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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. I got an in person interview and they didn't even ask me the maths questions!
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  2. So my manager is the person I respect and trust and get on with most in my team... and he’s leaving.

    It’s made me immediately want to quit as well, but that feels pathetic and needy. So I’m just very unhappy.
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  3. This was kinda me, when my boss decided to leave. Well, that and the fact that they wanted to dump his responsibilities on me an another manager without promoting us or raising our salaries...
  4. I have an interview in a few days and am really excited and nervous for it at the same time.

    A Happy & Sad by Kacey Musgraves tea.
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  5. Does anyone else work in radio? Or has done so in the past?
  6. I do. Internet radio but I freelance for independent producers too.
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    My best work hunty is leaving and I'm lowkey devastated - but I may be gaining their role meaning more money and responsibility, but it still sucks.
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  8. I start my new job on Monday! I'm pretty nervous but mostly looking forward to a fresh start!
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  9. The new school year is beginning again soon, so veeery slowly new vacancies are beginning to trickle in. Sadly only in places I've never even heard of, though. Hopefully September means an influx of new vacancies, because my life has absolutely no meaning at the moment.
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  10. This is so true and so sad. I've been in a vegetative state for some time now due to the lack of a job. I tried fighting it, but it's really hard.
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  11. nn same.
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  12. I know this can sound a bit annoying (God knows I used to roll my eyes when people would tell me this whilst I was out of work) but maybe doing some volunteering would help you? Honestly there's just so much opportunities out there that you can get involved in depending on your area - whether it's a long term thing befriending someone who needs it, helping out at a soup kitchen once a week or even just making goody bags or setting up stalls at an event as a one off. You can meet so many amazing people, put it on your CV and it just feels good to be active and involved in something where the focus is on helping others and you're not just there to get paid.

    Also, sometimes just volunteering somewhere and meeting the right people can open up other doors and lead to a paid role anyway. I know you're probably looking for a permanent, full time gig with a certain salary and sometimes it can be frustrating when people try give this sort of advice but honestly it's worth a shot?
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  13. Honestly, you're not the first to suggest volunteering. It is something to think about, thanks.
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  14. I’m in a strange situation. Wondering if anyone has some advice. I’m based in the UK so this relates to UK employment laws.

    My role is being made redundant (along with several others - around 50 or so). But in the new structure there’s an equivalent role at same level as me. It was being filled by a secondee at the time of redundancy announcements (and she has since gone back to her permanent role), so I said I’d be interested in it. I was the only person who expressed interest as it’s not really a role anyone else is experienced enough in. I had an interview and didn’t get it, despite being around 80% capable of doing the role. The rejection reasons given were flimsy, one of them being something which was on the job description as “desirable” rather than “essential”. The other being a lack of understanding of a term not even mentioned in the job spec. Both are things I think I could learn more about in the job but not even a trial period was offered or suggested.

    So, yesterday I raised it as a formal grievance. Has anyone here ever been through a situation like this? Or are there any HR people who can offer advice? I’m just waiting to hear back now but it’s quite unsettling!
  15. Has anyone here ever quit their permanent job to start contracting without having one lined up? I’m on 3 months notice so I have loads of time to find something but I’m still nervous about it.
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  16. Same. My mood has actually dipped quite badly since I made that last post. The last couple of days have ... not been good. At all. I've gone from feeling sort of okay and positive about the whole job-seeking thing to genuinely hating myself and assuming the entire world hates me and that I have no future. I've gone back to my self-destructive ways, as well. I'm slightly worried about my mental state, to say the least.

    On the upside, for some reason my brain has decided that the only thing that makes me feel better is doing a ridiculous amount of walking, so at least I feel sort of decent physically. Mentally, not so much.
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  17. I totally get how you feel. One day I can be quite alright and positive at the prospects, but the other day... I barely can get out of bed.

    I really hope the start of the new school year would help you find something nice.
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  18. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I’m doing so well in my new job and my new colleague is starting tomorrow. So glad I took the plunge. That’s it that’s the post.
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  19. I have two job interviews next week. One is a promotion at my current employment and the other is the bank job. I don't know which I'd want more if I got either of them.
  20. Good luck!
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