become I can see there being a sub-culture of toxic masculinity that I don't really want to be in the middle of. I know the school itself has a good reputation, but if I taught there I wouldn't feel comfortable at all.

    I can't see myself being invited for another interview as there were other reasons that make me completely unsuitable for the job (like the fact that the timetables apparently change weekly, which makes me anxious just thinking about it), but today has really left a lot of questions and doubts in my mind.
  18. I'm currently writing a cover letter and honestly I think that jumping from my balcony would be more pleasant. I hate to write about myself.
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  19. The very straight married guy that I have a mini crush on and sits opposite me was humming Lucky by Britney Spears to himself today. He even did the key change. Mini crush might turn into mega crush at some point.
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  20. I always dream of leaving my job in Canada and moving overseas. I just need a change, a new life. My life where I live is so unfulfilling, dull and I'm just over it and ready to move on but unsure of where I'd like to go and how to go about it.

    Anyone ever leave for another country? What did you do?
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